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No Boundary Defines Us.  Not Even At Skies End.

Ace Combat: At Skies End is a fanon game.   Set in the year 2021, a mysterious dictator develops an EMP weapon that can ground aircraft, and using this weapon, he unites Belka, Eursea, Estovakia, and Leseath under his rule and starts a world war. In repsonse, the ISAF and Osea form an alliance with Emmeria, Ustio, Aurelia, and Yutobania, whom then call upon all of the aces of the past (mobius 1, Galm team, Wardog squadron, the southern Cross, scarface, and the Garauda team) to stop the dictator.  At the heart of this conflict arises the second half of the mystrious Razgriz poem, which hints at the invovlement of the legendary pilots and foreshadowing of the war's outcome.

As the mysterioius pilot Strider 4, it is your duty to find the pilots, unite against the dictator, discover the secret prophecy of the second Razgriz Poem, and stop the Eursean Axis, before the world falls under a shadow of tyranny.


Note: I will be only writing the first mission for this game. I wish not to spoil it because there Are many twists And surprises. My hope is that this idea will get enough attention so that it will be made into a real game. However, only fate will decide that.

Anyways, here is my target idea. Interlude 1:

Barkeeps daughter.

I was just a child when the stars fell from the skies. And I remember how the great nations built weapons to destroy them, and how in turn, these weapons were used to wage war. War was a common event on our planet. Many wars broke out during my childhood. The year I was born, the holy land tried to invade the south lands in Osea, but were driven back. In grade school, the Invaders from the west occupied my hometown, but were soon driven out by those from the east. And during my years in high school and college, a found myself reading head lines of how the superpowers were deceived, and how the last canon fell in it the north. The last war last ended a few months ago, with the dictator of Leasath fleeing in shame. Whenever the world entered war, great tragedies occurred. But, their were always heroes to pull us out. Heroes who had strength, heroes who lived for pride, and heroes who could read the tide of battle. Aces, who took to the skies, putting everything on the line for the sake of their nations, who always emerged victorious. Aces, who, after saving the free world, vanished, and in turn, left us in peace. Being naive, after every war, I thought, no, I always hoped, that there would be peace in our time. But, like always, I was wrong.

Eve of war

Strangereal on the eve of war

Cutscene 1:

It's 5:30 in the morning at rickets airbase in north point. Sirens are wailing, pilots of all ranks and the base staff are frantically scrambling to their positions. Some are Hal dressed, others are dishaevled and shoving around other people. Among all of these people there is one pilot who is walking normally through this sea of chaos. She is a young girl, blonde, in her early twenties, her face is serious, her eyes fixed. But her body, dressed in the standard blue ISAF pilot jumpsuit, is calm. On her right shoulder is an ISAf flag, and on her left, the patch of her squadron. A single shepherds staff is displayed against a black background, with several shooting stars circling around it and an f16 chasing the shooting stars. Underneath the emblem is 126th fighter squadron. We here her voice now.

Pilot: one old think that by now these rookiesmwould have adjusted to the routine drills that Rickers AFB. Runs one a month. If they would just slow down and make note of the dates that the drills are run, they would realize that the drills are run on the fifth, tenth, fifiethnm or twenty itch of the month. Then again, when I was going through cadet school back then, I too would wonder what day and what time the drills would sound. The unknown is what drives us pilots. Wondering whether the alarm will bring drills or actual combat. For five years now, it has only brought me the same shit. Most people would have quit out of boredom by now or have been let go. However, despite the fact that I have never seen actual combat, I am at the top of my class in training, having shot down over 40 dummy aircraft in seperate training excesses. The higher ups say that I have potential, and the I may have a purpose someday, but I know I have a purpose. And it's the reason why I have chsen to stay on this base.

The pilot wake into her briefing room. There are only two other pilots in there, and an ISAF commander. The first pilot is in his mid twentys, with a scwanry build, black hair, and glasses. He is reserved and quiet, he appears as though he is calculating his latest battle plans, filled with determination. The other pilot is older, with a medium build and olive skin. He has a thick handlebar mustache and thick eyebrows, a warm cheery face, and blue eyes, and was a tad shorter than the others. He was talking to the ISAF commander, a red haired pale military man in an officers uniform. He clearly is of high rank, perhaps a colonel or a general. The blonde enters the room, and all three of the people turn there attention to her. The blonde salutes the ISAF commander.

ISAF COMMANDER: at ease, lieutenant.

