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Intro (in typewriter form)[]

03 JANUARY 2011

1104 HRS





The battle[]

On Ground[]

Le Chariot Base, 1104 hrs, Airstrip control

Tower commander: All right newbies! You ain't in the girl scouts now! Welcome to Erusea, where all the action in the world is-now, anyways! Do not make the mistake of walking around in broad daylight!

Controller trainees: (All lined up) Yes, sir!

Tower commander: Your action starts Thursday! You need to learn your stations first! Dismissed until further notice!

Controller trainees: Sir, yes sir! (Salute, then file out of the room)

Tower commander: They look trained. (Sits down on a chair) Don't they, Plumer?

Major Plumer: (with furrowed brows) Foxtrot Alpha controllers, passcode Tango Whiskey, over...... (looks up from display) yes, sir.

Tower commander: All right, I see you're busy. Got to go talk to Parkinson. (Leaves)

Major Plumer: Right, sir......(looks at screen, then runway), Fundy!

Captain Fundy: Yo! (Looks up from display)

Major Plumer: What's the frequency for that Orion?

Captain Fundy: I don't, uh......119.925MHz, maybe?

Major Plumer (changes to radio frequency, squints, then relaxes): Aircraft tail number N1446G, Say callsign, over.

Puff Adder (over radio): Le Chariot, this is Puff Adder.

Major Plumer: Puff Adder, taxi to runway 02, inform tower when ready.

Puff Adder (over radio): Puff Adder on runway requesting take off.

Major Plumer: Puff Adder, take off, climb to 23,000, bearing 315, then launch Navajos One and Two.

Puff Adder (over radio): Roger.

Getting there[]


Navajo radio: Navajos one and two, taxi to runway 02, take off and climb to 18,000, turn right bearing 315. Cleared for takeoff.

Navajo one RTO: Roger. Ok, bro, taxi and--

Navajo one pilot: I heard. Give the holler.

Navajo one RTO: Navajo one, taking off. (Plane launches off of runway 02)

Navajo two pilot: We're on the runway, give the holler.

Navajo two RTO: Navajo two, taking off. (Plane launches) Rotation--agghhh, not so hard, not so hard!

Navajo two pilot (laughs): How much time did you spend in training?

Navajo one pilot: Tell them to shut up. We're crossing into occupied airspace.

Navajo one RTO: Navajo two, stop being a wimp.

Air Asset: Change to 116.479MHz.

Navajo one RTO: Right.

Navajo two RTO: Ok.

Air asset: All squadrons, perform check in.

Navajo one RTO: What are we doing?

Navajo one Pilot: Army's at it again. They left Fort Akers, got ambushed near (CENSOR) and we got to get help to them.

Navajo two RTO: Checking in.

Navajo one RTO: Navajo squadron checking in.

Pine squadron lead (over radio): Pine squadron, on point.

Light knights lead (over radio): Light knights, checking in. (Flies away from squadron)

Fast eagles lead (over radio): Fast eagles, checking in. (Follows Light Knights)

Air asset: Contact detected. Range, 12 mi. Altitude...uhhh...13--no, 14 angels. Relative position--

Light knight 3 (over radio): Radar contact, 8 o'clock high!

Light knights lead (over radio): That's where we come in. Puff Adder, permission to peel off to intercept...three F-117 Nighthawks.

Air asset: Roger. All aircraft, battle zone is 7 miles, in 1 o'clock position.

Light knight 4 (over radio): Light knight four, checking left.

Light knight 3 (over radio): Checking left.

Light knight 2 (over radio): Godspeed, guys!

Light knight lead (over radio): Peeling off.

Air asset: All aircraft switch to your squad frequencies. Be advised, ground units are on 119.025 MHz for Gulf company, 121.369 MHz for Delta, and 118.521 for November.

At the Battle Zone[]

Navajo one Pilot: All right. Get us on the channel for November for a sitrep.

Navajo two RTO: (Tunes radio) I'm listening. Listen to this, buddy!

Navajo one RTO: (tunes radio) This is Navajo squadron, we have entered the battle zone. November company, please give us a sitrep.

November company RTO (over radio, yelling): This is November company! We are--watch your head! We have met up with regulars! Base of the hill, should we pop smoke? Sir? Ok, popping smoke! Bring the rain! 

Navajo one pilot: Tell two we're going down.

Navajo one RTO: Going down now.

