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Ace Combat: Insurgent Skies is a upcoming Ace Combat fan fiction novel by InsurgentAces Creatives. Originally conceived in 2010 as Task Force ATLAS, the story is still in the production stage by the creatives team and is set to be released by chapter on Wattpad.

Ace Combat: Insurgent Skies
Genre Flight, Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Warfare
Production Company InsurgentAces Creatives
Based On Ace Combat video game series by Bandai Namco Games, Inc.
Creative Team: 
  • Richard S. Hill (Managing Editor)
  • Taufik A. Prananto (Head Writer)
  • Jai Hartmann (Senior Writer)
  • Ralph Sheppard (Senior Writer)
  • Finn Stephenson (Senior Writer)
  • Kaaru Matsui (Senior Writer)
  • Ignat Pavelovich (Senior Writer) 

Development Process[]

The Insurgent Skies development team has undergone several changes and incarnations in its leadership and content. The final production plan finally took shape in May 2015 with Managing Editor Richard S. Hill's team, InsurgentAces Creatives.


The plot centers in the year 2016 in a heavily modified Strangereal where the Global War on Terrorism, happens between the International Joint Security Forces (IJSF), a worldwide coalition formed to defend the world from the throes of terrorism, and Pax Aeterna (initially Dominatus), a holdover religious sect-turned-world domination organization keen on unifying peoples and erasing the concept of multinationalism. The story is said to be told in the perspective of the 303 Tactical Fighter Squadron "Sky Knights" and the 317 Tactical Fighter Squadron "Warbirds".