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Now people I don’t want you to think that I am writing these stories as a timeline, they are random stories published solely for your reading and entertainment. At the time being all I can say that I hope you will like this one.

1stApril 2011, four months after the end of the Circum-Pacific War, and sixteen years after the disappearing of the terrorist organization AWWNB the world are at peace without any wars. All nations are going about their respective businesses and there are no conflicts whatsoever.

3rdApril, the entire world’s television broadcast channels are jammed. Confused at this new anomaly the people contact the channel offices of their countries but they get no response. Suddenly the channels come back to life just the way they used to be and people calm down, just the way they were. This was taking place in the homes of the nations but in the government offices the signal was still jammed. Not too long from then the signals in the entire western hemisphere and most of the Osean continent come back to life but the jamming continues in Osea, Ustio, Belka, Wielvakia, Erusia and Usea.

The TVs stay jammed but a scrambled message is heard. The message goes on for five minutes and then the TVs go back to normal. Befuddled about what just happened the nations named above call in their best hackers to track down this jamming signal and after three days all the hackers of these nations unanimously find out that the signal came in from North Point. They also decipher the message and it said: “THE PEOPLE SHALL UNITE, THE FALLEN SHALL RISE AGAIN, WE WILL ELIMINATE ALL BORDERS AND NATIONS AND THIS TIME WE ARE PREPAIRED AND WILL NOT FAIL AS WE DID BEFORE”.

To the nations of Belka, Ustio and Osea it was all very clear; World with No Boundaries had returned and wanted revenge which could be a big threat. A summit was held in Dinsmark and the leaders of Wielvakia, Belka, Osea, Ustio, Erusia and Usea are all present. Because the nations of Erusia, Usea and Wielvakia are not familiar with what is going on and who was AWWNB, President Harling explains to them. After things are made clear and understood, a call is made from Dinsmark to the president’s office in St. Ark, but there is no reply. They let the matter be and the president calls it a prank call as the AWWNB had been eliminated sixteen years in the past by a mercenary they all knew about. The leaders fly back to their respective nations, content at heart.

11th April, the communications between the eastern states of Usea start to suddenly deteriorate and ultimately all communications are down from Rigley Base onward. Usea finally agrees upon sending in a recon aircraft. They send out an F-18E to investigate from Faith Park. As the plane flies it photographs the ground below and the leaders of Usea are horrified at what they see. The land is scorched by, what seem like ICBM explosions. No wonder the comms are down. The aircraft gets warnings from an unknown source that describes itself as Phoenix Rebel Group and is ultimately shot down by a grey and yellow colouredF-15D. This news quickly reaches the ears of the president of Osea and a call is made from Oured to Rigley Base and the reply is that the PRG is a group of terrorist organizations such as the Falcons of Dawn and AWWNB and they will avenge their defeat from earlier years. They also tell that they have taken control of the nation of North Point and declare full scale war on the Usean continent.

13thApril, at 11 am a squadron of 2 B-52s and 2 BM-335s bomb and completely destroy Port Edwards but the bomber squadron is shot down by mercenary pilot who is only known as the pupil of Solo Wing and flies a red F-15C with black wings. Her history is unknown and so is her name but on the ground people call her “Pups”. After the attack Usea musters up all force and begins a counter strike on North Point and the operation is called North Point Liberation. Pups along with her squadron of five other planes, all the other five F-15Cs painted grey go to St. Ark but quickly decide to retreat as the force of the PRG is a lot more than expected. From the ground they are pelted with AA fire and in the air they are faced with an 8 plane squadron all F-14Ds known as Grimlock squadron which is the ace squadron of the PRG. As Pups and her squadron known as vultures flee the vulture six and three are shot down and killed by the Grimlock squadron and later they stop the chase and return to NP. Shocked and shaken Usea asks for help from other nations and Erusia responds favorably. When the Vulture squadron lands back at Faith Park they tell all that they saw at and near NP.