Navajo two Pilot: Don't lose your lunch again, going down. (Rolls aircraft over halfway, uses rudder pedal to keep nose on the horizon)

Navajo two RTO: Oh, now we're upside down! My head is heavy and I'm struggling to stay in my seat, but I love my job!

Navajo one Pilot: Amen, brother! Smoke! Relative position, 10 o'clock high. (Plane is now rolled to upright position) Now ten o'clock low. Running out of altitude here. Arm the Mark 80's.

Navajo one RTO: Mark 80's going hot.

Navajo two RTO: Same here. Time on target, twenty seconds.

November company RTO (over radio): Move! Arguello, Kuhns, let's go! Run--duck! Keep going, to fallback Alpha!

Navajo one Pilot: Weapons release.

Navajo two Pilot: I love my job, too!


November company (over radio): Thanks Navajo. Mikel, foxholes, nine o'clock high, two o'clock. Keep your head down. Time to worm your way into the textbooks! Navajo, flow to assist Gulf Company!

Navajo one RTO: Sorry, please repeat.

November company RTO (over radio): Gulf Company has all the comms equipment and--oh shoot! Over there! The comms and the tanks and some artillery! I heard they were pinned down by snipers and machine gun nests!

Navajo one RTO: Seems they're busy. Let me switch to Gulf company. (Tunes)

Navajo two RTO: 119.025 MHz...(tunes)...Gulf company, this is Navajo squadron. We are on point. Give us a sitrep, over.

Gulf company RTO (over radio): Sir, some squadron's here! ...... Yes?

Navajo one RTO: This is the 58th fighter-bomber squadron, we're on point.

Gulf company commander (over radio): God yes! All right! Artillery positions! Machine gun nests! Snipers! All at the base of the hill! Popping smoke! Run you maggots! They're bombing the hill!

Navajo one RTO: Arming Mark 80's. Last bomb.

Navajo two RTO: All right. Armed.

Navajo one pilot: Diving. Time on target, 30 seconds.

Navajo one RTO: Time on target 25 seconds.

Navajo two pilot: I'm on target. Weapons release.

Navajo two RTO: Weapons release.

Navajo one RTO: Weapons release.

Pine lead (over radio): Navajos, come in. There's a tank trail on the other side of the hill.

Navajo one RTO: Flowing to support you. Let's go, two. (Turns to North) Had fun with the F-117's?

Pine lead: No, two of my boys are down.

Navajo two RTO: Arming Air to ground.

Navajo one RTO: Armed. Pine sqadron, we have arrived. Missile lock.

Pine lead (over radio): Shoot. Ahh, be advised, I'm going to help with Gulf.

Navajo one and two RTO: Weapons release.

Navajo two pilot: (Incessant alarm chiming in cockpit) Uh oh. SAM on my tail! Evading!

Navajo two RTO: Evade...dang it, Dombal! Hard right, kick this mule! Fla--


Navajo one RTO: Navajo two. (Shouting) Navajo two?! Dombal! Jacobson!

Navajo one Pilot: Calm down Stevens. I saw a chute. They'll land behind the hill. Let's just continue. They'll survive; I know it.

Navajo one RTO: R-Right, right. (Relaxes a bit) Pine lead, do you have a sitrep on the ground forces?

Pine lead (over radio): Your buddies are fine. I saw them land near that rock. They look ok. But, on the ground forces, they are in need of help. I think we have to go for fuel and weapons.

Navajo one RTO: But--never mind. They can walk to Gulf Company's position, right? Puff Adder, Navajo one. Navajo two is down, good chute. What about us and Pine squad?

Oreo Air Asset: You are ok to go home.


The battle was won by the Wielvakian Army. Airborne support helicopters came later to aid Delta, Gulf, and November companies. Casualties were at a total of 3,000 for Wielvakian and Erusean armies combined.

The crew of Navajo Two ejected from their aircraft The Gulf and Delta companies sent scouts over the hill, but found only a trail of destroyed tanks. Navajo Two was reported as MIA. A small search was carried out, to no avail. The companies later established this valley as a frontline against Erusean frontline Le Liberte. Supply helicopters began service to this frontline. Twenty-one hours after the battle, a supply helicopter inbound for Gulf company spotted two men walking in the forest. They were picked up and they gave their names as Dombal and Jacobson. They were examined and found to be in normal health. They were grounded for debriefing and never flew in the war again. It ended a month later without major need for air support.