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Full name 91st TFS "Leviathan".
Allegiance Ouroboros(?)
Leader Lorenz Reidl(?).
Known members Lorenz Reidl, Everette Barkhorn, Gunter Tersund, Joshua Bristow.
Aircraft MiG-31R Foxhound-C, Fenrir-S.

The 2nd Fighter Wing, 91st Tactical Fighter Squadron of the Federal Erusian Air Force was an elite squadron formed just prior to the Erusian Civil War in 2019 (portrayed in this Simulated Warfare thread) that for most of the war acted as an aggressor unit within the Neucom Air Defence Force. For its actions throughout the war, it was by far the most infamous fighter squadron of the entire war, outdoing the Neucom Cariburn Squadron and the Erusian Aquila Squadron in terms of combat performance. Their hidden agenda, however, was not revealed until sometime after the war ended.


In January of 2018, the Osean Continental War at long last came to an end, and Belka, as a nation, no longer existed; most members of the Reborn Knights of Belka, in order to escape arrest for war crimes, fled to many different locations. Several of these war criminals, including the infamous Lorenz Reidl, as well as Everette Barkhorn and Gunter Tersund (Wywyrm 3 and Wywyrm 4 respectively), banded together and fled to the Federation of Erusia.

Since they lost the Usean Continental War in 2005, Erusia's military and economy were in shambles; they began selling more and more of their assets to private interests, including the Erusian Air and Space Administration, which was purchased by a relatively new technological firm known as Neucom Incorporated. Lorenz Reidl, a former member of A World With No Boundries, realized that this could be a chance to obtain what he had sought for so long: a unified world, especially upon discovering an Erusian superweapon project known only as "Jormundgandr". He contacted Everette Barkhorn and Gunther Tersund, who to his surprise were accompanied by Joshua Bristow, one of the leaders of A World With No Boundries. The four of them decided on their course of action, and the organization known as Ouroboros was born.

MIG-31R Foxhound-C Leviathan

The MiG-31R Foxhound-C flown by the Leviathan Squadron. It had a unique digital camoflage paint scheme on the fuselage with black and red detailing, perhaps a reference to the Wywyrm Team.

Immediately afterwards, the Ouroboros began planning a scheme to unify the world, as A World With No Boundaries sought to do in 1995. This began with infiltrating the Erusian Government, as well as the Erusian military and Erusian Air and Space Administration. However, a setback occured when the EASA was bought from Erusia by Neucom Incoporated, a fairly new company in the defense industry that specialized mostly in advanced computer systems and artificial intelligence. Within a short time though, this proved to be an asset, and so Ouroboros planted sleeper agents within its military, including Barkhorn and Tersund. The two Belkans originally signed on with Neucom claiming to be offering their services in setting up a "Self-Defense Force", although it was revealed that this was in fact a military force intended for offensive purposes. The stage was now set for one of the most brutal, and one of the shortest, wars of all time.

The Erusian Civil War[]

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