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The ADF-03A Alpha Falken is an aerospace superiority fighter operated only by the terrorist organization Neo-Ouroboros. Its design is a more conventional layout than the X-49 Night Raven and YR-900 Geopelia, but it can easily perform with and at times outperform said aircraft in one-on-one air combat (according to computer simulations), and like them can also fly in space.

"Falken 3.0" (2025-2047)[]

In 2025, after a malfunction with a General Resource computer program trapped Al Dision, an employee of GR Ltd., inside of the Electrosphere, the test subject suffered partial amnesia, and so fell into a deep rage upon seeing his girlfriend with a man he didn't know was himself, subsequently causing him to kill his own body and leave himself sealed in the computer. Distraught with what happened, he eventually began to lose his humanity over time, although one thing still plagued him: boredom. To keep his mind sharp and focused, Dision created files with data on designs for aircraft he designed himself, including the UI-4505 Aurora and X-49 Night Raven. One of these files was labelled 'Falken 3.0', but surprisingly, nobody knew what the file contained, and were afraid to open it when the computer it was stored in erroneously believed it to contain a virus that would be put into effect if one openned it, quarantined it or even tried to delete it. For this reason, it was left alone, and this allowed Abyssal Dision, the revived Al Dision, to steal the file just before defecting to the Ouroboros, along with the UI-4505 Aurora and several personel-related files, including the medical records for Rena Hirose and the file on Project Dragonchild, which contained information on Rena's fellow UPEO Ace, Arrik "Alpha" Felsen. It is known that the original Ouroboros attempted to build the "Falken 3.0", but they were defeated before it could begin construction...or so everyone thought.

The Dragonchild War (2048-2049)[]

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Powerplant: 2 x Neutron Turbines

Top Speed: Mach 4.9 (atmospheric), 3800 G (Space)

Range: Indefinite

Service Ceiling: Infinite

Maximum G-Load: 36 Gs (in the atmosphere; limited only by pilot's endurance in space)

Armament: 1 x Rapid-fire Plasma Cannon, 1 x Neutron Beam Cannon, 6 x AIM-9X QAAMs, and 6 x of either AIM-140R Phoenix II XLAAs or AGM-88 HARM Anti-Radiation Missiles

Number Produced: 5 (4 lost in combat, 1 survived the war and in 2050 was handed over to the UPEO, who began testing its true capabilities)

In ACX3...[]

Speed: 100

Mobility: 100

Stability: 80

Armor: 80

Air-to-Air: 100

Air-to-Ground: 100

Missiles: 94

Special Weapons: NBC x 14, XLAA x 24, HARM x 20


  • In practice, this aircraft's performance would actually be comparable to the YR-900 and X-49 (if X3 were a game, all three would be in it).  While it can outrun and outmaneuver both the YR-900 and X-49, the balancing would depend on the aircraft's special weapons, which are for the most part less advanced than the other two fighters mentioned.  The main thing that it would have that they won't would be the HARM missile, which instead of being an AGM as one might expect would in fact be as it is in real-life: an anti-radar missile that can only be fired when an enemy is tracking you on radar, then locks on to whoever was tracking you (though if there are multiple sources, then the user can choose which one to lock on to).
  • If in-game, this aircraft would be unlockable after obtaining S rank on all missions on Expert Difficulty, Beat the game on Ace difficulty and unlock every other aircraft in the game first.  This only applies to flying it in every mission that the player chooses; the aircraft would actually be flown by default in the second half of the last mission.