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The 405th Tactical Fighter Squadron, AKA Helljumper Squadron, was an Osean fighter squadron that fought in the Belkan War, Circum-Pacific War, and The Osean Continental War. They flew F-22A Raptors with yellow markings.


The Belkan War[]

Though the 405th TFS entered service in September 1994, It saw almost no combat until late March 1995. After the Belkans invaded Osean territory, the 405th TFS was thrust into almost nonstop combat duty, logging 81 flight hours by April 1st. They proved to be prodigious pilots, especially Captain Smith, who achieved ace status on ApriI 7th. By the end of the war, the squadron had logged thousands of flight hours and shot down 93 planes.

Inter-War Period[]

After the war, the Squadron was transferred to the western coast of Osea. Aside from limited service in the Usean Continental War alongside the ISAF, it once again saw little combat engagement.

The Circum-Pacific War[]

Early War[]

In mid-September 2010, Helljumper Squadron received a new member, Ashley Blue. During the squadron's first flight with Blue, Yuktobania declared open War on Osea, and the squadron was forced to fend off a formation of Yuktobanian fighters. For several weeks after, the 405th TFS tirelessly fought off enemy attacks on Osean ports and air bases along the coast.

Operation: Footprint[]

During Opepation: Footprint, Helljumper Squadron worked to establish air superiority for the 6th Osean Naval Fleet's amphibious assault on th Bastok Peninsula. Once the peninsula was secured, the squadron began flying round the clock sorties, establishing air superiority for Osean forces advancing on the Yuktobanian capital of Cinigrad.

Late War[]

When it was revealed that Belkan agents had engineered the war as a form of revenge on Osea and Yuktobania, the Osean advance halted. However, several Belkan agents in command of both Osean and Yuktobanian forces refused to call of their troops. The 405th joined a joint force of Oseans and Yuktobanians to help stop the agents, while a similiar force attacked Gründer Industries in northern Osea. The Belkan agents were captured, and the war ended soon thereafter.

Osean Continental War[]

The actions of the 405th TFS during the Osean Continental War are currently classified.


  • Second Lieutenant Jameson Quail, AKA "Watcher" (Helljumper Three)
  • Technical Sargeant Ryan Nobel, AKA "Jazz" (Helljumper Four)
  • Airman First Class Ashley Blue, AKA "Rook" (Helljumper Five)


  • "Helljumper" is a reference to the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers from the Halo games.