12th Osean Naval Fleet
Full name 12th Naval Fleet of the Osean Federation
Motto "Freedom from the Sea"
Allegiance Osean Federation
Deployment Wakandan-Wadiyan Conflict
Shilagean Civil War
Role Naval Fleet
AC Fanon Legacy of Strangereal
Leader "Longtail"
Known members see § Vessels
Aircraft see § Aircraft

The 12th Osean Naval Fleet is a Naval Fleet of the Osean Maritime Defense Force. It is known by the nickname "Atlantean Whales" for its emblem, an Ambulocetus holding a trident in its paws. Its flagship is the OFS Longtail


The 12th Osean Naval Fleet was created by the Osean President Maxwell Earnhardt as a replacement for the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet. The Fleet was used in the Wakandan-Wadiyan Conflict and the Shilagean Civil War.


  • Battleships
    • OFS Longtail (Yamato-class, Flagship)
    • OFS Alvin H. Davenport (Montana-class)
    • OFS St. Hewlett (Montana-class)
    • OFS Oured (Iowa-class)
    • OFS Bana (Iowa-class)
  • Aircraft Carriers
    • OFS Enfield (Gerald R. Ford-class)
    • OFS Kitsune (Gerald R. Ford-class)
    • OFS Admiral Andersen (Nimitz-class)
    • OFS Admiral Weeker (Nimitz-class)
  • Landing Docks
    • OFS Andromeda (Raleigh-class)
    • OFS Powehi (Raleigh-class)
  • Destroyers/Battlecruisers
  • Submarines


  • Carriers
    • OFS Enfield
      • F-14D
      • F/A-18E
      • EA-18G
      • F-35C
    • OFS Kitsune
      • F-14D
      • F-35C
    • OFS Admiral Andersen
      • F-14D
      • F/A-18E
    • OFS Admiral Weeker
      • EA-6B
      • EF-111A
      • EA-18G
    • OFS Ambulocetus
      • F-35B
      • AV-8B
  • Destroyers
    • OFS Nathan James
      • UH-60
    • OFS Kei Nagase
      • UH-72
    • OFS Timothy T. Harris
      • UH-1Y
  • Landing Docks
    • OFS Andromeda
      • UH-9B
    • OFS Powehi
      • CH-47
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