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Warwind Squadron
Full name 177th Tactical Fighter Wing "Warwind"
Motto Strike First Strike Hard
Allegiance Osean Air Defense Force
Deployment Osean Continental War
Leader Alex Masters
Known members Alex Masters(Warwind 1)(Legacy), William Dunn(Warwind 2)(Herald), Vance Millier (Warwind 3)(Angelus), Marcus Derringer(Warwind 4)(Soul)
Aircraft F/A-18F, F/A-18E , SU-35 , SU-37

"All craft: lock, load, and standby." - Lt.Col. Alex Masters to his squadron during their first battle.

Early Deployment And Training (2015-2016)[]

177th Tactical Fighter Wing[]

first deployed in early 2015 the OADF's 177th TFW "Warwind" was first activated as a reserve unit. serving as the OADF's 12th Air Division reserve squadron for little over a year before being upgraded to frontline status. the squadron's motto is Honor above all it's colors are blue , red , white and gold.

The Osean Continental War (2017)[]

at the outbreak of the Osean Continental War the 177th was assigned frontline duty as support for the 199th TFS "Jokebox".



Ace Combat 6 Soundtrack Liberation of Gracemaria

Theme of Warwind Squadron

Known Members[]

Warwind Leader : Alexander "Legacy" Masters

Warwind One (Revised)

Andre's F/A-18E

Warwind 2: William "Herald" Dunn

Warwind 2

Herald's F/A-18E

Warwind 3: Vance "Angelus" Miller

Warwind 3

Vance's F/A-18E

Warwind 4: Marcus "Soul" Derringer

Warwind 4

Marcus' F/A/-18E