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12th Osean Naval Fleet
Full name 12th Fleet of the Osean Federation Maritime Defense Force
Motto "E pluribus unum" (Out of many, one).
Allegiance Osean Federation
Deployment Lighthouse War
Role Naval Fleet
AC Fanon Legacy of Strangereal
Leader OFS Harrier
Known members see § Vessels
Aircraft see § Aircraft

The 12th Osean Naval Fleet is a Naval Fleet of the Osean Maritime Defense Force.

It is known by the nickname "Neptune's Whales" for its emblem, an Ambulocetus holding a trident in its paws. Its flagship is the OFS Harrier.


The 12th Osean Naval Fleet was created by the Osean President Maxwell Earnhardt as a counterpart for the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet. The Fleet was used in the Lighthouse War.


  • Battleships
  • Aircraft Carriers
    • OFS Harrier (Gerald R. Ford-class, flagship)
    • OFS Osprey (Gerald R. Ford-class)
    • OFS Admiral Andersen (Nimitz-class)
    • OFS Admiral Weeker (Nimitz-class)
  • Landing Docks
    • OFS Pillars of Creation (San Antonio-class)
    • OFS Black Pillar (San Antonio-class)
  • Frigates
    • OFS Cretaceous (Constellation-class)
    • OFS Eocene (Constellation-class)
    • OFS Anthropocene (Constellation-class)
    • OFS Miocene (Constellation-class)
  • Destroyers
    • OFS Nathan James (Zumwalt-class)
    • OFS Alvin Hilbert Davenport (Zumwalt-class)
    • OFS Adrian Shepherd (Maya-class)
  • Submarines
    • OFS Ambulocetus (Scinfaxi-class)
    • OFS Dorudon (Columbia-class)
    • OFS Livyatan (Columbia-class)


  • Carriers
    • OFS Harrier
      • Super Tomcat 21
        • Black Sheep
      • F/A-18E
      • EA-18G
      • F-35C
    • OFS Osprey
      • F-14D
      • F-35C
    • OFS Admiral Andersen
      • F-14D
      • F/A-18E
    • OFS Admiral Weeker
      • EA-6B
      • EF-111A
      • EA-18G
    • OFS Ambulocetus
  • Destroyers
    • OFS Nathan James
      • UH-60
    • OFS Alvin Hilbert Davenport
      • UH-72
    • OFS Adrian Shepherd
      • UH-1Y
  • Landing Docks