Nova: Commander Ferguson, fancy seeing you here. Has ISAF GHQ become to boring?

Isaf commander: c'mon now, Anderson, you know that I had to take that job BC the high command needed my talent, you know that my heart lies here.

The older pilot with the handlebar mousacthe speaks.

Commander, you are

Blaze is Scott Riley

Blonde pilot: where is möbius 1?

Commander: he's gone silent. The man has vanished into thin air,malone with his jet.

Mission 1: Cloak and Dagger

Date: Classifed

Unknown Squadron, Classflied

Location: Classifed

Mission one, transcirpt:  

The gentle blue ocean.  Its dawn, about 0500 hours. 3 saabs fly over head at low altitude to avoid radar.

Mission Start:

AWACS:  AWACS here, all callsigns will be suspended until this mission is complete.  i will refer to the three of you as one, two, and three, got it?  proceed west and redevenous with 4, 5, and 6 north of Saded island. Once you have linked up, procced to Saded Island and investiage the island.  Remember, this is a covert operation. If you are shot down and captured, your on your own. We cannot risk open war with the confederation.

1: roger that AWACS, we copy.  All wingemn, report your status.

2: (British Accent) 2 here, ready for action.

3: Roger, 3 is wacthing our six.

1:  1 to 2 and 3.  Form up descend to 2000 ft.  We've got to avoid that radar.

2:  Roger 2,  descending.

3: 3, descending!

AWACS:  Fighter squadron, radar contact in vector 030. 9 Confederate fighters, mig 29's. take them out before they warn Saded island.

1: roger, consider it done.

The fighter squadron engages the fighters.  

White 5: this can't be right.  3 bogeys at our six o clock?

A Missile streaks from Sheperd 2:

2: fox 2!

The missile streaks into the fatherest left plane.  The Migs break formation, panciking.

Crusader 1. Crusader five has been hit!

White 6: we've  got company.

White 1: Crusader 1, radio the base. White 5 and 6, back me up.  Crusader 2 and 3, enage the escorts. 

3: Damnit, these guys are definitely Belkans.

1:  Quit the chatter and cover my six, i'm taking one radioning the base.

Crusader 1: Damnit, he's engaging me!

1 blasts the lead plane.

Crusader 1:  Ah shit, i'm burning!!! AAARGRGHH!!!!

2: 1 bagged a Belkan fighter!!!

Crusader one's Mig 29 goes down i flames and crahses into the dark sea.  Meanwhile, 3 purses an Eursian Mig 29.

3:  I have a lock.  Fox 2!!

The shrecks into the Erusian fighter. it explodes in mid air like a giant firework.

White 7:  White 2, shot down by a bandit!!!

2 spins around an gets on white 7's tail.  He unloads his cannon into its left wing, sending it sprialing out of control

Crusader 2: White 7, your stalling, pull up, pull up!!!!


White 4:  Madday madday madday!!! Rickers airbase, this is partol 4.  We have been engaged by unknown fighters of the coast of Saded Island!!! Requsting back up, do you copy!!!!

3: 1, they're about to radio the base!  Shoot that plane down!

1:  Working on it!

no repsonse

White 4:  Oh no, the signal's being jammed!!!! White 4 pulls up, heading for the clouds.  2 pursues.  A Belkan Mig chases him closely.

1:  Wacth out 2!  You have an enemy Mig on your tail!  

2:  Crap!  I can't shake him! he's glued tight!

Crusader 3:  I have your now!

But before Crusader 3 fires,  a missile comes out of nowhere and hits white 4.  White 4 explodes in midair.

Crusader 3:  What?

2 dives just before another missile hits Crusader 3 head on.

Crusader 3:  Arrrrghh!!!

BOOM!!  the Mig explodes.  The remaining Confederate pilots turn to the sky.  Out of the dawn sun comes 3 JAS-39.  

4:  Sorry were late, 6 overslept. 

6: Shut up captain!  You try flying 2 days without any sleep next time!

5:  I have a lock!  Fox 3.

5's Xaams destroy the remaining enemy aircarft.

AWACS:  This is AWACS.  All Confederate fighters confirmed destroyed.  Conitnue to previous destination g and wait for further orders.

1:  Alright everyone, form up on me and head to the destignated rendevous point.

Sevral minutes later.

Saded island 0530 hours.  

The island is small, about the size of iwo jima or okanawa.  It appears to be a regular island from the surface.

