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The ASF-58 "Flanker" is a dual-thruster afterburning engine Air Superiority Fighter, reputable as being the most powerful class of Air Superiority Fighter in the Osean Maritime Force and it also have capable of Air-to-Ground attack as well. It is designed with stealth and air superiority in mind. It has a very smooth frame and an internal weapons bay, giving it a strong resistance to radar detection and locks. It is also optionally capable of equipping External Fuel Tanks, allowing it to sacrifice its stealth and maneuverability for extended flight range. Unlike the other ASF models, the ASF-58 lacks a launch bar or arrestor hooks, making it unable to safely deploy from or land at aircraft carriers.


During the 1990s, the Osean military need more aircrafts while the threat from Belka increasing. They need to replace or reduces the number of the old F-14D Super Tomcat. Wernher and Noah Enterprises begins the development of the aircraft, and the ASF-58 was released. Even of high production cost, the Osean military still uses the ASF-58 often, but not many like the F/A-26A, F-35C and the F-45A Ghost. The aircraft were not used often in the Belkan War because the plane was very new at that time, but its made its power in the Circum-Pacific War and the Lighthouse War.

The Erusean Air and Space Administration also steal its blueprints, and tried to get it into service, but they cannot produces the ASF-58 and were saw in extremely limited numbers.



  1. Osea: Light and dark grey camouflage.
  2. Erusea: Two-tone desert camouflage.
  3. Special: Three-tone White, Dark Grey and Light Grey Splinter camouflage.
  4. Mage: Osea skin with Mage Squadron markings.
  5. Spare: Osea skin with Spare Squadron markings.
  6. Strider: Osea skin with Strider Squadron markings.
  7. White: White and Grey two-tone camouflage.
  8. Jagged: Jagged-edged light blue, gray and white camouflage.


This jet is from the game VTOL VR, not Ace Combat, credit goes to them.