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Fall of an Empire: The Game[]

Plot and Initial Story Line:[]

The game is based in a fictional late 2010s world, where the United States of America under the Trump administration has left a divided and angry America as well as having deteriorated relations with many foreign nation. It all starts with a military mutiny, led by Maj. General Crowe, and take-over after the entire administration is killed by a cruise missile strike on the White House and Capitol Hill. He takes to power and tries to control the situation, but it seems he has dug his own grave, and for thousands more who'll follow him into the darkness.


This is a work of fiction. This is an alternate timeline purely conjured from my imagination, and all events are purely fictional and not intended to predict or create any occurrences of similarities which may take place in the years to come.

Fall of an Empire[]

A Flickering Flame[]

4th November, 2018;[]

Nearly three years after the election of President Donald J. Trump, the United States of America was a much divided country with increasing civil unrest and littered with nationwide protests and a strong economy which favored only the rich. It was on this day a military mutiny would tip the boiling pot and spill all its scalding contents and burn all those that get in its way. A US Navy destroyer in the Chesapeake Bay launched several Tomahawks at Capitol Hill, the Federal Reserve and the White House, effectively killing all members of administration and government and leaving the US dollar useless. A very carefully orchestrated military takeover, commanded by Major General Crowe ensued all across the country with the exception of the State of Hawaii. Crowe declared himself Chief of Armed Forces and control of all administrative activities was taken over by military personnel, all high ranking generals and other personnel were arrested. The people, in many states violently opposed this military rule and the pockets of resistance, mainly in the south, Appalachia and the Midwest had to be neutralized. In some cases the fighting between armed civilian militias and the army went on for two weeks, but eventually they surrendered due to being unable to push back the well trained and equipped United States Army. The total casualties of these fights came up to nearly 10 000, of which nearly 3000 were dead. The Armed forces lost an estimated 300 soldiers.

3rd December, 2018;[]

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With a weak currency, frail economy, and rapidly crumbling infrastructure, Crowe was struggling as leader as secessionist movements gained popularity throughout the country. This civil-administrative discord was used by the Anarchists groups to further their agenda and they fed into the unrest. Eventually, privately owned entities such as news papers and social media repeatedly held polls, regarding the thoughts and feeling of the population, which were then used as backing data for petitions demanding elections and a new government system. The overwhelming majority of the country wanted nothing to do with Washington anymore. Crowe rejected the results, stating that all consenting adults were not active on social media to consider the sentiment as valid. After receiving such bogus reasoning, it became clear to people that they have nothing more to look forward to from Washington. In an attempt to show his military solidarity and strength, Crowe activated the reserve branch of the military and ceased all foreign military operation, ordering all personnel and hardware return home.