King's Own Squadron
Full name 511 Escuadrón "del Rey"
511 Squadron "King's Own"
Allegiance Kingdom of Sapin Flag.png Kingdom of Sapin
Deployment Belkan War
Leader Lt. Col. Vitorino Salazar
Known members Cpt. Mariano Camara y Rafael
Cpt. Arsenio Zanon
Lt. Fernando Rojas
Lt. Segismundo Augustin
Lt. Ramon Baviera
Aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon
Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA

511 Esuadrón "del Rey" (English: 511 Squadron "King's Own") is a fighter squadron in the Air Force of the Kingdom of Sapin that has seen action in the Belkan War of 1995. Its primary aircraft is the Eurofighter Typhoon, though it sometimes has been using the Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA for special operations since the 2000s.

It is technically part of the SAF Royal Wing 1, charged with defending the airspace of the San Rugido Military District, which included the capital city. That is where the squadron was stationed but it often operated on independent missions.



The squadron is one of the oldest units of the Sapin Air Force and is usually headquartered at Gran Rugido Air Base.

Belkan War

When the Belkans began their invasion of the northern region of the kingdom in March 1995, the 511 Squadron was one of the units that responded. They engaged the Belkan Air Force in the skies of Arlon, shooting down a total of 46 Belkan fighters. In the process, the squadron lost four aircraft due to extensive damage, but none of its pilots were killed. The members of the King's Own Squadron were the most successful Sapinish pilots of the war in terms of number of enemy aircraft destroyed. When the Osean Federation entered the war and began operating the Futuro Canal area, the 511 Squadron took part in joint operations with Osean pilots.

Awards and honors

The unit has received many Sapinish military decorations, including the title "King's Own", while its members automatically received the non-hereditary noble title of Knight. Thus the 511 Squadron's call signs were "Knight of Honor".


Commanding Officer (Knight of Honor 1): Vitorino Salazar

Born: 1976
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Background: Joined the SAF in 1993; lieutenant. Veteran of the Belkan War; served in 819 Escuadrón of SAF Royal Wing 7. Fought in the Battle of the Futuro Canal and scored 8 aerial victories against the Belkan Air Force. Promoted to captain in 1996. Assigned to Escuadrón 47 in 1998. Promoted to major and assigned to Escuadrón 27 in 1999. Promoted to lieutenant colonel and assigned to 511 Escuadrón "Del Rey" in 2002.

Executive Officer (Knight of Honor 2): Mariano Camara y Rafael

Born: 1977
Rank: Captain
Background: Joined the SAF in 1994; lieutenant.

Knight of Honor 3:

Knight of Honor 4:

Knight of Honor 5:

Knight of Honor 6:

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