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Manufacturer Federation Arctica Blizzard Armament Industries
Operator[s] General Resource,Ouroboros,and other organizations
Type Missle
Operation Air to Air Strike
Cartridge[s] 20X C4 And Uranium Warhead
Maximum Effective Range 1.3Km
Rate of Fire 1 each 15 seconds
Variant[s] AIM AMRAAM 1200(Real World variant),XMAA X4,XMMA X6,XMAAA X12

The AIM 1200 AMRAAM S.E.S.(Super Enhanced Strike system) is a balistic multipropouse Air to Air/Ground Multiple Strike Superweapon Missle .



a XMAA AMRAAM S.E.S. beign Shot by the R-103K Delphinus #3 in a small Frigate

Released in 2047 in weapons market,the AMRAAM S.E.S., alongside with TLS and EW-01F, is one of the most advanced weapons in the world. can be compared with the earlier superweapons defense systems, like the Nimbus Missle of the Aigaion,with the difference,that even simple jets can carry up to 30 of these missles.

Basicaly the AMRAAM S.E.S. is a "normal" XMAA AIM 1200 AMRAAM with 20x Warheads(in comparation with 4x,6x,and 12x of earlier versions of the XMAA),D.P.E(Detonation in Pulse individual engines) for each warhead and one for the body of the missle, and enhanced individual guidance for Warhead System for each Warhead.

The D.P.E. were installed on the missile due to the small space available inside it. unlike the common missile where the burning of fuel is constant, the DPEs only burn a small portion of the fuel (50% in the initial detonation), and the warheads stay hovering at high speed, just cranking the engine again when is needed more speed or change direction. to ensure that the missiles have a good accuracy rate, the range was limited to 1300 meters.

The C4 plastic explosive warheads were chosen for being small and can be shaped into missle shape.uranium was added to give more power the explosions, but in low proportions (1 gram for each missile), to avoid being classified as a nuclear weapon and respect the terms of nuclear agreements.

Although it is an air-air missile, the S.E.S. can be used as an air-ground multi target light missile.outside it,looks like a normal XMAA AMRAAM, but wen fired can track up to 20 targets(rarely locks on 20. most commonly in 5 or 6 targets, equally dividing the number of warheads to each target.) if they are in the distance and guidance zone of the AMRAAM SES (1300 meters).

Although not considered a "large proportions nuclear weapon," is still very carefully monitored by regulatory agencies worldwide.

Usea Today

photo on Usea today's website.Cover of the special report: general, buying nuclear weapons?!

The Nuclear Crisis of 2047:[]

Read the main article:The nuclear crisis of 2047(i will make it yet -_-)

in 2047 General Resources bought 30000 of these missles, and was criticized by the NUN anti-nuclear summit. it was the major casus for the "2047 nuclear crisis",a 13 day tension period of a nuclear war.the crisis erupted with the publication of an article in a secret purchase of General Resource of these missles,putting Neucom on maximun alert state. then the NUN Anti-nuclear Summit met to discuss the situation and lower the tension between the companies.the crisis ended in a treaty between the companies, where the purchase of missiles SES would be limited to 100 per year.

Materials used in the Missle Manufacturer:[]

Body: Grapheninium (a brand-new state of art Metalic alloy of Graphene and Alluminium)

Engines:Aluminium and Sillicon

CPU Devices:Sillicon,Aluminium,and Steel

Explosives in each warhead: C4 Ultracompacted Plastic Explosives,and 1g of Uranium;


the modest outside look of the AMRAAM S.E.S.