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Mako Squadron
Mako emb.png
Full name 287th Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • Thomas Moore (1990—1995)
  • Marshall Upton (1995—2000)
  • Logan Voracek (2000—2007)
  • Nicholas Walsh (2007—2011)
  • Mack Thornton (2011—2019)
  • Ruben Klein (2019—)

The 287th Tactical Fighter Squadron, more commonly known as Mako Squadron, was an Osean fighter squadron, renowned for having a number of high-scoring aces pass through its ranks throughout its history. Initially founded in 1990 under the Osean 3rd Air Force's 221st Tactical Fighter Wing, Mako Squadron would first see combat during the Belkan War, from then on would participate in every major conflict involving the Osean Federation thereafter.