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Cerberus Squadron's emblem

The USEA 37th Air Force 18th Fighter Wing, 77th Special Tactical Fighter Squadron, also known as "Cerberus Squadron" is a mercenary fighter squadron employed by the Usean Air Force and Navy (depending on the mission profile).

It first saw action in the Usean Rebellion of 1998 and later took part in the Usean Continental War of 2004-2005, later giving aid to the 118th Tactical Fighter Wing in Operation Katina a year later.

EARLY ACTION (1998-2003)[]

The Squadron was originally formed to demonstrate the EASA 's technological abilities to the rest of the world. However, when the Usean Rebellion broke out in early 1998, the squadron was assigned to the 37th Mercenary Air Force of the Allied Forces. From there it participated in several operations (Including, but not limited to: Operation Hunting Season, Green Bird, Final Countdown, and KingPin) along with a similar, more experienced unit, the 92nd STFS ; better known as "Scarface Squadron".

Cloudy-sky c1

The squadron in the late 1990's. Photographer: Unknown

When the rebellion was quelled, the squadron was able to return to demonstration flights for about a year until a group of Political Anarchists (known as the "Sons of Ulysses") banded together in an attempt to allow the Ulysses 1994XF04 Asteroid to destroy the Usean continent, bringing about "The Great Rebuild" as the leader of the faction claimed. Although Cerberus defended Stonehenge, the superweapon built to destroy the asteroid, some damage was done through enemy air raids, crippling one of the guns, and attempts to reconstruct Fortress Intolerance were defeated as well. The asteroid hit the Roche limit, shattering into hundreds of fragments. As the asteroids rained, the 77th fought hard to defend the Stonehenge turrets, weavin

Cerberus copy

Cerberus Squadron's patch when it was a demonstrator team for the XF/A-27.

MtSchezna 1999

The Mt. Schezna impact

g through their blast ranges to destroy incoming fighters. Ironically, the Anarchist HQ, located near Mt. Schezna, was vaporized by the Krasinsky fragment, mostly quelling the uprising.

For a few years, the squadron lived in peace, appearing at airshows and occasionally giving foreign military aid to third world countries. It wasn't until 2004 that the squadron was brought into serious combat for the first time in 5 years.

Usean Continental War (2003-2005)[]

Now part of ISAF , the 77th fought against the Erusean government, often being deployed on deep strike and reconaissance missions. By 2005, the fight was brought to Farbanti, the Erusean capital city. Along with Mobius squadron, Cerberus team helped take the capital and seize important political leaders. However, their finest moment would come in two days from then.

On October 25th 2005, the 77th was temporarily folded into the 118th Tactical Fighter Wing , also known as Mobius Squadron for the attack on Megalith. In one of the most legendary aerial engagements of the last 15 years, Mobius Squadron went toe to toe with the reformed Yellow Squadron over the fortress, allowing Mobius 1 room to engage and single handedly destroy Megalith.

Overseas Action (2006-2015)[]

When it was discovered in 2006 that Free Erusea was staging another uprising in Western Usea, Mobius 1 was again called upon to silence the conflict. Meanwhile Cerberus Squadron had landed at White Valley Base due to an emergency, not knowing it was a haven for Free Erusea. When it was discovered that Cerberus Squadron was under the employment of ISAF at the time, they were captured and held in an empty hangar. When Mobius 1 arrived, this gave them an opening to escape, sabotaging several X-02 Wyverns along the way. Amidst the dogfight above, the three pilots escaped to find a four seater EA-6B, large enough to carry all of them. They were able to provide electronic jamming to disrupt the already airborne X-02s to help Mobius 1. After the action settled, they formed along with Mobius 1, who was skeptical of them at first, but allowed them to return to base with him. From there, Cerberus 1 explained the situation and was "thankful for the timing of the 118th".

Four years later, Cerberus Team was employed by the "Eastern Faction" of Estovakia, Cerberus 2's homeland. They were temporarily dubbed "Estovakia's 88th Aviation Regiment, 77th Tactical Fighter Squadron of Estovakia's Central Forces Precinct", though their Squadron nickname of "Cerberus" still existed.

