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34th Tactical Fighter Wing "Green Angels"

The 34th TFW were a group of 6 F-15C's with red and green markings. They flew in an "A" formation. They were de-activated during the Circum-Pacific War, but then re-activated on October 12th 2010. Their fighting skills during the Belkan War earned them their name: Green Angels.

The Belkan War (1995)

When the Belkan War began, the 34th TFW were training rookies. They were notified they were not to train rookies anymore. During the Belkan War, the pilots had been fighting and destroying Belkan key war assets. They flew in B7R and managed to penetrate the defenses, which is similar to the 66th AFU Galm's experience. The Osean Air Defense Force (OADF) and the Yuktoanian Air Force (YAF) had gained trust in the 34th TFW. They then became known as the Green Angels. They were very strong and had great personalities. No matter how many enemies, or how many Aces of the BAF there were, they never complained and always got the job done. They participated in Osean Offensive Operation No. 4101. Their job was to escort the ground and sea forces advancing against the Belkans.

Circum Pacific War (2010)

The 34th TFW had been guarding the Osean continent for a long time, until Yuktobania declared war. The Osean Federation requested the OADF hold off the incoming Yuktobanian invaders. They had fought for almost a month, until the OADF shut down the 34th TFW temporarily. The 5th AFU had taken over for a short period of time, until they had lost most pilots in the defense of their air base. They were re-activated on October 12th. The Osean Armed Forces then directly relied on the 34th TFW for air support. They told eachother that the "Angels" from heaven would help the OAF. Sometime after the Circum Pacific War, they then continued training rookies or newly enlisted pilots in the Osean Air Defense Force. They had lost a pilot during the assault on a Yuktobanian air base. The Yuktobanian SAMs had been a problem for the 34th TFW, one pilot, Ross Graham, had been fired upon by a SAM. He had no way to evade the missile. He was hit and shot down.

Members of the 34th Tactical Fighter Wing "Green Angels"

Glenn DeWinter

Status: Alive

Rank: Captain

He has lead the Green Angels through victory, and his willing to lay down his life for his own pilots. He has great common sense and uses it well on the battlefield.

Ryan Francis

Status: Alive

Rank: Lieutenant

He is known for unnecessary chatter during missions.

Adrian Melish

Status: Alive

Rank: Second Lieutenant

Silent, smart, but somehow hard to take care of.

Ross Graham

Status: Killed in Action

Rank: Captain

He was killed and shot down during an air raid on a Yuktobanian airbase.

Marcus Sentir

Status: Alive

Rank: Lieutenant

The member of the team who barely needs taking care of.

Peter Ghrimm

Status: Alive

Great flying skills; that may get him killed.