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Mage Squadron
Full name Fourth Carrier Air Wing, Eighth Strike Fighter Squadron
Allegiance Republic Of Emmeria Navy
Deployment Anean Continental War
Leader Lieutenant Commander Thomas "Blackjack" Cooper
Known members Lieutenant Jon "Sakura" Rose

Lieutenant (JG) Robert "Sparkplug" Watts

Ensign Taki "Halo" Sabakura
Aircraft 4x F/A-18F Super Hornet

The 4th Carrier Air Wing, 8th Strike Fighter Squadron "Mage" is a fighter squadron of the Republic of Emmeria Navy that served during the Anean Continental War.


The Mage squadron was one of several Naval squadrons posted to Gracemeria AFB at the time of the first raid. As a result they were scrambled to intercept what would later turn out to be Estovakian aircraft. They were lucky enough to survive the Nimbus assault, and escaped to Khesed with the other surviving squadrons.

From Khesed, the unit cleared a path alongside Garuda team for the ground forces in the Sipli Field operation, and the capture of Bartolomeo Fortress. They were also deployed to cover the second fleet during the landing near Ortara, operating from a carrier just outside the combat zone.

From there, the squadron served in the Silvat relief force, assaulting the armoured gun-train in the east of the operations zone. Following this, they provided support to Snake Pit during the Selumna Peak crossing, facing up to another wave of Nimbus attacks. Once again, during the San Loma offensive, they were responsible for providing cover to the Second Fleet as they attacked the Airfield.

From the new base in San Loma, the squadron was added to the roster for the assault on the Agaion, participating in it's ultimate destruction. With the threat of the Nimbus removed, the squadron and the rest of the Emmerian expeditionary force attacked the Estovakians in the Moloch Desert, before being ordered to withdraw. They later helped rescue Garuda team following the destruction of the Estovakian WMD catalyst.

With the WMD threat stopped, the squadron supported the second fleet as it pushed into Gracemeria once again, helping to sink the Estovakian carrier as it sat at anchor. Following the recapture of the city, the squadron patrolled the night skies and worked to intercept the Chandelier's missile barrage, as well as aiding in the assault on the battery.


Four F/A-18F Super Hornets:

  • Mage One
    • Pilot: Lieutenant Commander Thomas Cooper (Callsign: Blackjack)
    • Weapons Systems Officer (WSO): Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Robert Watts (Callsign: Sparkplug)
  • Mage Two
  • Mage Three
    • Pilot: Lieutenant Jon Rose (Callsign: Sakura)
    • WSO: Ensign Taki Sabakura (Callsign: Halo)
  • Mage Four