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The Year is 2027 2 years after the world war. Belka, Erusea, Leasath and Estovakia got defeated. The G7 summit came, and new countries emerged as Superpowers along Yuktobania and Osea, the Members of the G7 were: The Osean Federation, The Union of Yuktobanian Republics, The Republic of Ustio, The Republic of Emmeria, the Democratic republic of Aurelia, The Nordlands,and The Federation of Central Usea. All of the member countries leaders were on a meating at the Sun Shine city of Oured, meanwhile the defeated countries lost all, except their researches on various technology, Belka sent Vessels to Alendal and Farbanti, where they planned the creation of a new weapon that could stop Osea, its codename was the XA-12. A Supersonic nuclear weapon that search heat sources as a missile. Estovakia join them and began the construction, 4 phases needed to be completed, one in each countrie, the EASA now as Neucom incorporated helped in the construction of the weapon. Leasath began the construction of an ICBM launch facility north of the Danern straits, the 4 countries formed an anti Missile system that conscisted of 4 laser towers, 1km of high each other, that connected themeselves making the advance of any kind of troops impossible. With the XA-12 completed, the countdown beggin, the weapon was fired from the Faciliy at Leasath's territory, the destination, Oured. The missile impacted and all of Oured was destroyed in seconds, fortunately the 7 leadera get out of there and moved to Directus. Osea was not an obstacle now. A second XA-12 was built in a Neucom laboratory at the outskirts of Farbanti. Belka sent a large scale fleet of aircraft over Oured, when Oured was comfirmed to be destroyed, inmediately Osean forces were dispatched from Heierlak air base but were to late. The First Superpower was defeated, Leasath launched a terrorist attack into Aurelia's Gaissus Tower beggining the World war II. Gaissus was destroyed, air squadrons were deployed from Aubrey air base and fight against an Erusean squadron against Grisswall. The Aurelian's were annihilated and the Erusean Orion squadron destroyed the Atmos ring letting the city defendless against any attack. Yuktobania later sent planes with food and help for Osea but were distroyed over Ceres Ocean by the Belkan Zeth Squad. The Ustio's government sent an aerial attack to the Neucom's laboratory, so the XA-12 get delayed. Estovakia later sent 15 Su-33's and 5 B-2's to take control of Gracemeria, Emmeria's capital. As soon as the 15 fighters destroyed the King's bridge and the King's palace, fighters were sent to stop the enemy advance. All the Estovakian forces retreat but half of Gracemeria was in flames. Meanwhile at Sonne island, at a research laboratory with help of Leasath scientists, Estovakia made up a complete arsenal of SWBM wepons. Meanwhile Belka began an Invasion to all of the southern and northern Osean reamaining territories. Osea was entirely occupied by Belka. With the Osean president Roosevelt at Directus. He refugeed with the other leaders and were later transported to Yuktobania to plan a counterattack. Estovakia after having almost all of Emmeria, it went down into Yuktobania. With Belkan help Estovakia invaded the Bastok peninsula and conquered the Yuktobanian city of Okchabursk. Later the Nordlands and Ustio with the FCU's help and a new allied,Wellow. Later on,Sotoa entered the conflict and helped the allied forces. 1 week later at December 1, 2027, Erusea invaded Delarus and Ugellas and take all of their natural resources. Aurelia sent the allied Micron squad to Ustio were they planned a counterattack. Leasath invaded the costal region of Sapin, meanwhile, Wellow vessels were located at north Belka. They were planning to launch multiple ICMS but the laser defense system annihilated them. With almost all of Emmeria down, Yuktobania in troubles, and Osea completely defeated. Ustio,Sapin, the Nordlands,The FCU, Aurelia,Sotoa, Wellow and the other Northwestern Osean countries launched an air attack to the danern straits, were an ICBM launch facility was located. The XA-12 was almost finished in Erusea. Later on, at December 