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AH-61 Design[]

The AH-61 was developed in the year 2017 to meet a Osean defense legislature to have a new fleet of attack helicopters to replace its aging fleet. Several manufacturers competed, Neucom with its XAH-088 "Wolf Claw" and General Resources's XAH-090 "Ares" were beat out by the long established DAvionics and their XAH-61 "Wasp".

Each helicopter flew well and had large weapon payloads but the Wasp won in being the best in stealth as it carried its weapons in an internal bay similar to that of a F-22. Also its cannons and machine guns are held in pods on the winglets. The AH-61 implements the V1 COFFIN System as well as the new MINMAY AI gunner system. The AI mans rear guns aiming at targets that appear on the IFF as foe. MINMAY has a manual override incase of IFF malfunction so the pilot can prevent friendly fire. The rotors use the rotor wing design to provide more lift and allow for faster flight speed. The Wasp is esentially as much and attack helicopter as it is a gunship.

Osea and Yuktobognia as allies both operate the helicopter and continued to until the evenutal coporate takeover of Strangereal.


  • Crew: 1 and the AI system
  • Length: 52 ft
  • Rotor diameter:45 ft
  • Height: 15 ft
  • Max takeoff weight: 20,200lb
  • Rotor systems: 2 blade rotor wing


Anti Ship missiles

Air to Air missiles

Machine guns

Laser guided bombs

Gatling cannons