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The ADF-37 HellHawk is the best aircraft ever created. Developed by a joint effort between the three greatest aircraft engineering countries, the HellHawk screamed into the skies in the 2020s and saw lots of action during the Honor War.


In 2022, the aging fleet of ADFX-01/02 Morgan and ADF-01 Falken needed to be replaced. A team of Belka, Estovakia and Aurelia engineers joined up to form the Joint Air Dominance Program (JADP). They needed the new fighter to have this: mobility of the CFA-44 Nosferatu, wings like the X-02(the inner part is more swept back and whole wing is fixed, but the swept-forward part is smaller and more angled for more speed), and speed of the Fenrir. All these ideas made the new fighter that ruled the future skies the ADF-37 HellHawk!(the name came from all of the capabilities) it's the only super fighter that one thing that all the others don't: 2 special weapons bays. One to carry a HILS(High Intensity Laser System) that can be fired 32 times. Each firing can last up to 50 seconds. The Other bay is to carry XLA6, the AIM-125 HSSM (High Speed Scamjet Missle), a ADMP(A new ADMM pod with launch pod in a decreased angle for less No-Track effect), and the MPM-14 ASWM(Advanced Shock-Wave Missle). Also the JADP people were concerned about the fighter Radar Cross-section(RCS), which was large in comparison So, they "shaved" bulky areas and made a new RAM coating for the fighter making the craft "ultra-stealthy".

The ADF-37 screamed into the skies in 2024 just in time for the Southern Cross AKA Gryphus 1 to see the fighter. Just as fast he came, he was in the skies again. Solo Wing arrived at the area to test the abilities of his ADFX-03 Beam Morgan when he saw the ADF-37 with the markings of the Southern Cross on the tail of it. He radioed the Southern Cross,"What is that thing?!". Then he radioed Belka and said,"I'll be back,".

In 2025, The Honor War broke out when Osea was attacked by Leasath and their newest weapon of mass destruction, the Heavy Battle Fortress or the dreaded Sargon. They began their march to Belka to claim the HellHawk and Beam Morgan. Slave Wing had to act...Fast: Belka realized they didn't just made the Sargon, they had remade the Fenrir, and made enough aircraft to make a Squadron called the Demon Hunters. During Poxy's first mission, he was attacked by the Sargon's heavy barrage of cannon fire. He was hit hard in the engine and forced to crash-land in Ustio where he met Southern Cross with his ADF-37. Together, they made the Gryphus team and went into war to stop Leasath and the Sargon Battle Fortress.


  • Guns: 1x 25-mm Martin Marietta M61 Vulcan Cannon (two)
  • Missles: AIM-9M Sidewinder
  • TLS: Chemical Laser Pod
  • MPBM: Multi-Purpose Burst Missile Mk. 2
  • ECMP: ECM Pod
  • LSS: Oxygen Container


  • Speed: 92
  • Defense: 83
  • Mobility: 95
  • Stability: 71
  • Air-to-Air: 99
  • Air-to-Ground: 99
  • Spility: 81