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Jokebox Squadron
"The All Seeing Eye of Osea"
Full name 199th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Jokebox"
Allegiance Osean Air Defense Force
Deployment Osean Continental War
Leader Alexiev Krovchiv
Known members Alexiev Krovchiv (Jokebox-1)(Jester),

Mason Canterbury (Jokebox-2)(Fool), Jerry Davis (Jokebox-3)(Montley),

Matt Akson (Jokebox-4)(Joker).
Aircraft F/A-40 Crow

The Jokebox Squadron was a squadron fielded during the Osean Continental War. The Colors were Black and yellow and their emblem was the all seeing eye.

199th TFS[]

The OADF 199th TFS was created in conjunction with the F/A-40 Crow after the Belken war. Both projects were CLASSIFIED above top secret. Because of the advanced aircraft this squadron would fly only the most highly skilled pilots would be chosen for the 4 man squadron. Once the selection process was over, the pilots went through intense training with the F/A-40. The first time the squadron would see combat would be the Osean Continental War. Once the war was over, the need for the squadron was over so, it was retired.

The Osean Continental War (2017)[]

The squadron would be fielded several times during the Osean Continental War. During the course of the war they would get help from many allied squadrons including the 177th TFS "Warwind". They would get many kills (something like .09%) with only one plane shot down.The only one shot down was the flight lead, Alexiev Krovchiv, during the battle of Dinsmark. He heroicly told his squadron to fall back to base while he delt with Erik Felsen. He would be shot down that day and never fly again. The Squadron was then temporarily retired before being reinstated in 2030.


This is Jokebox squadrons theme music


Jokebox Theme

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