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This is not a cannon game, nor is anything within it.

Ace combat:Bloodlines is a New Ace combat game set in a alternate strangereal Universe.


Instead of Osea, which is not the largest superpower, The Game takes place in the Berkian Republic, a Northern nation where Nordenavicc would be.

Berkia's King, Thomas, has gone missing recently and replaced by a Despot known as Dagur, who has committed Atrocity's against it's Occupied nation, the Occupied Territory of Skyclan, However, after the bombing of Tenedor, the Most Modern Section of the Berkian fleet, airforce, and tank's joined the side of Skyclan.

Under Callsign 'Peacekeeper 1', you must use the aircraft at your disposal wisely, as you liberate countless city's and bases from Dagur's Oppression's, you uncover new Truth's and answer's to Thomas, why he vanished, and why what he was planning and was hiding could have changed everything.


Mission One[]