AWACS:  Fighter squadrons, hold on standby 15 miles at 2000 ft.  A U-2 is about to recon the area.  When the U-2 enters the combat area.  Reports tell us that the enemy has AA weaponry on the tiny  islands surrounding the base about five miles out.  DO NOT ENGAGE THE ENEMY UNLESS IF THE U-2 IS SPOTTED. If things go south, engage all hostiles and defend the U-2.

U-2:  This is 7 here, we are about to commence our sweep over Saded Island.  AWACS, have your figthers on standby incase if shit hits the fan.

AWACS: Roger,  7, squadrons are on standby.


The u2 flies over Saded Island and begins to take photos of the installations on the island.

U-2:  7  here, flying over island facilities.

The u-2 takes photos.

U-2: alright, I've got the first string of photos. Wow, They really out fitting this place. Theres an airfield and a whole command center built into the volcano, with what appears to be factories and warehouses in a valley before. However, I don't see any signs of balletic missiles or ICBM launchers.

AWACS: COpy that 7, fly over a second time and see if you can a closer look.

U-2: Roger, AWACS, we comply. Setting heading to vector 280 and readying camera for next string of photos.

The U-2 Soars over the island a second time, heading straight over the volcano. The spy plane successfully passes, taking another string of photos.

U-2: second string of photos aquirced. Oh my god...

AWACS:  7 , what is it? What do you see?

A loud hum emulates from the volcano. Then shaking. The earth tremors and quivers violentingly as energy builds up from the island. Then their is a sonic pulse of emp and themal radiation. The U-2 is vaporized in midair, along with its crew.

AWACS: everyone! Abort the mission!

the Awacs gets emped and explodes in midair!

1: too late!

The emp expands rapidly from the island, frying 4, then 5, then 6. They plummet to the sea.

1: Break!!!!

The screen turns to balck as  1, 2, and 3 try to escape.

Cutscene 2:/Credits:

Namco and Project Aces Presents:


As the credits for the game begin to role, new reporters begin to narrate the backstory.  The date is for the start of these reports is  4/20/19

Osean News Reporter 1:  After a tense night in the Erusian Parliament house,  The FARX Party has come to power in Erusia, Gaining over two thirds majority in the senate seatings.

6/30/19:  Britisth News Reporter (ISAF) Civil unrest and domestic terrorism ravavges Estovakia as the coup de teat that overthrew the Generals has led to a power struggle in the alreadly unstable govt.  

8/13/19: Ustian News Reporter:  Over 50,000 refugess have fleed North Belka due to famine and drought, North Belkan President Ramiss accuses Osean President John Smith of withholding aid and barring refugees.  Hence, A civil war has broken out in north Belka.

12/30/19:  USEA News Reporter: Erusia celebreates the inagruration of their new Chancellor, Harrison DeBloc.  Only age 27, DeBloc is the youngest President in Erusian history to rule the Western Nation...

2/20/20: Osean News reporter:  Terrible footage today in the Osean town of Johnina as over 3000 Oseans were killed by a dirty bomb in one of the worst terrorist attacks in history...

2/21/20:  Yuktobania reporter: The Terrorist group known as The Altar of Truth, based out of the Republic of Clavis, has claimed repsonsiblity for the attack on Johnina

2/24/20: Emmerian News: Under the imperisson that Clavis'  Dictator is aiding the Altar of Truth in building WMDs, Osea invades the Republic Of Clavis, a small but oil rich desert nation.


Auerlian News: Discovering that The Altar of Truth has cells in Kaluga, Osean calls upon its friend, Yuktobania, to invade and occupy Kaluga.  Yuktobania complies.


With its economy in shambles, The Democratic Republic of Leasath invades and ocupies Aureila.  Cries for help from Osea and Yuktobania are unanswered, as both nations' armed forces have become bogged down in gurreilla warfare in Clavis and Kagula.

4/30/20:  Erusia's Chancellor, Harrison DeBloc is hailed as the greatest leader in Erusian history.  Debloc's promises to rebuild the Nation of Erusia's Economy and wealth have come true, while his shrewd and hardstrong tatics have earned him the nickname as "Dragon".

5/14/20:  The Erusian people cry in anger as the Dragon has been defeated by his relection opponent, Ramess Holter.  Erusian chancellors can only serve one term before having to be relected.

5/30/20:  In a shocking move, The Erusian people overthrow the Holter Adminstration and reinstall The Dragon into power.  The Erusian Pariliment votes to make the Dragon leader for life.