20thApril. The Erusian president sends in the first and the fifth naval fleets toward NP. As they proceed and get within 100 miles of the PRG front which by now has expanded up till Ice Creek they are fired upon by a squadron belonging to the PRG but they do not call themselves the Grimlock. The vulture squadron is asked for help and they take off from Shite Valley Airbase and intercept the PRG squadron all but one of the planes is shot but it gets damaged. As the plane is an F-18C, it is forced to land on the Erusian Naval Fleet Ship Nighthawk. As the plane lands the pilot, who tells the sailors his name is Bernhard Licht is interrogated and he tells them the whereabouts of the PRG forces. He is put in prison and considering this acquiring of information as a substantial victory, nine out of the ten Erusian ships slowly sail toward NP. One of the ships that got heavily damaged returns to Rogers Naval Base, Western Usea for repairs. The base is inside the lagoon and very close to the San Salvacion border.

24thApril, the ships sent to assist Usea reach the PRG front but hold their ground one and a half miles away. What they see surprises them; there are nearly twenty ships interconnected via bridges and six aircraft carriers, the whole NP navy, accumulated there under the control of the PRG. Behind the ships are cliffs where more PRG forces are stationed. As soon as the ships were sighted they were fired upon by the PRG ships in order to keep them away. The Erusian fleet has battle ships with them and they start to fire at the enemy with their Mark 7 and Mark 12 guns, battering the PRG forces and sinking two ships. This loss though does not affect the PRG navy and the too respond by firing burst missiles and anti-ship cruise missiles. One of the aircraft carriers is hit and it starts to list to one side. Finding themselves in a vulnerable position, the Erusian fleet decides to retreat but as they reverse back, away from Ice Creek they find out that they have been surrounded by yet another fleet of the PRG fleet. Outnumbered and out matched they valiantly fight back ultimately stare at the cold face of defeat and then the vulture squadron is called to support but they are too late and only 1 ship which is the aircraft carrier is able to escape. As the aircraft carrier reaches Rogers bay discussions held after declaring ceasefire with the PRG. The military officials notice something strange; how did the second fleet arrive as the Erusians on their way to Ice Creek had not noticed any fleet following them. The frigate that went back to Port Rogers first noticed naval movement a few hundred miles north of them, going towards NP. This aroused curiosity and the people thought that the two events had a connection.

As the discussions go on the PRG violate the cease fire and attack Rocky Islands and the Comberth Petrochemical Complex on 28thApril. The Usean continent, still confused about what to do sends out a plea to the entire world for help as now it has lost a lot of its oil production after losing the Petrochemical Complex. The vulture squadron is again sent in to defeat the PRG forces at the Rocky Islands and Comberth but again they are too late but still manage to shoot down a few bombers. Pups is not satisfied with this encounter and she disobeys orders to halt fire and goes on to chase the bombers behind enemy lines. As all the bombers are shot down during the chase which ultimately leads the vultures to the NP main land they notice that the land below does not look anything like war battered ground which obviously is strange for a country taken over by violent rebel force. As the hurry back they are engaged with the Grimlock squadron and as the engagement continues Pups shoots down Grimlock-1 which disheartens the rest of the oppressors and they flee to the main land and the vultures flee back to safe soil as they are still under fire from ground AA units.

1stMay, Osea responds to the plea favorably and sends out 3 fleets from its eastern coast toward Erusia through the Anfang Sea. They stop at a naval base near the Lambert Mountains and stay there for some time. Then they get a radio broadcast relayed from Farbanti that a SOS signal had been detected coming from the Riass Space Centre. It had been hit by 13 unknown flying projectiles coming from the north bearing 025. This directly pointed towards NP mainland. The higher authorities at Farbanti told the surviving scientists at the RSC that they must be confused but at the same time they receive a call from Yuktobanian satellite operators in orbit that they had seen 13 projectiles flying at astonishing speeds at the edge of the atmosphere and going towards the RSC and all came from a small island 3 miles off the coast of the NP main land. This was very odd news as NP had always been the country with very little armaments, how is it possible for it to have a super weapon. Confused but concerned about the new threat, Osea officially joins forces with Usea and Erusia and from Goldenburg Airbase the allies decide to launch a B-2 Spirit bomber armed with cameras and a live telecast connection with Oured, Farbanti and the naval base in Usea where the Osean fleet had been stationed.

