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ADF-07 firing laser

The ADF-07 is a modified ADF-01. It's wings are similar to the CFA-44's wings, and it has an externally mounted laser. It is slightly less manueverable than the ADF-01, but it is much faster.


The ADF-07 has triangular shaped wings, with tips on the ends, which allow the plane to fly faster, and increase stability. The tails have been reincorced, to make the plane yaw better, close to the A-10's yaw ablilty. The ADF-07 has two lasers, the traditional one located inside of the plane, and an externally mounted laser. This one automatically aims at targets, and takes them down quickly and effectively. The pilot can retract the laser back into the plane, when he/she needs to. The fin at the bottom of the plane can also be retracted.


ADFX-07: This was the experimental version. The plane did not have the tipped wings, and the laser and the fin didn't retract back into the plane.

ADF-07B: The B version has slightly smaller intakes, no bottom fin, and a shorter fusealage, for attack purposes.

ADF-07UAV: This is the same as the ADF-07, but it is unmanned.


The ADF-07 was manufactured by Yuktobania, and Belka, after the ADF-01's huge success.