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The 67th TFS "Rytsar' " is an Ilstovian squadron that was first fielded during the Belkan War. Their emblem and colors are black and blue and their aircraft are Sukhoi PAK-FA's with a mixed gray camoflage scheme .

Rytsar' Squadron
"Knights of Ilstovia"
Rytsar' Emblem
Full name 67th Takticheskiĭ istrebitelʹ eskadrilʹi "Rytsar'"
Allegiance Ilstovian Air Force
Deployment Belkan War
Leader Dimitri Merev
Known members Dimitri Merev(Rytsar'-1)(Sword) Kev Alexev(Rytsar'-2)(Axe) Reven Kelvel(Rytsar'-3)(Knife) Viltri Meleven(Rytsar'-4)(Shield) Hektor Kexlev(Rytsar'-5)(Dagger) Viktor Welkiv(Rytsar'-6)(Spear)
Aircraft Sukhoi PAK-FA


The 67th TFS "Rytsar' " is a 6 man squadron first appeared in 1970 during the cold war between Osea and Yuktobania. Ilstovia needed to keep its military strength up in order to remain neutral. 25 years later they were fielded in the Belkan War.

Belkan War-Present[]

The 67th TFS was fielded during the Belkan War on the side of the allies. They proved to be quite skilled and earned the title of ace and giving them the Nickname "Knights of Ilstovia" for winning many battles. After the war, they went back to patrolling the homeland.

Known Members[]

  • Dimitri Merev(Rytsar'-1)(Sword)
Rytsar 1

Rytsar' 1

  • Kev Alexev(Rytsar'-2)(Axe)
Rytsar 2

Rytsar' 2

  • Reven Kelvel(Rytsar'-3)(Knife)
Rytsar 3

Rytsar' 3

  • Viltri Meleven(Rytsar'-4)(Shield)
Rytsar 4

Rytsar' 4

  • Hektor Kexlev(Rytsar'-5)(Dagger)
Rytsar 5

Rytsar' 5

  • Viktor Welkiv(Rytsar'-6)(Spear)
Rytsar 6


  • Rytsar' Means knight in Yuktobanian.