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This fanon is based in a new era, in the year 2050. The new era of world war and the space war.

This is a fanon for this community, open for everyone

1st- 21st April, 2050 - World Conference[]

This is the conference to prevent a new war.

Regia Clavis - (the pearson that take care of Clavis intenction) Giacomo Rossi. Romny - Franco Stier

Osea - Francis Smith

(the last 3 states in this era)

Giacomo Rossi:Wellcome to the 1st World Conference. Now, we are here for the imminent risk of a new war between states and PMC.

Francis Smith:Now, the troubles began when some General Resource aircraft cross the borders of Osea, that was with permission. But Neucom aircraft going to intercept those aircraft without authorization.

Neucom:Bacause those aircrafts were a great risk for our military, territory and economical interest.

Upeo:After the intrusion without authorization in the Osean territories, 1 of 4 R-101B was shot down by the Osean Automatical SAM defensive network.

General Resource:I think that Neucom have to pay 100,000$ for the intrusion on the Osean territories and 300,000$ for the use of military means without permission.

Neucom:No! Osea have to pay 2,560,000$ for the R-101B shoot down.

Francis Smith:We will not pay!

Neucom:Ok, we will create an alliance and we will destroy all of you!