2ndMay, at sunset the stealth bomber is prepped and is launched from Goldenburg Airbase. Its mission is to fly across the line of control, into enemy territory and reach NP where it is to take a video and picture the super weapon. The vultures are also ordered to be on the ready in case the bomber cannot dodge the enemy radars and gets into trouble. As the B-2 flies to NP, continuously taking photographs all the way it reaches the island where the super weapon supposedly is. It yields nothing. Neither the pilots nor the camera captures anything that may look like a super weapon. All there is are cliffs and nothing else. On its way back the pilot makes the mistake of going below the cloud cover and gets spotted by a search light as in the first journey the soft noise of the jet engines had partially alerted the PRG forces. Instantaneously AA fire starts to flood the sky and life for the bomber pilots becomes a lot harder. They call in the vultures for support. Pups orders her squadron turn on the lights on board and scatter around with full after burners and keep launching decoy flares. As the ground forces keep persistent fire they get confused with the loud noise and multiple decoy trails and ultimately the bomber escapes unharmed but Vulture-3 goes missing in action after the ordeal. All planes except Vulture-3 land safely at Goldenburg Airbase and Pups along with her present squadron members are awarded the “Star of Valor” for their daring performances last night.

3rdMay, Farbanti receives a message on the radio from the PRG. It says “you will pay for your cowardly indulgence”. All stations are put to full alert, expecting another aerial raid but instead they receive code red alerts from the commissioners’ offices in Los Canas and Chopinburg and both the commissioners say that their cities are being bombed by cruise missiles but the cruise missiles don’t look anything like the conventional cruise missiles and travel a lot faster. The men in the allied HQ in Farbanti suspect that the cities have been bombarded by artillery shells but when they do the math, there is no artillery unit in the whole world which will be able to fire accurately from Waiapold Mountains (the PRG frontline) so the existence of a super weapon is confirmed but the location is yet to be confirmed. Just when things seem to be out of hand a friendly voice on the radio asks permission to land at Goldenburg Airbase. It is Vulture-3. He survives behind enemy lines but his F-15C is in bad shape. As soon as he lands he is taken to a hospital by an emergency crew who also recover all data from his crippled aircraft. Vulture-3, his name Jonathan Scott (Johnny) Riley tells his squadron leader that after he got lost in the night he just kept flying in a certain direction above cloud cover but soon got detected by radar facilities in the area and fighters from the PRG were after him in a blink of an eye. As he tried to escape from them he ended up in NP and he confirmed to them that in the dead of the night the B-2 sent for the reconnaissance mission did not spot the super weapon but at dawn he saw 18 massive barrel nozzles sticking out of the cliff which basically was the whole island where the scientists from RSC had pointed towards after their place had been reduced to ashes from the attack. He also tells them that the nozzles had “Ares” painted on them.