With his newfound power, the Dragon declares Marshall law and turns Erusia into a dctatorship under the FARX party.  The Dragon promise his people that justice will be brought to those who have destroyed Erusia's pride. Erusians cheer.


After months of turmoil and civil war, Belka emerges under the control of the FARX party, and an alliance between Erusian and is formed as the Axis Powers. despite Osea's sanctions against Belka and Erusia, Osea has little ability to back up its words, it's army haven been spread thin in Clavis and Kagula.

9/18/20: Estovakian Ultra-nationalists seize control of the nation, and within days join the Axis powers. The dragon, having three nations under is power, tenames the alliance the Confederation of Axis States.

12/25/20: having been defeated by Aurelia, Leasath's dictator General Diego Gasper Navarro flees north to the nation of Rantor and rebuilds an insurgent army to retake Leasath. naravo produces Money by selling the fenrir plans to Grunder industries.

1/13/21: rumors have surfaced that the Erusian Belkan and Estovkian alliance, known now as the Confederation, is developing a new Meotoer interception system. Osea, North Point, and Yuktobania have put strong economic sanctions on the Conferation in hopes that they will stop this reported development, however, Harrison Debloc, leader of the the Condferation, insists that such reports are false and merit no credibility.

1/21/21: war in Kagula and Clavis has left a heavy toll on both Yuktobania and Osea, both sides have lost over 60,000 men in what appears to have become one of the bloodiest conflicts in history.

2/6/21: The world has come to a standstill today after the Confederation reported that its terrority in the alatanic ocean was attacked by unknown Fighters. a Grave Harrison Drbloc has stated that this is an "Act of War" between the confederation and the ISAF.

Mission 2:  Operation Exodus

date: 2/10/21

Osean 267 TFS, Strider flight

Oured, Osea

Osean defense force monitor comes up.

Listen up people, My Name is Colonel North of the Osean 432 Figther Command, and I will perosnally be breifing you on the details of this missin. We are in a state of Emerganecy. shit has hit the fan and we were standing in front of it with our pants down. The Conderation has launched mutiple invasions on all fronts, the strognest of which is in Osea, and are using an unknown weapon of mass destruction to spearhead the offensives. Erusian, Leasathian, Estovakian, and Belkan Froces currently occupy 70 percent of the Osean continent. As of now, the armies of the free world stand no chance against this allaince  We must fall back to Yuktobanaia, and regroup.  Your mission is to cover retreating Osean forces and make sure they come over into Yuktobania with ease. Anea and Usea are on the verge of collaspe, and Yutobania is barely holding its own on the west and east coast. Lets not lose Osea without saving as many people, tanks, and equipment as possible. Dismissed!

Mission start

oured. The Capitol is burning. A massive evacuation fleet is assembled outside the harbor. As fire shoots up from the ships as enemy fighters roar over head in the grey skies. Civilians with belongings rush and panick to get on board the ships that are still at the docks.

Boat guy: Go go! Get everyone on board the ship as fast as possible! There is no time to lose!

Boat Captain: we can't wait any longer! We are going to be wiped out!

Civilian: Sara, Sara! Where are you!

Girl: Mommy, Mommy!

Camera cuts to the skies. Estovakia A-10s close in for a strafing run.

Estovakian A-10s: leave no one standing every ship must go under.

The a-10s arm their missiles. Suddenly, on of the a-10smelodes and falls from the sky.

Estovakian: what the!

The rest of the a-10s are shot down as a flight of Osean f-16s soar into the battlefield. It's the 267 TFS, Callsign Strider squadron. The four f-16s soar through the burning fleet, ships are sinking, people are in e water. Fighter jets soar over head in the sunny but smoke filled sky.

Strider 1: AWACs, this strider one of the Osean 267 tactical fighter squadron! The situation has become more desperate! Enemy aircraft have already breached our Aa defensives an are attacking civilian ships fleeing to sea! Requesting reinforcements! Over!

No response from AWACS.

Strider one: AWACS, this is Strider One, I repeat, we need....

SWWOOMM!!! A flaming ball of twisted steel falls right across Strider 1's noise. The player can barely make out that is a burning E 767, an AWACS aircraft.

Strider 8 AWACs down!

Strider 1: Command, this is Strider 1: We have lost our AWACS and are down to four of our 12 planes! Advise!

