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The Osean Air Defense Force 750th Air Defense Squadron "Phalanx" is a special task force squadron consisting of eight members of whom are all mercenaries, hired by the Osean Federation after the end of the Circum-Pacific War in 2011 to function as multi-role support to their own military. Their roles primarily consisted of providing support fire for Osea's own fighter squadrons as well as guarding and taking up assignments relating to the Osean border. Should any form of conflict break out, they would be tasked with staying behind and defending Osea territory as the Federation's main military become mobilized instead.



The notion of hiring mercenaries had once entailed an uproar when it was drawn up during a conference aimed at strengthening Osea's military after the end of the Grey Men conflict. Though from the observations made throughout the many conflicts that gripped Strangereal from the years, it was suggested and then concluded that loyalty is subjective, and was many the reason for the surfacing of extremist factions such as the Grey Men as well as the unknown Z.O.E. and the militant organization A World With No Boundaries (AWWNB), and that money was the only possible object with which to obtain steadfast servitude for. Afterwards it was also concluded that the initative proved reasonable enough to be proceeded with, and in the month of March of 2011, the 750th Air Defense Squadron, named the Phalanx Squadron, was formed. Its members were handpicked from pilots hailing from different neigboring countries who took up the call, including those from within Osea itself. Although the pilots would enter under the Osean Federation's employment, they flew their own aircraft at their respective choosing, and as such the squadron consisted of varied planes, contrasting the average fighter squadrons that employed only a group of a certain aircraft model. However this also meant that maintenance and repair of aircraft would be taken from the respective pilot's pay. The pilots also attained their own callsigns, and to some extent were free of Osea's average military ruling, though their service as of Sepetember 2011 had proven clean and impressive.

Currently, the fighter squadron has yet to see service in any kind of large-scale conflict, the most recent mobilization to be underway. The squadron has been tasked with assisting Osean fighters in eliminating terrorists occupying the abandoned military storage facility Rosencrantz, located near the Osean border.


Phalanx One - Kiara Strauss[]

Status: Alive Callsign: Dragoon Nationality: Wellow

Aircraft: F/A-22A Raptor (Cerulean and White)

Phalanx Two - Treue Zenebrant[]

Status: Alive Callsign: Tenebrae Nationality: Erusian

Aircraft: YF-23A Black Widow II (Black and Dark Gray)

Phalanx Three - Hyde Karlov[]

Status: Alive Callsign: Jekyll Nationality: Ustio

Aircraft: F-14D Super Tomcat (Metallic Silver)

Phalanx Four - Cero(?)[]

Status: Alive Callsign: Salamander Nationality: Osea(?)

Aircraft: Su-47 Berkut (Pale White and Red)

Phalanx Five - Guignol Cardeast[]

Status: Alive Callsign: Ocelot Nationality: Fato

Aircraft: Su-32 Strike Flanker (Dust Brown)

Phalanx Six - Almer Blackwater[]

Status: Alive Callsign: Revolver Nationality: Osean

Aircraft: F-15S/MTD (Dark Green and Brown)

Phalanx Seven - Damin Ydtriech[]

Status: Alive Callsign: Oxtongue Nationality: Aurelia

Aircraft: F-16XL (Violet and Gray)

Phalanx Eight - Marie Fallester[]

Status: Alive Callsign: Stardust Nationality: Osean

Aircraft: F-35C Lightning II (Metallic White)