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This is a conceptual page of a map game, and if all goes well, it may also be the first map game.


The Alt History is the entire Belkan War, except it takes place in 1795.

  1. Each year starts after all nations have made a move.
  2. The player must wait until everyone has gone before you can make your next move (This could take awhile...but that's kinda the point.)
  3. Each action has to be as reasonable as possible (Example: Belka can't just suddenly change their Nation's name to "SuperAwesomeLand" unless you can think of a damn good reason they would!)
  4. Creation of a superweapon takes 3 turns.

NOTE:Just because this is a recreation of the Belkan War in a different time doesn't mean that the way this will go is set in stone. Maybe one of the allied nations will decide to help Belka. Maybe another nation that wasn't in the Belkan War will join in as well. Maybe a new nation will be formed altogether. Anything can happen as long as it sounds plausable!


A player has to command at least 2 nations. (Need to know what the other nations are doing.) Cross out the nation that has just used. (Example: Osea) When all nations have been crossed off, the next turn shall start.


  • Osea - JimmyHatesReavers, temp. control by Ícaro ghost37
  • Sapin - JimmyHatesReavers, temp. control by Ícaro ghost37
  • Yuktobania - The Ace of Razgriz
  • Ustio - The Ace of Razgriz
  • Recta - The Ace of Razgriz


  • Belka - The Ace of Razgriz


  • Gebet - JimmyHatesReavers, temp. control by Ícaro ghost37
  • Fato - JimmyHatesReavers, temp. control by Ícaro ghost37
  • Nordland- JimmyHatesReavers, temp. control by Ícaro ghost37
  • Wellow - Ícaro ghost37
  • Leasath - Solowing106
  • Ratio - Solowing106
  • Aurelia - The Ace of Razgriz

Turn Order[]

Turn order is randomized by computer.

  1. Solowing106
  2. JimmyHatesReavers
  3. The Ace of Razgriz


(UTC) Map games are Alt History created by different users. Each user gets to control a nation of thier choice assuming that it is not taken already and create the action taken by that country. While not a contest to have your nation on top just do what you'd think that your nation of choice would do. It still should be fun!

IMPORTANT: It is required that each of you check out a map game on the Althistory Wiki as this is where the idea for Strangereal Alt History map games came from. Also check out this page. Map Games

A forum will be made to discuss the map game later on.

This is the map game currently being considered. Battle For Earth Reloaded The Ace of Razgriz (talk) 17:01, October 19, 2012 (UTC)



Turn 1 (1793)[]

  • Despite economic troubles, Belka starts production of weaponry and promotes military enlistment through propoganda and lowering the age to joining the military to 14.
  • Ok, lets give this a shot. Sapin begins to build up its navy to consolidate its control over its waters. JimmyHatesReavers 19:59, October 26, 2012 (UTC)
  • Wielvakia, seeing these countries building up militaries, builds up forts and lowers enlistment age to 16 to defend the nation if need be. Economic strain occurs, since funding is now more directed to the military. Solowing
  • Ustio, a newly formed nation and unable to form a military to match the countries surrounding it, begins negotiations with other nations and also begins searching for natural resources. The Ace of Razgriz
  • Ratio sees all nations' military buildup and prepares to invade Sapin's Eastern land, with the intent of taking two large cities in the process. Solowing
  • Nordland, a historical trading ally of Sapin, signs a military agreement with the Kingdom to help defend each other if either nation is attacked. Jimmy
  • Recta, fearing potental invasion asks to be part of the military agreement along with Nordland and Sapin. The Ace of Razgriz
  • Wellow prepares a fleet and increases the activity at naval ports. It also imposes a resolution stating that if any one of the ships are fired upon, it will count as an act of war. Solowing
  • Osea is dealing with a bitter civil war. The government in Oured reaches an agreement with Sapin to send military advisors and aid to help defeat the rebels. -Jimmy
  • Yuktobania, hearing about Osea's civil war, decides to send soldiers to help support the government in Oured. The Ace of Razgriz
  • Leasathian sailors cross the equator, resupply at Comberth, and make a landing in Sapin with the intent of protecting Sapin's ports as well as offering soldiers. Solowing
  • Aurelia supports Leasath with protecting Sapin by sending supplies to soldiers stationed there. The Ace of Razgriz
  • Gebet enters negotiations into a military alliance with Belka. It begins to send troops to its southern and eastern borders. Jimmy
  • Wielvakia sends spies to Dinsmark to gather plans about Belka's intentions. An official discovers them and the plan is foiled. Solowing
  • Fato begins to march its troops east, hoping to annex territory from Nordland. Jimmy

Turn 2 (1795)[]

Nations negotiated with other in order to protect each other in case of war, these alliances made the nations nervous of each other as they raised thier military capablities. Tensions grew until Belka, suffering from a poor economy decided to invade the other countries, starting the War of 1795 aka The First Belkan War.

  • Belka strikes the other nations with it's military might, catching the other nations off guard. Nations that were invaded include Osea, Ustio, Wielvakia, Sapin, Fato, and Recta with possibly more to follow. The Ace of Razgriz
  • Ratio falls to martial law, despite not being invaded, and has tight control on its borders, cutting off communication to the outside world. It also attempts to look for an allied coalition. Solowing
  • Sapin sends troops north to reinforce the Ustians. It recalls all troops serving abroad to deal with this new threat. Jimmy
  • Ustio forces are pushed back even with the support from Sapin, causing them to turn to mercenaries to help add to their small army. The Ace of Razgriz
  • The Navy of Wellow sends a seven-ship fleet to the coast of Anfang, with the intent of bombarding the naval shipyards in an attempt to disable the Belkan Navy. Solowing
  • Osean loyalists have almost defeated the rebels with the aid of its foreign allies, but it is caught off guard by Belka's attack and loses some of its north-eastern territories. Jimmy
  • Recta sends some of it's troops to Sapin to help fend off the Belkan army in that area. The Ace of Razgriz
  • Two Leasathian vessels are sunk in a reconnisance mission past a Belkan blockade in Anfang. Solowing
  • Gebet launches an assault on Recta from the north, however, their progress is slowed by the difficult terrain. Jimmy
  • Aurelia engages the Belkan Navy in battle along with the Sapin Navy, destroying four Belkan ships while only one Aurelian ship is destroyed in battle. The Ace of Razgriz
  • Wielvakia fights off all Belkan forces within its borders, however, with great difficulty. Plans are drafted for counterattack. Solowing
  • Fato's borders are overrun by a joint Belkan and Gebetan offensive. They lose a large part of eastern land, and dig in to defend the capital. Jimmy
  • Yuke ships are caught by surprise by Osean rebels being helped by Belkans. The Ace of Razgriz

Turn 3 (1796)[]

  • The head of state from Ratio convenes with the other heads of state for a cease-fire from their coalition. The plan is accepted by some and defeated by others. The final verdict is to vote at a later date. Solowing
  • Nordland resumes some of Wielvakia's work and sends reconissance to Dinsmark, revealing plans for a new, advanced repeating weapon that has a high fire rate.
  • Rumors spread about Belka creating new weaponry to help them as soldiers from the area known as the Roundtable prepare to defend against enemy attacks. The Ace of Razgriz
  • Leasath's navy is exhausted and decides to return home, stopping at Comberth again. Solowing
  • Osea finally ends its long civil war. It is getting slightly weak in its war effort, since the economical effects on its country are devastating.
  • Ustio hires a mercenary unit known as "Galm" to help push back incoming Belkan soldier. The Ace of Razgriz
  • Wielvakia withdraws its war effort when an unknown bomber throws two bombs into the central courtyard of the war building in its capital. Solowing