Command HQ: Roger strider flight, this is Colonel North from Fort Hudson. Your mission is the same as we briefed earlier: protect the 7th fleet as they evacuate out of the bay to open water. Destroy all incoming confederate attack aircraft and mini submarines. However, I have an update to the mission. Their is a large cargo ship in the middle of the fleet carrying high grade munitions. Your squadron is advise to protect this ship at all costs. If the enemy destroys that vessel, you can kiss half the fleet goodbye.

strider : yes Colonel, understood. All planes, disperse and engage all enemies! Protect the cargo ship in the center and the loading docks at the ports. Reinforcements should be arrving shortly!

The jets disperse and begin to engage all hostile aircraft. Strider 4, the player, soars low to the ships and begins to engage the enemy attackers.

Osean civilian vessel: I've got bandits closing off the port bow! they are firing! Where are our escorts?!

Osean patrol boat: all ships, keep the pressure on! Fire every Aa weapon available, we can't afford to lose anymore ships!

Confederate attacker: the enemy currently has its hands full with our fighters. Flight c, assault the docks, flight b and a, concentrate your fire on that destroyer.

Enemy: roger, b flight lining up to engage.

Strider 2 hey newbie ( addressing player), this whole evacuation really is a cluster, huh?

Strider 1: strider 8, can you read me?. Engage those ErusiAn fighter inbound at mark 180! And the Leasath mini subs at mark 220!.

Strider 8: Roger, engaging.

Confederate sub: we're under attack!

Sub: how could they have detected us?!

Strider 8: This is strider 8, I'm engaging belkan figthers and the leasathian subs have been destroyed. But the fighters have now split off into two formations and are blasting the hell out of the docks and the ships!

The first formation off Confederate fighters, a 10's and mirage 2000s, unloads rocket pods onto the loading docks. Fire balls erupt as fuel tanks ignite and engulf the nearby ships and the ports. The fighters then open up with their machine guns.

Friendly: damn fascists! They're firing on civilians! Dock guy: where getting massacred over here! Where is our air support!

Strider 8: they won't get away with this! 4, cover me!

The second formation of confederate fighters follow up closely behind, ready to mop up any survivors. But strider 8 and the player, strider 4, are ready.

Strider 8: Strider 8, Fox 2!

Missiles streak from strider 8 and 4's f 16s. Several mirages and a10s are hit and crash into the oily water below.

Strider 2: kills confirm! Hey Johnny, bag yourself a couple more and we will be calling you an ace.

Strider 8: I'll worrying about that later! Right now, I've got civilians to protect! How much longer until the bulk of he fleet is out off the harbor?

Strider 1: four minutes!

Strider 2: 6 more bandits inbound from vector 150, oh no! they're lining out to attack the supply ship!

Strider 1, all planes, follow me, we have to stop those fighters!

Strider squadron forms up and heads to the middle of the bay. The fleet is almost out of the harbor. Aa guns and SAMs continue to fire as ships sink and burn. The formation of bogeys turns out to be 6 su 25 frog foots, decked out with missiles and bombs.

COMMAND HQ: Strider Squadron, Colonel North here, it is imperative that those attackers are stopped! They're going to wipe out the Cargo ship!

STRIDER 1: Roger Colonel! We're on it!

ENEMY HQ: those are your orders. i understand that you will comply with them.

ENEMY SU 25 LEADER: Roger sir. Men and my men know what we signed up for.

STRIDER 8: what the..... I'm picking up the enemy's radio chatter in Erusian!

STRIDER 1: can u understand it?

STRIDER 8: Most of it. The enemy is radioing the enemy planes heading towards the supply ship and..... Oh my god.....

ENEMY HQ: Your sacrifice will be remembered and honed by the Dragon himself. May your deaths be hailed up for the glory of the new world order!

The su 25s descend to the lowest possible altitude and streak low over the water, right for the ship!

STRIDER 8: The jets are coming in to low for an attack! They're going to ram into the ship!

STRIDER 1: Shoot them down! Stop them at all costs! Not one plane must get through!

The player descends to the same altitude as the su 25s, soaring between the ships, the su 25s are only less than a mile away from the supply ship. The player manages to shoot down five of the six planes. The sixth one avoids the players missile!!!

STRIDER 1: Jesus! Everyone get out of there! The ship is gong to explode!

Cutscene: the su 25 is about to impact, everyone slows down.

SU 25 PILOT: it is done.

