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P-51D Kitsune 1944

Kitsune 1's P-51D Mustang Circa 1944

World At War 1936-1947[]

In 1936 a new air division was established to bolster the air defenses of the nation in case of an Axis invasion. The 132nd Air Divison was established. the 22nd Air Defense Squadron was one of these squadrons that were established under this new air wing. Leadership was at first under the command of Adrian "Old Man" Maritnez a pilot who had fought in the Great War of 1915-1922. Gabriel "Smitty" Smith was his #2. Later on the role of squadron leadership is handed over to a young 2nd Lt. named Jacob T. Wright. and the team gets a 4th pilot Aika "Kitten" Solano (This stuck after Falco 1 called her "Wee Kitten" for being soft spoken and Attractive), The squadron lacked a name and the team went over several names ranging from Boa, Cobra, Saker, and finally Kitsune. This was suggested by Jacob after he had traveled to a Usean Country and learned of the legend of the creature. The Nine Tailed Fox is said to Shapeshift and possess mystical traits as well as great intelligence and wisdom. The team didn't object and so "Kitsune" became their name.

Their aircraft at first was the Osean P-40C Warhawk, a combat proven aircraft that was already used against the Axis. Though it struggled in dogfights against some Axis fighters like the "Zero" and 190. It still had the firepower and armor to fight effectively. The teams first assignment was to intercept and destroy a bomber flight headed for Monte Breeze, a city that was already under seige by ground forces and was important to Aurelias warfighting power with several factories and foundries lining the city. The team takes off with Osean fighters engaging the escorts. The team attacks the formation and succesfully destroys the enemy bombers, however the Laseathian Alect squadron appears and attacks. After a dogfight with the 15th and their M.C. 202 Folgores Kitsune is victorious, with the remaining bombers bugging out. As they landed Kitsune contemplated the Laseathian pilots skill in the fight, saying that their style had really stood out from the Belkans. For another three hours things were uneventful until an air raid siren had rang out. A squadron of 109s with red and black paint attacked. Kitsune 1 noting that the emblem was that of the "Rot" squadron a squadron that the old man had known from the Great War. (Will Finish later.)

Modern Era 2000-2013[]

In 2000 Kitsune Team was issued new aircraft to Replace its F-4EJ Phantom fighters in service, The F-16C replaced the majority of the teams old Phantoms, with the F-2A Viper Zero slated to replace many of the old Kifir C2 that were also in service with Kitsune. In 2006 Kitsune Squadron F-16Cs Supported by RF-5D Enforcers of VF-91 of the Aurelian Navy assaulted several Leasathian drug laboratories along the border using a mix of AGM-65s and Cannon fire. Several rebels and Supply Vehicles were destroyed as a result, later that year a joint exercise by Osean and Aurelian forces took place. Kitsune Team participated in those as well. showing great promise in simulated combat.


Kitsune squadron in 2048 still exists in the AAF, with the AAF lending pilots to the NUN and UPEO air forces. Some of them serving in the Corporate War flying Su-43s and F/A-22U (Modified F/A-22 for the UPEO), Kitsune squadron was held back from participating in the conflict and was relegated to the nations air defense, as said in their name. The 22nd's new leader Dimitri Patterson the adopted son of Victor Patterson, had just completed flight training with Shion Kanazawa the Supposed Great Great Neice of Second World War ace Shion Kanazawa. The rest of the formation consisted of two other Female Pilots and one man. The Following is a roster of those pilots.

Kitsune 1: Dimitri Patterson

Kitsune 2: Shion Kanazawa

Kitsune 3: Fiona Chris Fitzgearld (Defected from Neucom Emergency Unit)

Kitsune 4: Rein Engler (Half Belkan, Half Usean)

Kitsune 5: Maxwell Krauss (Defected Belkan Pilot)

They are known to pilot a variety of aircraft ranging from the F-16GU Lance Falcon, SF-39U Gripen, M3FU and among others.


2nd Lt. Victor "Cerberus" Patterson -F-2A Viper Zero

2nd Lt. Victoria "Inu" Anfang -F16C Fighting Falcon

2nd Lt. David "Ripper" Rundle -MiG-23MF Flogger (he refuses to give up this plane)

Airman First Class Fiona "Blade" Silverstone -F-2A Viper Zero

Other units of the 132nd[]

23rd Air Defense Squadron "Barghest"

45th Air Assualt Squadron "Kumiho"

Real Life[]

These squadrons are actually part of a fictional story not associated with AC, its actually a story I am working on about a fictional country that has a civil war raging and actually it's more to do with ground war than air combat really. The pilots are mentioned a lot in support calls to eliminate ground targets and the main character has a friendship with the Airman First class and the squadron leader, SPECIAL NOTE ALL AIRCRAFT IMAGES USED ARE NOT MINE, THEY BELONG TO THEIR ORGINIAL OWNERS. Here i'd would like to give them credit for the aircraft they painted/drew. The markings on the P-51 were my doing however.