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• 4/1/2018

Belkan Communist Party/Belkan Labour Party

Need a name for its leaders, members, and the date of when its made, i also made a few flags of it but i only show 1
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• 3/5/2018

Special nicknames for Talisman/Garuda One

I decided to come up with nicknames for Talisman, the character from AC6:FOL, seeing as he is the only protagonist without one. These include "Storm Eagle", Bird of Prey", "Angel of Gracemeria", "Radiant One", and "Son of the Golden King". Please comment back with any nicknames you come up with. I would love to hear them!
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 7/16/2016

Roll call

All users who can see this message, please check in. I wanna get an idea of how many users are active. This check in will close at 20:00 on 18 July 2016 (UTC).
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• 3/4/2016

Looking for Fan-Made Squadrons/Teams for a story/fanfiction


No Super planes, X0-2 Wyvern is allowed though. You may also make custom aircraft, But it can't be to Op.

The Story I am writing is around 2015-2025, At the moment I am at 2019.
Nationality's/Allegiances allowed are Yuktobania, Osea, Sapin, Ustio, Belka, Or unknown Mercenary Forces(WPPMF; Worlds Private Protection Mercenary Forces).
The most important rule of all: Have fun making them.
Requirements within description of squadron/team:
Squadron Name, Squadron/Team Call-sign ex. Galm 1, Names of pilots:First and Last, Personalities of the pilots(How they act in and out of combat), Pilot Call-signs ex. Archer, Description of Insignia, Description of Paint scheme(Includes where the Insignia is), Ranks of Squad/Team leader and 2nd in command, Background of the squadron, and the  planes they use
Story is about 2 squadrons, That were all nearly shot down in a B7R engagement on 1205 Hours, June 5th, 2015. The only Survivors of the 2 Osean squadrons; Voso and Uriel, Were Voso's Squad leader Kristopher "Ghost" Morino and Uriels Squad leader Taylor "Red Rocket" Roxan and his 2nd in command Axel "Ice Pack" Roy. They were later reassigned to the same airfield and were combined to make up for the losses. Voso leader being the Team leader, But allowing Uriel 1 and 2 to keep their call-signs.
If you want me to go on just say.
Thanks for sending squadrons and asking questions, or just responding.
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• 11/11/2015

Deader than Dead

Is this wiki dead? Or is there some hidden Recent Changes/All Logss page? 
I really want to contribute to the wiki.
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• 8/13/2015

So where and when the warlike world of Strangereal will take us?

This is just for fun trying to imagine where the next war will be fought, the following cases represent the catalysers for a conflict:

Scenario #1
Year 2021 the countries of Ustio, Gebet and Recta sign a treaty of mutual cooperation known as "Central Countries Agreement"
After 1 year the treaty results in economic and scientific growth
2 years later October 2023 CCA forces start military exercises near the border with Belka and Fato, Belka complains about possible attack to Disnmark, tension rise in the Osean Continent
In 2025 CCA Forces invade the northwestern part of Fato, in an attempt to establish a corridor to the sea.
Scenario #2
The republic of Ustio start a campaign to reach the Oured bay, in March 2022 Ustio forces engage in combat with Sapin forces near Arlon, the IUN suspects that Ustio is backed by Recta and Gebet .
Hope you like it, if you have any idea or suggestion feel free to share it here
Here's a link:
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• 8/13/2015

Need Confirmation...

So I was looking for a complete map of Strangereal and came across with this image ( and I want to know if it is acurate
Thanks in advance
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• 6/27/2015

Aircraft articles updated

On May 16, I upgraded Template:Aircraft to use Acepedia's new style. Since then, I've been upgrading all of the aircraft articles on the fanon wiki to use the new template coding/style, and I've just completed all of them. I've done other minor changes along the way, including revamping the copyright tags and adding Template:Fileinfo from Acepedia as well as upgrading Template:Humor.
If you have any difficulty understanding how to use any of the new templates or if I broke something on one of your articles, please never hesitate to ask!
I'm not sure what will be next on my to-do list. Maybe adding fileinfo templates to all of the files here and/or deleting ones that violate copyright. Might also work on Template:Character which was also upgraded. We'll see. But please feel free to leave your comments. :)
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• 6/9/2015


So...among the few people still remaining here or anyone who sees this...what's the rule on countries? Do they have to be mapped or can we just pull something out of the air?
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• 12/23/2014

New wikia theme

While the Ace Combat Fanon Wiki isn't that active, I don't think it should be abandoned. The old theme was starting to show its age, so I wanted to give the Fanon Wiki's visual theme - based off of Data Swallow - a software update!
One of the biggest changes I made was to the wordmark, aka the logo or banner at the top-left. The old one was here since August 2011. I decided to switch this with the official banner of Data Swallow, using a fan-made Ace Combat 3 font to replace "Data Swallow" with "Ace Combat Fanon".
Next, I changed the color of the main area, getting rid of the pink hue and putting a standard grey. However, this grey is just as transparent as the pink was, allowing the background to bleed through, giving it a little color.
And then the background. Midsummersnow designed a really cool background based around the Data Swallow OS, and I didn't want to completely get rid of it. However, it couldn't stay since it was getting split in the middle, the top and top-left were getting cut off, and larger resolutions weren't fitting well with its colors. I decided to reorganize the plug-in files and move the left side a little further, changing its curved state to a vertical bar. For higher resolutions, the color in the background will be repeated throughout the outer edges. I also got rid of the center ACFW logo, which was getting split apart due to Wikia.
Last but certainly not least, I changed the favicon. It's still the bird in the UPEO logo, I just removed the white background and made it a little bigger to get rid of some weird spacing thing.
Main Page

