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The 2010 Airstrike on Raste Kralj was an airstrike by the Emmerian Air Force on Estovakian soil. It took place on March 21, 2010 and was an attempt to prevent Estovakian Arms shipments from taking place. Estovakia's government had not known about the arms buildup, and was shocked about the event.


The Răsărit (Sunrise) arms company had been producing arms for aircraft since mid-2009. These arms included such weapons as an AIM-9 Sidewinder to a Mk. 82 bomb. These arms were shipped to small Verusean terrorist organizations, with some falling into the hands of Free Erusea. This was done on a hush-hush basis; no one in the Estovakian government had known of these exports. Money was provided to the company by stealing from the Estovakian government.

The Emmerian government had intercepted a straying shipment vessel in its own waters in December 2009. The captain had snapped under pressure and told them everything. The government percieved the shipping and export as a threat.

Emmerian strike force[]

The attack consisted of an E-767 AWACS "Sleepy", a B-1B Lancer "Bull", three F-16F Falcons "Reapers 1, 2, 3", two F/A-18C Hornets "Fast Eagle 1, 2", one F-14A Tomcat "Skins", and an F-117 Nighthawk "Hissy fit" launched from the Emmerian carrier Earvin Wright and Nielson AFB, which was in Western Emmeria. Total airborne personnel totaled at 24.

The Airstrike[]

At 0600 hrs Local Estovakian Time on March 21, 2010, the Earvin Wright had reached its staging postiton at the coast of Northwestern Estovakia. It held position there. At about the same time at Nielson AFB, Sleepy, Bull, Reaper squadron and Hissy fit were launched. They flew northwards to avoid Estovakian Early Warning Radar as much as possible, then southwest-wards to meet up with the Earvin Wright. Fast Eagle squadron and Skins were launched, The aircraft then proceeded south to the production plant.

At 0827 hrs, EAF radar command had picked up the Emmerians on radar. At the time, Emmerians were known to train around Estovakia, so the aircraft were let alone. The Răsărit company had picked them up as well. However, knowing that Emmeria would someday strike, their SAMS were armed and ready, and they launched four of their own F-15C.

At 0840 hrs, Sleepy had picked up the Estovakian defenses. Reaper squadron was scrambled to dispatch the fighters. They did so in ten minutes. Fast Eagle and Skins were each armed with an AGM-86B long-range cruise missile, and they deployed their missiles at 0858 hrs. to destroy Răsărit SAMS. They promptly returned to the Earvin Wright afterwards.

At this point, the Emmerians were less then twenty miles from the coastline. The village of Raste Kralj was busy with morning life when they spotted the planes. They panicked, but were calmed by local authorities, who were confused themselves. In confusion, the events were not reported to the provincial authority.

At 0901, the Răsărit production plant No. 9 had no defenses left. They evacuated most of their 200 workers by jeep. The Emmerian contingent had now made their way to Estovakia. Hissy fit delivered four GBU-10 Paveway II laser-guided bombs into the production factories. Production was stopped. Bull then carpet-bombed the runway for the plant, used for fighter defense and shipping of materials by air. All Emmerian aircraft returned to Emmeria and were on the ground by 1100 hrs.


20 workers left in the factory were killed by bombing.

The Estovakian government was, at first, accusive of the Emmerians for indiscriminate airstrking on its land, but explaination by the Emmerian government led the Estovakians to Răsărit.

The Răsărit company had to pay back all money stolen, and the CEO was imprisioned. The Estovakians were not angered against Emmeria, yet were a bit fearful that this airstrike could have gone without their knowing and that it was so effective. This distrust would lead to the Anean continental war, 5 years later.

Details were released to public (ie. civilians) on May 23, 2013.

In the village of Raste Kralj, March 21 is also known as Airstrike day and is commemorated by a small air show.