The fighter rams the ship, causing it to erupt into a massive fire ball. Ships nearby are engulfed in fires as the whole harbor glows.


Strider flight in caught in the blast. Strider 1 and 8 are wiped out. Strider 5 and 2 barley survived.

Mission end.


We managed to escape the slaughter at oured bay. But at a heavy price. The tanker that exploded wiped out over 60 percent of the fleet. 20 fighters, 2 of which were from the 267 tactical fighter squadron, were also lost.

Cutscene 3:

A heretic military base/ refugee camp in Yuktobania. We see what seems to be a makeshift command center in a large warehouse. Military personal are at desks making phone calls to how and on computers. Refugees sleep in sleeping bags and huddle near a soup kitchen. We see the narrator, the barkeeps daughter, Nova, sitting at a bench. She is much older now, in simple clothing. She appears depressed.

Nova: today marked a grim day in Osean history. It was the first time that Osea, mightly superpower of the world, was invaded and occupied successfully by foreign armies. Enemy tanks, soldiers, and aircrfat now owned the once great nation. The flag of the Condferation, a green banner with a golden dragon embalzed on it, flapped from the captiol buillding. But if anything stood out in particular about this deafeat, what wasb burned into the hearts and memories of the osean people with pain and sorrow, Wa the tradgey at Oured. Over 2000 people perished in the fireball that engulfed the fleet, as well as the many of the fighters that came with it. Sitting here, it can't help but blame myself from what happened. But Colonel North tells me that this is not the end.

" we will return to Osea. One day. I swear we will be back, and we will lit the land once again with the fires of freedom. We will return".

This is what he tells me as we sit in the hertic, dark, crowd, and damp military base/ refguee camp deep within the heart of Yuktobania.. As on now. It's hard of me to believe him.

Nova: The enemy has already taken the Osean. Continent. Erusia, with its now super weapon, once again has cast a shadow upon the land of Usea. And emerria is barely keeping the estovakia a from crossing their borde pr again. Only yukotbmia stands against the conferdation, as well as north point.

North: We have a chance. The eureians have over extened theyre forces, so they wint invade yuktobania From the west. And the confederation has to face the Allied fleet if they cross over from osea. The only concern is the Estokvains. The Stovies learned back in 2015 not to attack emerria. Their ultranationalist government is refusing to invade a second time again, plus the free estokvian army, which sides with us in this conflict, is keeping them busy. My bet is that the confederation will have them invade northern yutokiana. they've dug in and built a defensive wall along the border Of ememria. 

Attention! All pilots! Enmergency situation!

Mission 3: Tides of Darkness

Allied TFS # 343, "Strider 4"

Northern Yuketobania


Allied breiefing screen comes up

Attention all pilots! we have just receive reports that confederate forces are attempting to land on the beaches in northern yuktobania near the major port city of slokat. They are lead by the Estovakian navy arm and their crack partrooper division.  It appears that the confedartion's goal is to establish a beachhead in northern Yuketobania as a means to invade a occupy the entire mainland.  the enemy has split its main landing force off into two groups, one seems to be heading to barg beach, the other to uklo.  In addition, our radar reports several flights of tu-95 bear bombers and c-17 transport planes are heading to towns several miles inland as well as slokat.  Your mission is to prevent more that 50% of the enemy from landing on our beachheads, as well as the total desctruction of the Yuketobanian towns that lay behind the coast. hold out until reinforcements from emmeria come to relief us. Fail either of these objectives, and the mission is at a lost.  The Confederation's advance stops here.  The beaches must hold.  dimissed! 

A sceond briefing screen comes up.

Strider 4, due to the unfortunate fact that your squadron was wiped out at Oured Bay, you will be reassigned temporarily with that ISAF 126 TFS, aka "Sheperd Flight".  You shall now be know as Sheperd 3, but you callsign will remain as  "Strider".   Operations:

a:  barg beach (anti invasion/ anti ship)

b. uklo beach (anti invasion)

c. slokat outskirts (repel partroopers)

complete 3 to win mission.

Mission start

It's a rainy day. We see a coastline with two prominent beachheads with sand and bunkers on them. We also see a port town to e far left of the beaches as well as several towns Way behind in the mainland. The waves on the Black Sea are turbulent and crazed with enegry. The bob the massive Estovakian invasion fleet anchored just a few miles off the coast. Landing craft have already begin to head towards the beach.