Article Example


New on Left, Old on Right
I'd appreciate any and all opinions :)
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• 2/25/2016

New admin, new changes

Hello, everyone! After finally getting through the adoption process, I am now the newest admin and bureaucrat of the Ace Combat Fanon Wiki!
I'd like to prevent anyone's worries right now; I do not want to delete any content that doesn't need deleting. I won't be touching anyone's fanon, nor will I be enforcing a decrease in the language used. Everyone is free to express themselves on here however they wish, as long as it doesn't harm other users or the wiki.
All of the spamming IP addresses that have been attacking the wiki over the past few days have been indefinitely blocked. Everyone else who has been blocked has only been blocked in the past couple of years, and all are indefinite. For at least the next year, those blocks will stay. This wiki is going to be run no-nonsense; if you're being an idiot, you'll be kicked out. (Not indefinitely, unless you're really trying to harass someone.) Simple as that.
For now, I'm just going to clean up all of the broken redirects, missing file links, minor stuff like that that should have been taken care of a while ago. I've also disabled and enabled some features:

Polls are now disabled
Maps are now enabled
Chat is now disabled
Top 10 lists are now disabled
Achievements are now disabled
I'm also going to contact Wikia concerning the demotion of Protostealth (whose account has been disabled), Raymorn (who hasn't logged in since October 2013), and Wywyrm 1 (who hasn't logged in since June 9, 2014 and ignored multiple threads on his user page concerning the spam we were getting). EDIT: Their positions have been removed.
However, please understand I'm not trying to enact martial law here. If you guys want one of those features back, or if you want to say anything else at all, please share your thoughts. I'll be more than happy to listen and take everyone's ideas into consideration. Let's bring back the fanon wiki off the ground!
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• 8/2/2014

Adoption request

Hey, everyone! I'm the head admin over at Acepedia, but I wanted to become the new administrator/bureaucrat for the fanon wiki as well. I also wanted to bring up taking a couple of people out of the position.
I've already talked to Wywrym 1 and HavocReaper48 (founder), but neither of them responded to me. No admin has logged in since June, and none of them have edited anything since May. Midsummersnow already gave me his approval to be the new head of the fanon wiki (link here: ), but since he's left as a bureaucrat he can't promote me himself. I'd want to just do some clean-up behind the scenes, including the home page, templates, categories, and redirects. I won't touch anyone's actual content at all, I promise.
Additionally, I wanted to also contact Wikia about kicking out the following users from their positions:

User:Raymorn (bureaucrat, administrator) last logged in on October 9, 2013
User:Grabacr 1 (administrator) last logged in on January 21
User:Protostealth (bureaucrat, administrator) has deleted his account
I'd highly appreciate anyone's support. Thank you for reading. :)
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• 1/8/2014

Ace combat analogies

We already have a few in the Fanon Wiki like Okchabursk Technologies (Mikoyan-Gurevich in the real world). What would be a good one for Sukhoi or Tupolev?
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• 12/22/2013

New Project

So yeah, I'm working on a Macross fanfilm. Doesn't mean I can't give it some Ace Combat flair. This is where you all come in. Have you ever wanted to hear your voice in a jumbled mess of radio chatter? Me either! But I need it. 
I'm in the process of writing stuff up now, so I'll have stuff for you all to say if you're interested. Let me know your thoughts on this and I'll come up with stuff for you all to record if you're interested.
-Cerberus One
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• 12/8/2013

An Ace Combat Christmas

If you guys wanna check this out, go ahead. It's over on Acepedia.
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• 12/23/2014

What I've been doing.

Well it's been some time since I was here so I thought I would update everyone (that gives a damn) about what I've been doing ACFW related. First off I am working on my fanfics, just not on the ACFW. Second I have three new fanfics that will continue after the events of Ace Combat: Electrosphere Rebirth. This three fanfics are part of the "Limitless" trilogy. The first one is called "Stardust" taking place in space, the second one "Arcadia" is set in the Electrosphere itself and the last one "Remembrance" well...even I don't know about that one yet. Anyways I'm trying the best I can to get internet where I live and hope that eventually I will be back on here for a long time.
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• 11/17/2013

Ace Combat Fan Trailer

It's been a while since I've been here, and some of you might remember my desire to make an Ace Combat fan film...WELL I didn't make a film as much as I made a fan trailer for Ace Combat Infinity. Check it out! Tell your friends!
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• 9/8/2013

Wyvern variants

I'm asking if there's a naval, two-seat Wyvern variant (A Wyvern and a Tomcat, two of my favorite aircraft) that I could use in my next story.
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• 5/30/2013

Ace Combat ANIME! >

Hey guys!!! I Found dis guy on youtube that is pretty inspired by Ace combat and is about to make an anime for it!! He is working on it Actually but I don't think he might. Can You guys help me out to convince our fellow ace to Continue with his work. He just says he just need a petition saying that he should do an ace combat Fan anime. 
Here some of his Things
and this
He is willing to work on An Ace combat commemorational anime
here's his Anime related works
and THIS one You might get Interested
One more thing I forgot to put on my recent posts. He Intends to make Atleast a short FAn ANime So NAMCO would recognize it and will start their own since their isn't much anime regarding modern dogfights.
PS: No Spamming was intended cause I posted 3 in a row regarding this. Pls Foirgive me. And please hear me out on this!!! and this is my last post regarding this.
-Your OTAKU Ace RuisuZEROfighter. Allways on ACAH on weekends (Hopefully) (PSN)
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