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Adaptive Combat Rifle
Manufacturer Bushmaster
Operator[s] Osea, Ilstovia, Ustio, Aurelia
Type Assault Rifle
Operation Gas-Piston, Rotating Bolt
Cartridge[s] 5.56x45mm

6.8mm Remington SPC

Firing Mode[s] Selective Fire
Magazine 30 Round PMAG
Maximum Effective Range 300M
Rate of Fire 800-950 RPM
Variant[s] Multiple Variants

The ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) is an Osean assault rifle that is made by the company Bushmaster. The weapon is one of many weapons designed to replace the M4A1 in front line service. It is currently used by several modern countries. The weapon is designed to be modular and versatile, and is designed to be easily modified. These changes include caliber and barrel length swaps. Though it was issued to some extent in the OSDF and OMC, it did not replace the M4, M4A1, and M16A4 as the primary service rifles of the Osean Military. Even so, it did very well in the international market. Bushmaster designed the ACR for Osea, but ironically most of the profit from the weapon came from outside Osea, especially Ilstovia, where the ACR was adopted as the military's primary service rifle.

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