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The AH-99 Blackfoot or AH-99 Comanche II is an Osean stealth armed aerial reconnaissance and attack helicopter designed for the Osean Defense Force.

During the early 2000s, the Osean Defense Force started to create a new enhanced helicopter similar to the RAH-66 Comanche. After a few months, the Osean government announced the selection of the BoeingSikorsky team's design as the contest winner, shortly after which a contract for construction of prototypes was awarded. The Blackfoot was to incorporate several advanced elements, such as stealth technologies, and a number of previously untried design features like the original version. Operationally, it was to employ advanced sensors in its reconnaissance role, in which it was intended to designate targets for the AH-64 Apache. It was also armed with one 30mm gatling gun and could carry many other weapons such as missiles and rocket launchers in internal bays and optionally on stub wings for light attack duties, it can even armed with the Pulse Laser.


During the early 2000s, the Osean Army wants another helicopter similar to the RAH-66 Comanche with the aim of enhancing its RAH-66 choppers. It was a further six years until, in 2004, a formal request for proposal (RFP) was issued to various manufacturers, in time which the requirement had evolved into a battlefield reconnaissance helicopter. In October 1988, the Army announced two teams, these being Boeing–Sikorsky and Bell–McDonnell Douglas. Later in April 2005, the helicopter received its first designation is RAH-66 Comanche II, RAH-66 Blackfoot, AH-99 Comanche II and finally its official designation is AH-99 Blackfoot.


The AH-99 Blackfoot has no visual difference from the RAH-66 Comanche, except some major enhancements.


The Blackfoot is armed with a 30 mm gatling gun mounted onto an external gun turret fitted beneath the cockpit. It is pre-loaded with a 2800 round belt of high-explosive (HE) shells. The Blackfoot has more machine gun ammo than the original RAH-66.


The Blackfoot's rotors are greatly enhanceded so that they operate much more silently even more than the Comanche. It is even more difficult to hear a Blackfoot flying than the Comanche compared to Yuktobanian and Erusean helicopters, which can be easily heard from many kilometers away.

Meanwhile, its stealth coating also ensures that fighter aircraft and anti-aircraft vehicles will really difficult detecting it from afar.


Unlike its bulkier and cumbersome counterparts (Mi-28 Havoc and Ka-52 Alligator), the Blackfoot is highly agile and very fast for its size more than the Comanche. Nonetheless, it can gain lift and generate thrust rapidly at almost any angle and direction.

Its manoeuvrability is even better than the RAH-66 and the AH-1 Cobra, but in comparison is far better armored and equipped to deal with a variety of threats. Unlike the Comanche, the Blackfoot have fixed the problem that is losing lift while performing high speed/high-G turns, or from pulling out of a dive.


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  • 1x 30mm gatling gun

Standard Missiles:[]

  • STDM (AIM-9 Sidewinder)

Air-to-Air Weapons:[]

  • SAAM (AIM-7 Sparrow)
  • HVAA (AIM-7 Sparrow)
  • HPAA (AIM-9X Sidewinder)
  • QAAM (AIM-9X Sidewinder)
  • LAAM (AIM-260 JATM)

Air-to-Ground Weapons:[]

  • GPB (GBU-16 Paveway II)
  • RKTL (Hydra 70)
  • UGBS (Mk.81 Firecracker)
  • UGBM (Mk.82 Snakeye)
  • UGBL (Mk.84 Bomb)
  • LASM (AGM-84 Harpoon)
  • LAGM (AGM-88 HARM)
  • 4AGM (AGM-114 Hellfire)
  • 8AGM (AGM-179 JAGM)
  • LACM (AGM-158 JASSM)

Multi-Purpose Weapons:[]

  • RGP (GPU-2/A)
  • MGP (GPU-5/A)
  • HGP (GPU-5/A)
  • MPM
  • MSTM (AIM-9 Sidewinder)
  • PLSL


  • 5x Flares


The AH-99 Blackfoot features the same skins with the RAH-66 Comanche.

  1. Dark air superiority grey.
  2. Desert camouflage based on Israeli AH-64D.
  3. Leopard pattern camouflage.
  4. Light silver with black sharkmouth nose art.
  5. Black with A-10-style sharkmouth art.