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"So, Demon, you've come to slay the Dragon at long last, huh? didn't expect this dragon to go down without a fight, did you!?"

-Erik Felsen over the Cresence Islands, 2018.




It should be noted that despite the loss of the sole prototype during the Second Osean Continental War, test data was collected by the reorganized General Resource Limited during the engagement, which combined with technical data and blueprints that still existed allowed development to continue. The design was refined, and though some of its ground-breaking features were removed, it was officially made the first of the "AD" series of aircraft that could have been considered cheap enough for mass production.

Unfortunately, this wasn't without its own problems: in early 2019, industrial spies of unknown origin stole the plans for the refined "ADF-02B". These turned out to be agents of Diego Gaspar Navarro, the owner of a defense contractor based out of Leasath, which at the time was caught in the grip of Civil War following a major economic slump due to the collapse of their primary economic benefactors in Belka. Upon gaining power, Navarro ordered top priority to be given to Fenrir's development, which he hoped could be sold to offset Leasath's economic troubles. The design was modified further and made even more cost-effective in order to be produced by Navarro's company, but even this turned out to be too expensive for Leasath, which had already poured massive amounts of resources both into acquiring new hardware from the Usea-based firm, Neucom Incorporated, and in the development of the "Airborne Fortress" Gandr and its sister-plane Gleipnir. Strapped for cash, this led to Leasath invading its neighbor, Aurelia, and to the opening of the Leasath-Aurelia War. In the end, the Fenrir, while effective, particularly with the likes of the elite Alect squadron behind the controls, was still no match for a determined ace known as "The Southern Cross".

A single incompleted Fenrir from the preproduction series was retrieved from the ruins of Archelon Fortress, and it began testing with the Aurelian Air Force with the possibility of it entering service. However, word got back to General Resource Limited as to where the plans of the ADF-02B had ended up; as Leasath was in no position to be able to hand over the plans due to economic problems post-war and no longer had the data on the aircraft, GR sued the Aurelian Government, and after two years of legal disputes, the UN's courts filed in favor of GR. Now in possession not only of the original data on the ADF-02B but also of the incompleted Fenrir prototype, its blueprints and test data from the battle at Archelon Fortress. GR found that the Leasathians had made some rather interesting changes to the design, and decided to develop their concept further. Further cost-cutting measures were taken, inluding the removal of the microwave emmiter and optical cloaking capabilities, at long last producing a fighter that was cheap enough for limited mass-production without sacrificing too much of its capabilities. This was the XFA-36A "Game" (named so because its test pilots likened flying it to playing a Video Game), which was the pinacle of GR's fighter designs until development of the X49 Night Raven began in the late 2030s.

Aces/Ace Squadrons[]

  • Wywyrm 1 (ADF-02A-1)(BAF/AC7)


Special Weapons[]


  • This aircraft's original design was originally superficially identical to the ADF-01; it is now undergoing a major overhaul.
  • If you didn't realize it earlier when you read the "Revival" section, you just lost the Game.