For three years, they fought against rebelling powers of Estovakia, aiding the Vampire Squadron and the P1112 Aigaion. Eventually, in 2013, the conflict was quelled. However, the squadron stayed in country for a year and a half to observe Estovakia's developments and policies for Usea's ally, Emmeria. In 2015, the squadron was preparing to return to the USEA, when they stopped in Gracemeria, Emmeria's capitol. That morning, it was discovered that Estovakia had launched an attack on the peaceful nation. Cerberus Squadron was scrambled along with the rest of the Allied Squadrons in the area. Jasska Zikev, Cerberus 2, had trouble engaging his malicious countrymen and their former allies and disappeared when the Aigion launched a Nimbus attack.

Anean Continental War (2015-2016)[]

After the disappearance of Cerberus 2, Cerberus 3 (Samuel Fuller) moved into his number 2 spot. Under the employment of Emmeria, the squadron faced their former allies from Estovakia in full out combat, at some points recieving help from ISAF. During the battle to destroy the Aigion, the squadron encountered a Belkan ace, the wingman of Lorenz Ridel, Harald Brehme, another Belkan ace who flew as Schwarze number 3 in the Belkan war. After an extended dogfight, Fuller had taken a direct hit to his Typhoon and was forced to eject, recieving a leg injury, but not before downing Brehme. This injury would put him out of action for a few months.

In 2016, after Gracemeria had been liberated and the Chandelier Railgun had been discovered, Dunn (now 43) volunteered to help the Emmerians one last time before returning home. As the cannon collapsed thanks to Garuda team, one final fighter entered the combat zone to defend Estovakia to the end; Jasska Zikev in the remaining CFA-44 prototype (The first one was flown by Ilya Pasternak and shot down, and the other two were captured by the Emmerians). Cerberus 1 stayed behind to take on the bandit single handedly, allowing the others to retreat.

"You should not have followed me here, my friend"

-Jasska Zaikev to Cerberus 1

Cfa-44 nosferatu copy

Angel Smerti's Custom CFA-44

Dunn pushed his aircraft and his morals to the limit, trying to take down the Nosferatu flown by his best friend. Finally, the two aircraft were on a collision course with one another, almost out of fuel and ammunition. The two pilots ejected over the icy field, causing their aircraft to collide. When they hit the solid ice, the two pilots shared an embrace, forgiving one another for the past.

After an hour walking atop the frozen Razgriz straits, the two aces came upon the bow section of the ghostly wreck "Hrimfaxi ", sunk during the Circum pacific war, now frozen in ice. Using that for shelter, they shared war stories and survived the freezing night, being rescued along with Marcus Lampert (Garuda 2, who had also been shot down earlier) the next day.

Known Squadron Members[]

CERBERUS 1- Padriug "Broadsword" Dunn :

-Born March 22nd, 1973, in Newfield Island, North Point

-Born to a Belkan Mother and a Usean father. Is known to speak Belkan.

-Physical Description: Male, 6'2", blonde hair, blue eyes, medium build

-Known to follow the code of the knights common to the Osean Continent

-35 confirmed kills (as far as June, 2016)

AIRCRAFT: F-15C (-1998), F-15S/MTD (1998-1999), F-22A (2004-), F-14 (carrier operations), XFA-27 (when available from EASA)

CERBERUS 2- Jasska "Angel Smerti (or simply "angel") " Zikev

-Born in late 1975, Estovakia

-Physical description: male, 5'9", brown hair, brown eyes, slender build

-Shows a strong sense of nationalism to his country

-40+ confirmed kills (As far as June 2016)

AIRCRAFT: MiG-29C (1998-), F-22 (2005, under the 118th), PAK-FA (Under Estovakian Air Force in 2015-16), MiG-29K (carrier operations), XFA-27 (when available from EASA)

CERBERUS 3- Samuel "Katzbalger" Fuller

-Born in 1978 in Hoffnung, Belka

-Moved to Usea with his family in 1990

-Speaks fluent Belkan

-Youngest squadron member

-Unknown number of kills as of yet (possibly around 10)

AIRCRAFT: EF-2000 Typhoon II (1998-), SU-33 (Carrier Operations), F-22 (2005 under 118th), XFA-27 (When available from EASA)

(*Roster is not full as of yet due to the mysterious nature of the squadron. Their possible numbers are 3-4 aircraft, with a rumored female occasionally flying in the number 4 position)