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Wywyrm TJS[]

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3113th TJS Insignia

The 3113th was the last of the Belkan Ace Squadrons that served in the Belkan War. In 1995, the squadron consisted of five (four after the flight lead was shot down during Operation Choker One) pilots, all flying the Mig-29A Fulcrum in the erlier stages of the war, then the Su-47 later in the war. In its final incarnation, it flew eight Su-50s but was later equipped with the ADF-01 Falken. The Squadron officially disbanded at the end of the Osean Continental War on January 1st, 2018, after Erik Felsen was eroneously declared Killed in Action.


Rald 109

Waldimar Rald's 109 c.1942

Although the squadron known today as the former 3113th wasn't officially established until 1994, the squadron itself in fact dated back to 1930, and would first see combat in 1934. Piloting the Bf-109 for a large portion of the war, the squadron was lead by a young pilot known as Waldimar Rald, who would become one of Belka's top aces during the war. He became known as the "Dragon" by allies and opponents alike, for his ferocity and sheer ruthlessness in battle. He was both feared and respected, but at

2013-04-15 00001

Two ex-Wywyrm Bf-109G-4s, fully restored, flying over Waldreich c. 1994. These two planes were found after the nuclear bombings and were again restored to flight-worthy condition

the same time he was sometimes condemned for never showing mercy to anyone, even though he was known to let pilots of exceptional skill go, the first time he met them; the second time they weren't so lucky. In 1941, with the war beginning to go south, Wywyrm uses the Me-262 Jet fighter for the first time, becoming the first jet squadron. Later, Rald himself flies a prototype fighter that is as of yet unidentified (BM-255 Sabel). Despite this, however, all twelve pilots were shot down and captured during the final weeks of the war, with Rald himself being captured just minutes before the war's official end. All survived the War.

Wywyrm 262

Waldimar Rald's Me-262A

As most know, Rald retired from the military and decided to pursue his other passion besides flying: writing.  He went on to write several books, both fiction and non-fiction, regarding the war and those affected by it.  Among his best-selling book was "Der Fuchs aus dem Osten" (Translated: "The Fox From the East"), a biography on the one pilot he considered a worthy opponent more than any other.

The Belkan War (1995-1996)[]

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The Circum-Pacific War (2010)[]

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The Osean Continental War (2017)[]

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Wywyrm Air Command Squadron (2045-)[]

Wywyrm Air Command Squadron

In 2045, Arrik Felsen joined the UPEO SARF and was immediately promoted to Squad Captain upon demonstrating his ability in a practice dogfight. When asked to name the squadron, he decided on the callsign 'Wywyrm', and designed the new emblem. Oddly enough, despite the two ADF-01Fs and the numbers 3113 on the logo, nobody realized that this was a revival of a Belkan squadron. The squadron was dubbed an Air Command Squadron as most of their missions were either extremely high profile or extremely dangerous and included escorting the UPEO HQ. Later on they all joined Ouroboros, but Arrik later defected and shot down his former wingmen, killing every one of them.

When Belka was revived under Galaan Scharfefaust, the Wywyrm Air Command Squadron became the Oberstfuhrer's personal fighter squadron and was lead by Uber' Luftmarschal Felsen.

Early in the Dragonchild War, Arrik, now going by the name "Alpha" had aquired new fighters for his squadron: the ADF-02A-2 Super Falken, an improved variant of the plane flown by Erik Felsen in 2017 over Dinsmark. This proved extrememly effective, but couldn't save them from being all but wiped out save Alpha, who managed to fly his damaged fighter back to Sudentor after sustaining damage against his nemesis and fellow Dragonchild clone, "Omega".

Wywyrm Super Falken

ADF-02AX of the Wywyrm Air Command Squadron. This particular one, serial number 3113A, was flown by Alpha Felsen himself.

After Alpha's Coup D'etat at the start of August, 2048, the squadron reorganized into a four-ship formation consisting of Dragonchild copies of the Neo-UN's Saber Team, Omega's squadron. It was then that they reequiped with an even better aircraft: the ADF-02AX Star Falken.

Aircraft Deployed by the 3113th TJS[]


  • Bf-109 series
  • Ju-88G series
  • Me-262A Schwalbe series
  • Ta-183 Huckebein
  • BM-255 Sabel


2045-2048 (Wywyrm Air Command Squadron-UPEO, Ouroboros and the Belkan Waldreich)[]

  • MiG-44 Falcon (Flown in 2045)
  • ADF-02A-2 Super Falken (Flown in 2048)
  • ADF-02AX Star Falken (Flown at the very end of the war)