25, Belkan forces take over Yuktobania making Belka the most powerful nation. Emmerian forces sent an attack to 3 Estovakian bases, in Alendal, an ICBM was launched into the FCU, North Point joined Belka and the others and provide them with them gravitational weapon blueprints. Ustio and Aurelia resisted an invasion but... They need more to win this war. The FCU take a decision, send a Nuclear attack to Erusea, the missile was vaporized by the Laser and Erusea began an invasion along North Point on the Usean continent. San Salvacion joined the Allies. Emmeria and Yuktobania along Ustio began the liberation of Osea. A hard battle beetween the allies and Belkan and Erusean forces started at November City. The Allies win the battle and liberated a part of Osea's northern lands. Nordennavic joinee the Allies and help With Emmeria's liberation. Most of Emmeria was freed and, Osea's Western territories were liberated from Belkan control. 1 day later,the biggestbsea battle ever started at the Spring Ocean, Osean forces fight against Erusean naval fleets for 1 hour, but several Estovakian SWBM's exploded killimg the Osean Pilots Belkan Scientist Adolf Ribbentrop helped North point with their Gravitational weapon, when the weapon was finished on January 17, 2028. They Launched it from The Erusean ICBM station,the destination: the Ustian City of Helscow. The missile impacted doing that all of the matter compacted in 1 place and later exploded causing fatal damages. Osea was completely liberated. Belka and Estovakia began project Aindragon. Which conscisted of an aerial fortress codename Aeon. Eqquiped with a V2 weapon.3 months later it was finished. One week later it destroyed 2 allied naval fleets. An Estovakian Gryffindor sub was sent throw the Futuro Canal and open an attack route to Belka into Sapin. The XFE-56 prototype of Osea's Gründer industries was almost finished. Yuktobania and Emmeria were freed, Usea was liberated and Aurelia liberated too. The allied counterattack was a matter of Time


Osean and Yuktobanian forces attack the Marinian line of Lasers. 2 Scinfaxi's helped and the 4 laser towers were offline. The Ustain Gievelich squad liberated Sapinish territories. Meanwhile Erusea attacked Grisswall with an indiscriminate bombing in all of the city. Cape Aubrey base was also bombed letting Aurelia defendeless. 1 Belkan and 1 Lesath squadrons launched into Santa Elva on May 17, 2028, destroying the bridge and vaporizing buildings. Aurelia was defeated but their forces still alive. The Enemy forces take all over Aurelia's natural resources and used them to built 3 V2 Weapons. Estovakia used one of them and use it to ambush all of The Emmerian forces at Sonne island, Emmeria was also defeated and reconquered by Estovakia, North Point used 3 Gravitational weapons. One In Riass space center to prevent allied launches and another 2 on Delarus and Ugellas and Amber. An XA-12 was launched by Erusea on Riass before its destruction, it has heading towards Cinigrad. Yuktobanian and Osean fighters inmediately take off to intercept the missile. The Missile with an Speed of 2,100 km/h reach the western territories of Yuktobania and rapidly arrived at Cinigrad, 7 Su-33's of the Estovakian air force appeared distroying any kind of ground weapon, finnaly the XA-12 impacted Cinigrad, killing more than 12 million of people, that forced Yuktobania to Surrender, from Belka, a missile launch facility, 6 MPBM's were fired towards 3 Osean city's. Bana, November and Port Patterson, Yuktobania and Emmeria were entirely occupied by Belka and Estovakia,Romny, Kaluga, Verusa, Clavis and Valga later joined the Allies. The Verusan countries fight againstvthe Formidable Estovakian army and managed to liberate The Bastok Penisula, Glubina and Okchabursk, Yuktobani's surrender finished and along with his Verusan Allies, Emmeria and Nordennavic take all over Estovakia,making it Surrender. However Estovakian remnant forces take refugee in Belka.Ustio,Sapin and FATO later liberatd Sudentor, Erusea invaded Wielvakia and used a V2 to nuke The Nordlands killing 5 million people, however Gebet, R0ecta,and Ratio who resisted the Belkan invasion later liberated the Eastern Osean