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Pegasus Flight

Full Name

54th Tactical Fighter Wing , 3rd Fighter Group "Pegasus"


Belkan Air Force (Belkan War/Pan-Oceanic War)

Rogue Unit (June 6th, 1995)


Belkan War (1995)

Pan-Oceanic War (1995-1997)

Squadron Commander(s)

Hauptmann (Captain),later Major Otto Reinhard (KIA)

Flight Lead(s)

Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant) Heinz Werner (KIA)

Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant) Dieter Kellerman

Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant) Rolf Becker (Acting)

Known Members

Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant) Heinz Werner

Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant) Dieter Kellerman

Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant) Rolf Becker

Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant) Adrian Redl

Stabsfeldwebel (Warrant Officer) Erich Kretschmann

At least 12 other unnamed pilots


L-139N Naval Albatross

Su-27SM2 Flanker-B

Su-33M Flanker-G

The 54th Tactical Fighter wing's 3rd Fighter Group, otherwise known as the "Pegasus Flight" , is a unit in the Belkan Air Force that was operational during the Rectan War, Belkan War, and the Pan-Oceanic War.


Jagdgeshweder 54 , or No.54 Fighter Wing, is a Belkan fighter squadron formed in 1987, at the very end of the Rectan War, but did not see any action. It's 3rd group, known as the "Pegasus Flight", was one of the highest scroing units in the Belkan Air Force, credited with over 700 enemy aircraft shot down, including 37 Belkan aircraft..

Invasion of Ustio[]

During the invasion of Ustio, the group was tasked with secondary roles such as ground support and follow-up operations. They soon gained a reputation with the Belkan Army as dependable, and providing much-needed relief to ground forces. After the overwhelming success of the blitzkrieg campaign, the Belkan Air Force re-assigned it's squadrons to eliminate the Ustian Air Force.

Belkan Air Force

4 "Pegasi" on another ground attack sortie.

It's first encounter with Ustian squadrons over Directus, Ustio's capital, was a success with 15 Ustian planes shot down, however with 3 of thier own pilots shot down and 1 of whom was killed. Their clashes with the less experienced but better-equipped Ustian squadrons often resulted in heavy damage to their aircraft. Hauptmann (Captain) Otto Reinhard's frequent complaints to Oberkommando der Luftwaffe (Luftwaffe High Command) often went ignored. The sheer incompetance of the OKL resulted in nearly 300 of the Belkan Air Force's planes in poor condition.

"Pegasus" takes flight[]

On April 1st 1995, JG.54 received the delivery of new Su-27SM2 Flanker-B's, which they thought to be an April fools' joke. In reality, Oberst (Colonel) Wolfgang Buchner, had taken over command of the Belkan Air Force, and personally oversaw the re-arming of all frontline squadrons. Unlike other Belkan fighter wings, JG.54 did not operate the MiG-29A Fulcrum. The very next day, April 2nd, the flight conducted reconnaissance around Valais Air Base.

Oberleutnants (1st Lt) Heinz Werner and Dieter Kellerman encountered 12 enemy F-16s of the Ustian 115th Fighter Squadron, the "Gorgons". Despite overwhelming odds, Werner and Kellerman were able to outfox their opponents by flying through the canyons, causing nearly half of the Ustian planes to crash into the mountain side. Both pilots then deliberately allowed the remaining enemy planes to get behind them, and climbed straight up to perform a tail-slide. The F-16's could not duplicate this manuver and stalled into the mountains below.

The lopsided victory and the death of the "Gorgons" made the "Pegasi" both feared and reveared by all it's future adversaries.