We then see the allied fighters heading toward the beach. Most are yukotbanian, others, Osean, ISAF, Aurelian, ustian, and sapian. On flight sticks out: a flight of f16s tinted blue. They are the ISAF's 126th TFS, aka Sheperd flight. The player is the fourth in this formation.

EYELANDER: ( scottish accent): AWACS here, callsign syelander to all allied planes in this area. You are clear to engage any and all enemies. Break formation and prevent the Confederation from establishing a beachhead on Yuktobanian soil.

Sheperd 1: roger Eyelander. Sheperd flight, form up on me and head for the beaches. Not one of those confederate bastards is going to land on this continent.

Strider, do you see the enemy landing craft heading to the beaches?

Strider: Yes

Sheperd 1: I see them too, there is about 30 of them in the water. They have helicopters and fighters flying top cover and missile boats as anti aa defense.

Sheperd 2: what a waste of manpower, the stovies are gurnateeing the deaths of hundreds of their own! Not my problem though. Sheperd 3: (sapain accent) Don't get to cocky, mole!  Next time you take a bullet, i may not be able to bail you out!

Sheperd 2:  Whatever, old man!  5 bucks i'll shoot down more bandits than you this round!

Sheperd 1:  Mole, Rocko, focus!  We need to take out those conderate forces!

Sheperd 3 (ROCKO):  Roger!  descending to low attlitude and engaging landing craft!

Sheperd 2 (mole):  No matter, we'll settle this dispute with a litte freindly competiton!

Yuke G.:  We have now made visual contact with the confederate landing force, my god, its huge!!!

Yuke G.:  Yura, Markorav, check your machine guns, all squads, prepare for enemy landing!

Enemy Landing craft:  Clear of the ramp!  30 seconds!!!!

Enemy Lnd crft:  be ready to haul ass when that ramp flies down!

Colonel North:  Eyelander, colonel north here. the Estovakians have landed on uklo and are being supported by leasathian armor.  Requesting aid from any allied aircraft in the area to repel enemy forces.  

AWACS:  Roger Colonel, forces are spread thin but ill see what i can do!  Sheperd flight is currently engaging the enemy at barg beach, but the ISAF  56 tfs and Auerilan 3tfs are headed your way to support you.  If we can hold out just for a little while, the Emmerian military will arrive and we can drive the confederation back!

Sheperd flight engages the landing crafts.

Enemy landing craft:  Take cover!! enemy fighters overhead!!!

Enemy officer:  Private! Keep your head down, do you want to get shot?!  Where the hell is our top cover!?!

Sheperd 1:  enemy landing craft sunk!


AWACS: Heads up Sheperd flight!  enemy Erusian Tu-95 bear bombers have entered the airspace.... two foramtions of 10!,  and with belkan escorts.

Sheperd 1:  Damn Erusians, they always have to make things complicated.... strider, rocko, break off and engage the enemy bombers!!!

AWACS: landing craft confirmed in vector 110, clear to engage.

Sheperd 3: (Sapin Accent): Rocko here, I'll try to keep the enemy fighters at bay while you guys take out the landing craft.

Sheperd 1: negative, Rocko, I need you and mole to keep an eye on strider, makes sure nothing happens to him!


Ace Combat: At Skies End introduces a new "War Front" mode, which is incopoarted into the main Campaign.  After mission five, the player has the ability to choose which front they want to participate in.  Their are three fronts:  The Anean/ Front, in which Emmeria, Yuktobanina, The King of Nov, and the Free Estovakian Army fight the Federal Republic of Estovakia, Erusian, and Belkan elements, The Osean front, where the Allies oppose Belka and Erusian Armies, and The Southern front, in which Auerila and Osea oppose Leasath and Erusia.

In addition, the squad system is back, back with new elements.  Players can have up to 9 pilots in their squadron, three of which he/her can control using the d pad ( attack, cover, sp weapon, and break).  The over six can be used to call in an "allied attack" or "allied cover".  The player can also choose to have an allied squadron (not under the player's control) fly with them into battle.

There are three kinds of pilots that the player can unlock:  Recurits, Aces, and Heroes/Villians.  Recruits are standard "nuggets" who are randomly generated.  The have their own backstory, aircraft, and skills.  Aces are the named piltos that u shoot down on hard or expert difficutly.

Heroes/villians are piltos such as Garuada 1, Ragriz, and Mobius 1 that are unlock as you complete the campaign.


F 4 Phantom


























Tornado IDS





German specials






F-15 "jetfire"

F-22 "Starscream"