continent, Leasath sent the Aeon aerial fortress to the Danern straits were an Aurelian fleet was stationed,however The Aeon and its escorts were intercepted by the Ustian Gievelich squad, after a long battle, the Aeon shot 2 SWBM's which were dodged by Gievelich 1, the UCAV launch port was offline, Gievelich take down Aeon's engines and dhot at its cockpit making the Aeon to crash into a Messon energy research laboratory of Leasath, Once again Leasath lose it all and surrender to the allies on August 16, 2028. North Point and Erusea were under attack by Osean fighters and Yuktobanian Scinfaxis, however they resisted, the allies were defeated but, Gievelich arrived the site and attackee the Erusean forces at San Salvacion, the Allies liberated Ugellas,Amber and Delarus along San Salvacion, the FCU sent aerial fleets to Erusean soil and counterattack them, however a V2 was detonated in the outskirsts od the FCU's capital, in Alendal, Lesath forces were defeated by Osea and later retreat to Belka, Emmeria went on attacking North Point main research facility's and factories, they later moved to a mountainous area in south North Point were they established a defense line, later on Osea nuked North Point in retaliation of Oured's destruction, North Point surrender and their forces retreated to Belka, sometime at november Osea began to reconstruct Oured with help of Ustio,Yuktobania, Sapin and Aurelia, Gievelich was dispatched to Spring sea to Destroy an Erusean fleet,an Estovakian Gryffindor sub was there, in Sudentor Belka was retreating and Cinigrad was about to been reconstructed by Yuktobania, Emmeria and Osea in November 27, 2028. Meanwhile at the spring sea, Gievelich destroyed the Gryffindor and destroy the Erusean fleet, Erusea was almost finished when The FCU invaded the countrieñ, before Erusea's surrender on November 29, a third XA-12 was fired from Avalon dam, this time Gievelich was there to vaporize the missile, Osea attacked the Yering mine at Mt Schirm,the Schayne plains, Glatisant's hydrian line and a main Belkam factory at Hoffnung At area B7R Erusean pilots were defeated ,the FCU's invasionnwas complet,all what left was Belka which was the most powerful of the 5. A giant wall was built around Dinsmark, 17 Belkan F-15S/MTD's were deployed to protect the countrie, at December 1. Belka take control of Basset space center and laumched an anti missile satellite to atmosphere, 1 week later Basset returned to Osea and the allies invaded Belka, Grivelich 1 Also known as "Nemesis" went on to The enemy alliamce last stronghold in Dinsmark,Belka. The armies of the 5 countries were there, but most of them were destroyed by an Osean MPBM,all of the Allies from all the continents including Amber, Delarus and Ugellas launched into Dinsmark at the final battle. At the outskirts,a misisle launch facility was preparing a V2 to be launched into Directus, Grievelich 1 flew to the tunnels were the V2 was located and destroy it, Several Jamming sites were detected in Dinsmark añong an E-3 jamming aircraft, the Belkan shot the satellite's laser and destroy most of the allied forces, the facility exploded and Grivelich 1 later moved into the Jammers,the Jammers and the Jammer aircraft were destroyed, the Satellite was down due to its control systems were down, the Enemy Zeth squad now comprised by pilots of the 5 countries attacked Grievelich, they had high tech aircraft such as a ADFX-02 Morgan,an ADF-01 Falken,an XFA-27, an XFA-33 Fenrir, an CFA-44 Nosferatu, an X-02 Wyvern,an ADA-01B and the newest aircraft which was stolen to Gründer industries, the XFE-56, however they were no match for Gievelich 1's F/A-22 Raptor and his squadron ,.Zeth was down and Belka was lost, Belka surrender and the war was over The Strangereal World War II was the bloodiest conflict ever resulting in 21 million of casualties, Belka, Leasath , Erusea, Estovakia and North Point were monitoredbform thos moment and had prohibited having any kind of weapon, however their landmasses continued the same, peace return to Strangereal and its continents thanks to Gievelich 1 "Nemesis, Oured and Cinigrad after 5 years of work and help of their allies,were finnaly reconstructed on 2034.