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Ace Combat: Brink of War is a combat flight game and first person shooter developed jointly by Project Aces and Infinity Ward as a loose sequel to Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. It follows several characters in the armed forces of several countries during a Third World War, between the East and West. It is the second Ace Combat game that takes place in the real world. The player has the option to play an "air campaign" or "ground campaign", with different characters. As implied, the player flies an aircraft and plays as a pilot in the air campaign, and as a soldier in the ground campaign.





The storyline begins in the year 2019. In Russia, an ultranationalist group comes to power in the State Duma, due to their increasingly popular anti-American views, known as the Ultranationalist Party. As the United States weakens economically, along with it's allied NATO states, the leader of the party, Ivan Andropov, proposes a unification of former Soviet states, and more. He envisions a creation of a "Slavic union" throughout Eastern and Southern Europe, as well as a "Greater Russia" which would span through Central Asia and non-Slavic countries in Europe. The United States and other authorities do not take any of them seriously.

However, the recently elected Russian president, Anatoly Chvanov, is taken hostage by the Ultranationalists in a coup d'état against his administration, using allies in the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Armed Forces. Moscow is taken over by the Ultranationalist militia and troops of the Russian Ground Forces. At the same time, the Russian military invades Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. Belarus and Ukraine have quick referendums, in which the majority vote to become part of Russia. Moldova is also quickly invaded. Russian troops begin pushing into Romania. Kazakhstan joins Russia as well.

Meanwhile, Captain Urban Holland of the United States Air Force is in service in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Flying an Apache helicopter, him and his unit eliminate a rebel group in the North Kivu province. However, they are unable to complete the campaign as they are contacted by the AFRICOM, who inform them they have been recalled to Europe, specifically, to Germany. They do not question it, and are in Germany a few days later. They are briefed by the USAF officers of the situation in Romania. Nearby Poland has joined Russia, along with Slovakia. The USAF pilots, along with the German Air Force, are to be deployed into Hungary, rather expected next target of the Ultranationalist Russian attack.

On the other side of the planet, Lieutenant Ian Ackerson of the United States Army Rangers is training with Malaysian troops when getting recalled to Europe, specifically, Hungary.