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"This is Tinderbox!  Start talking!"

-AWACS "Tinderbox" to "Warpup 3", in an attempt to get the quietest pilot in the squadron to say something.

"Tinderbox" was the highly-exciteable AWACS operator assigned to Warpup Squadron during the Circus-Pacific War in 2010. She was known to always disobey regulations and be a total motormouth, and wanted everyone else to know it. This led to frequent squabbles with Warpup 3, who insisted on keeping her mouth shut except when necessary. Despite Warpup's amazing accomplishments, Tinderbox refuses to take them seriously and calls them Nuggets even after they become Osea's top aces. Despite this, she's well-liked by most pilots and often praised for thinking outside the box, then cussing out superior officers when they call her out on it. She followed Warpup after they fled from Tax Auditers and remained working with them to the end (although it's believed that most of this is because Tinderbox wanted to hit on the communications officer onboard Yuke AWACS Olga Noobie).


  • To describe Tinderbox in a nutshell, she' put it lightly, a Yandere towards Warpup, especially towards their number 3: Daven H. "The Chopper" Alvinstarboard, the most stoic member of the squadron with a hatred of rock and roll. (The Chopper: "Will you turn off the f***in' s*** music!?!?!?" Tinderbox: "I...I don't believe it! I actually got him to SAY something!!! The Chopper: *barely audible grumbling noise*).
  • The fact that Tinderbox seems to have something for Olga Noobie's operator has led people to draw two conclusions. She's either one, bisexual, or two, just doing it for attention (maybe it's a bit of both; I have no idea what goes on in her head, and frankly that's probably for the best).
  • To answer your question on why she hits on everybody, I'll direct you to the following excerpt from a conversation we had once:
Wywyrm 1: "You've never had a meaningful relationship in your life, have you?"
Tinderbox: "Nope!" :3
Wywyrm 1: "Should've known..."