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The AABX-01 is a high performance bomber based on the ADF-01 series of fighters.


In 2012, the newly reorganized General Resources Limited was struggling to stand on its feet in the wake of the Circum-Pacific War. The started with production of the ADF-01F for the nations of Osea, Ustio, North Belka, and later Aurelia, but the aircraft's eye-watering cost ensured that it would only be purchased in small numbers. However, North Belka contracted them to produce a bomber based on the Falken's airframe to replace their aging B-52s and BM-335s. The company used a lot of the Falken's features in the design of the prototype, codenamed "Roc". This included the basic airfram and engine nacelle design, ZOE Flight Computer and a similar COFFIN system. The major differences between the Falken and the Roc are size (the latter is about the size of a B-1 and has a crew of 6) and the shape of the wing (The Roc has a Delta Wing instead of the Falken's Forward-Swept Wing).


During the Osean Continental War all of the preproduction series aircraft were deployed once the war started going south for North Belka along with the advanced orbital bomber, the Warhammer. They mostly conducted hit-and-run strikes for most of the war until after the Warhammer was destroyed. The last mission they flew was a nuclear attack mission on the Osean-South Belkan Border, but they were intercepted by the Emmerian Garuda Team as well as the Galm Mercenary Team. Every one of them was shot down, but Belka had anticipated this and launched a V2 ICBM, which conducted the strikes in the wake of the bombers' failure to reach the target with their nuclear payload. It is unknown whether any more AABX-01s were built other than the ones lost in combat, but it is known that the Belkan Waldreich uses the AAB-100A as of late 2048, which is an aircraft believed to be based on a revised AABX-01 design that was turned down in favor of a more cost-effective one in the original.