9thMay, using the information given by Johnny the Osean fleet stationed at the Erusian naval base advances towards NP. They are reinforced by another fleet belonging to the Erusia and several submarines belonging to San Salvacion. As they advance towards NP they notice more vessels approaching NP from the north. The allied fleet intercepts those cargo ships and halts them. Men are sent on board to investigate and to find out whose ships are they and which nation do they come from. Men onboard retaliate and open fire but obviously get defeated quickly by the naval sailors. After interrogations it turns out that those ships are also associated with the PRG but further more what they discover is that the nation of Wellow is behind this whole fiasco. The Usean nations all of them owed money to Wellow but could not return it on time due to difficult times. So Wellow sent its special ops to eliminate the leading personalities of NP, send in its own men as the new leaders so that they can take revenge on the Usean nations. This whole plan started in 2000, when the due date for paying back the debts to Wellow had past; June 2000. As all of this was continuing on the ships, one of the two ships which were intercepted sent a message to NP and told the people in charge there about the situation here. As the radio message was sent through broadcast, one of the Osean helicopters flying above catches it and alerts all others. The cargo ships are ordered to stay where they are while the navy prepares for an attack and not too long from that time enemy ships are spotted on the horizon. The ships engage in battle but the commanding officers on the aircraft carriers order the submarines to go sub surface and go to NP and sink any other enemy naval vessels stationed there. As the battle heats up, the cargo ships that are captured make a run for it towards NP. The Vultures are called in, to take out the ships loaded with ammunition if they do not halt after three warnings, sink them. The vultures fly through the gunfire and sink the ships as they do not respond to any warnings. Furthermore as they are there in the action they offer help to the navy, which the navy accepts without an ounce of hesitation as one of the allied destroyers had already started to sink. After the victory in the ocean, the Vultures fly back to San Salvacion and from there back to Goldenburg.

As the navy from the battle in the ocean slowly and steadily steam forward toward NP, the allied air and land divisions start an offensive campaign to liberate the annexed Usean ground. From 12th to 18thmay, every day the Vulture squadron along with other allied squadrons to bombard the enemy forces before the ground forces enter the scene and also to defend paratroops and army regiments. Finally after seven days of fighting the PRG forces are pushed back to Petrol Coast. Just when victory seems within reach the PRG retaliate with the Ares Artillery System and destroy all the allied ground forces at Petrol Coast. Then the guns are pointed towards the naval fleet which by now within a few miles from NP. The allies make one final call for battle, and they name the operation “Extermination”.

21stMay, all the allied air force, army and navy advance towards NP. Within a few hours the main land is taken by the amphibious forces now all that remains is the island where the Ares Artillery System resides. As a last chance of defiance the guns start to fire and the Grimlock squadron appears. The guns engage the navy and the Grimlock squadron engages the air force. Slowly the entire allied air force is annihilated and only the Vultures remain. On the other hand the navy puts up a fight but ultimately is the side that is going to lose. Two vultures get shot down and killed and when all hope seems to be lost, Pups notices something in the distant sky, the sunlight gets reflected off of a metal surface and catches her eye. When this happens the new Grimlock-1 engages her. The unknown aircraft from that distance fires a missile that comes straight towards Pups but she banks to the right well before time, but the missile doesn’t follow her, instead it keeps going straight and hits Grimlock-1. As the unknown bogy comes closer it becomes clear that it is an F-15C, full silver in color but with a red right wing and on the radio a voice which is familiar to all says “I can’t just let my student die now can I…..”. It is Solo Wing Pixy, Pups’ master. He then turns towards the guns and unloads his entire payload onto the cliff but this doesn’t affect the guns too much and they continue firing towards the navy. Pixy then tell the naval vessels to collapse the rocky cliff that shields the guns so the remaining air force can take the guns out. The navy cooperates and the battle ships fire all of their mark type guns, the carrier launches all of its remaining aircraft and they unload on the cliff side. Big pieces of rock fall into the sea and slightly expose the guns’ inside. By this time the Vulture squadron has been joined by another air craft. Unknown to all except Pixy. He flies his plane over to this unknown air craft and says on the radio “So you are still alive huh. Did you miss me…..buddy.” The legendary duo is back together again. A wave of joy spreads through the navy and despite the fact they have lost 85% of their force they continue firing with all vigor. The Vultures and the Galm team unite and fire at the cliff’s base. This also breaks some rock off. The battle ships consume all their ammunition but the Ares guns keep firing. Pixy and Cipher both aim inside the cavity where the guns are and take out one turret. Just then the submarines which had arrived earlier on and still were there, one of them fires two high explosive torpedoes underwater at the base of the cliff underwater. This does the trick but finishes the episode all together. The entire cliff collapses into the water, along with the Ares. The war is finally over.

Seeing its plan for revenge fail, Wellow peacefully surrenders and all hostilities are stopped.

I hoped you liked my story. With regards: