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The ASF-S20 Schleifen is an extremely advanced superfighter built exclusively for Vincent.


The Schleifen was built on analysis data on the ASX-123 Arondight, and is therefore extremely similar and uses much of the same technologies, albeit modified.


The ASF-S20 Schleifen is designed exclusively for air combat, holding no weapons to engage ground targets. Speed and maneuverability were the two focuses in building the Schleifen, featuring a sleek and lightweight design that provides deadly aerial combat ability. The Schleifen is also a stealth fighter, being completely undetectable to most types of radar. The twin experimental Plasma Fission Drives provide incredible speed and maneuverability. This fighter, along with the ASX-123 Arondight, is the only air superiority fighter capable of hypersonic flight (mach 5.0+), and is therefore made of an experimental lightweight material that can resist those forces, and makes use of the COFFIN system seen on the ADF-01 FALKEN and its variants. The engines are also equipped with the Aurora System, allowing the aircraft to exceed Mach 8.0 on straight and level flight. Since its engines do not require air to operate, the Schleifen is capable of operating at extremely high altitudes, far above the engagement range of any conventional aircraft.

Unlike the Arondight, however, the Schleifen is not a VTOL aircraft and does not have additional control thrusters for zero gravity environments, and so does not have proper space-faring capabilities.

This newer version of the COFFIN system utilizes a battle AI that assists the pilot in combat. The main difference between this AI and the AI of the Arondight is that it is not sentient and does not need to be synced with the pilot for maximum effectiveness.


The ASF-S20 is a purely air superiority fighter, and can equip only air to air weapons. It features a single vulcan cannon to the left of the cockpit, and carries sidewinders standard and many different choices of special air to air weapons as optional. Like the Arondight, it features six FINS (Flight INtegrated Support) that fly with the aircraft and assist with high energy laser bolts, however these are controlled mostly by the battle AI in contrast of pilot control through the AI as in the Arondight