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The 2polev 420 is an extremely weak bomber aircraft. 420s feature light armor and no known defenses, but are known to cause extreme damage with their 12.5 mega-ton Anti-Troll Bombs. They are typically used by Hater Squadron, a massive squadron of haters, against cities that are allied with Dank Memes R' Us.


In late September 2015, Dubai, having heard of the popularity of dank memes and having a population associated with such memes on social media, began hosting talks with Dank Memes R' Us to discuss the possibility of a trade alliance. Dubai would start surrendering its military power to the organization in return for exclusive access to dank memes. Some educated citizens questioned Dubai possibly opening itself for attack through de-militarization, particularly after it was included in FaZe Combat games, but the general population was in full support of the alliance and the talks continued.

On October 8, 2015, while partaking in a QAAM-scoping training session with silver plebs over the city, FaZe Gripen was informed by AWACS SkyEye about an approaching 2polev 420 squadron inbound to Dubai. Hater Squadron (stationed in Moscow at the time) had apparently gotten word of Dubai's alliance with dank memes and sent some of its pilots to decimate the city. FaZe Gripen, along with FaZe_BloodyMarkX9, FaZe_Tomcat, AbandonedIntel, and CommanderRivero, immediately canceled the QAAM-scoping training session and turned to engage the 420s and their escorts. They successfully shot down all bombers and prevented any damage from being inflicted on Dubai.