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Navajo Squadron

Full Name

58th Fighter-Bomber Squadron


Wielvakian Air Force


Wielvakia-Erusea Conflict


Maxwell Miller

Known Members

Blake Stevens (Navajo 1 RTO)
Noah Dombal (Navajo 2 Pilot)
Joshua Jacobson (Navajo 2 RTO)


F-14D Tomcat

The 58th Fighter-Bomber Squadron was a squadron of the Wielvakian Air Force, which saw deployment in the Wielvakia-Erusea conflict.

Deployment history[]

The 58th was deployed on their first sortie on the first of September, 2010, to intercept Erusean bombers. It was also sent to Erusea's Le Chariot base, where it was sent on eight more sorties. Navajo two was downed at the Battle of (CENSOR), though both pilots were found alive and well. Their last sortie was on the second of February 2011, at the Battle of Le Liberte. After the war, the squadron was retired.