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Talon Squadron.
Full name 182nd Tatical Fighter Squadron "Talon".
Allegiance Osean Fed.
Deployment Belkan War
Leader Charles "Richocet" Reed.
Known members Richard "Domino" McMiller.

Garfield "Machete" Davis.

Vincent "Joker" Davenport.

Marcus "Maverick" Jones.

Mathew "Axle" DiCaproli.

Justin "Thunder" Thompson.
Aircraft F-15C Eagle

Talon TFS[]

Formed in 1982 as a first strike force in the case of a war againist Yuktobania. Flying in all the wars that followed, the squadron became known as the best Osean fighter squadron, right behind the 32nd TFS and the 118th TFS "Wardog" (Later known as the "Ghosts of Razgriz").

Belkan War (1995-1996)[]

During the beginning of the Belkan War, Talon squadron flew with a seven man roster, shown below:

Pilot Callsigns

Charles "Richocet" Reed, Talon 1, F-15C Eagle

Richard "Domino" McMiller, Talon 2, F-15C Eagle

Garfield "Machete" Davis, Talon 3, F-15C Eagle

Vincent "Joker" Davenport, Talon 4, F-15C Eagle

Marcus "Maverick" Jones, Talon 5, F-15C Eagle

Mathew "Axle" DiCaproli, Talon 6, F-15C Eagle

Justin "Thunder" Thompson, Talon 7, F-15C Eagle

At the outbrake of the Belkan War, Talon squadron was put into the center of the action of Osean operation, since the rest of the Air Defense Force was not prepared for a major war. Formed into the 3rd Fighter Wing with the 32nd TFS, Talon particpated in Operation Battle-Axe. However during the battle, three pilots were downed: Joker, Thunder and Domino. Joker and Thunder were recovered, however Domino was captured by Belkan forces. Domino was taken to the Beendigung POW camp, where he was torchured night and day. Domino atempted to escape on numorous occasions, but was recaptured every time, once only ten miles from Allied lines. He was later executed.