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Banshee Squadron
"The Circle Of Life"
Full name 345 Tactical Fighter Squadron "Banshee"
Allegiance Osean Air Defense Force
Deployment 1st Osean Continental War, Belkan war, Circum-Pacific war
Leader 1933-1955:John Peterson, 1955-1973:Alex Jones, 1973-1990:James Markson, 1990-1995: Lelen Farlin
Known members 1990-1995:

Banshee-1: Lelen Farlin(Phantom) Banshee-2: Alexiev Krovchiv(Ghost) Banshee-3: Jordan Kinner(Wraith)

Banshee-4: Seth Jameson(Spirit)
Aircraft 1933-1955: P-59 Airacomet

1955-1973: F-108 Rapier 1973-1990: Mirage 2000

1990-1995: J-20 Black Eagle

The Banshee Squadron is an OADF squadron that first appeared in 1933 and was decommisioned in 1995. The squadron was Known for its use of advanced aircraft. It is also well known for producing Great pilots, such as Alexiev Krovchiv. The squadrons motto is The Circle of Life and their colors are grey and black.

345 TFS[]

The OADF 345 TFS was created after WW1 as a squadron that would fly advanced aircraft and use advanced Tactics. The advanced aircraft that this squadron used were the:

  1. P-59 Airacomet
  2. F-108 Rapier
  3. Mirage-2000
  4. J-20 Bllack Eagle

Only 1 in 10 pilots are selected for this squadron, making only advanced pilots able to get in to it as there are only four spots.

1st Osean Continetal War[]

The squadrons first time in Combat would be in the 1st Osean Continental War. They would be fllying Oseas first Jet, the P-59 Airacomet.

P-52 345

Banshee squadron during the 1st Osean Continental War

Even so, this plane couldnt compare to belkan jets. It was large and cumbersom with poor


2nd incarnation of Banshee Squadron, Notice the Color change.

manuverability. The Banshee squadron didnt have their signiture colors back then, instead they used standard green. Their Battle record was quite impressive, with two of four pilots becoming aces by the end of the war. after the war they used this plane until 1955.


Starting in 1955 the Squadron updated to a more recent and powerful aircraft, The F-108 Rapier. This Aircraft was a true Superweapon of its day, having nearly Hypersonic speeds and Great all around stats. Even though the squadron would never see conflict with this aircraft, Rest Assured it would have been deadly.

1973- 1990[]

This period had no conflicts but because of the ongoing arms race with Yuktobania, The aircrafts were again updated to even more advanced aircraft the Mirage-2000.


3rd incarnation of Banshee squadron

This aircraft was much more well suited to a multirole job, and could carry nuclear weapons. This would remain their aircraft until 1990,

The Belkan war[]

This era for the squadron would make it famous and imfamous. This war would spawn off another great pilot Alexiev Krovchiv (Banshee-2). At this time the squadron changed aircraft yet again. This time they would use the advanced stealth plane the J-20 Black Eagle. This Plane would make every member an ace by the end of the war. They fought in many Battles over B7R But this was also a time of trechery.

A World With No Boundries[]

Super Fighters

The 4th incarnation of banshee squadron

During the war the extremist group a world with no boundries was established. Members from nearly every country joined. Banshee squadrons leader was very sympithetic of their cause, so they too joined, exept for Alexiev, who because of his deep hatred of anything belkan, thought of this as the ultimate betrayal. At the battle of avalon dam he worked with Galm team to destroy The V-2 missles. He encountered his own squadron and engaged them in a fierce battle. He managed to shoot two of them down but refusing help from galm team or Wywyrm team(who was at the time allied) caused him to get shot down by his flight lead. But, fortunately Cipher shot him down soon afterwards. His crash made him have to get a cybernetic arm, He was still selected for the advanced squadron Jokebox.


  • Because of the treason, The OADF decommisioned the name and number.