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Type World War

Combatants Allied Coalition-Osean allies

Dates 2037-2038

Outcomes Allied Victory- Osea dimilitarized


The year is 2037, 10 years before the war, September 9. In Yuktobania an extreme Anti-Communist Coup rised with the only objective of defeating the government, the coup seized hundred's of Aircraft and used them to bomb the Yuktobanian Artillery, after 2 months of street Fightning, the rebels defeating the Yuke Government, the Union disbanded into several new nations, beetweem them Romny. In Anea, Estovakia was taken by a Capitalist government due to Osean intervention. Belka, Erusea and Leasath form a new alliance, they directed an expedition to an Island Chian, West of Wellow to Take over their natural resources to build another time their Armies. Meanwhile in Verusa, Osea and North Point wanted to estalish governments in the old Yuktobanian Republics, Belka and the other Fascist republics began to reconstruct their armies, causing a cold war between Fascism and Capitalism. Osea wanted to interfere in the old Yuketobanian Nations, but their efforts failed, however Osea gained a new Allie, Estovakia. Wellow sold their Southern territories to Belka, Belka began to expand its borders and began taking over Wellow's natural resources, meanwhile in the Osean Continent, Ustio decided to sold land to Sapon and Belka because of the last war economic crisis, Osea began suffering an economic crisis and was forced to sell land to Ustio. Meanwhile in the Southern Hemisphere, a 5th Category Hurrican devastated the Aurelian Peninsula, especially Aurelia's capital, Grisswall, the hurricane devastated the city except for the new town (part of the City protected by the Atmos Ring), the outer part of the city was devastated, due to people disatisfaction, a Coup d'tat started in Aurelia protesting for protection for the Hurricane, Leasath defended the protest and annexated great part of Aurelia's Northern lands, recovering faster than thought, the fascist band gain prosperuty around the globe. The FCU established relationships with the Osean Federation, meanwhile Emmeria discovered a new inestable Mineral which was discovered to emit more radiation than Uranium or Plutonium V2 warhead , Emmeria began the developement of a new SuperWeapon using that mineral, that caused an Alert on Osea because of the fear of a new Nuclear War, so Osea decided to take over the Mineral from Emmerian Hands, Ustio Oppossed Osea for taking the Emmerian Mineral, Ustio cut off relations with Osea, staking even more the Osean economy, Recta began expanding their Militar Fire power due to Belka's global prosperity, Belka with the Yuktobanian Union disbandment amd the Osean Recesion, began gaining Importance in the world again, being now the 2nd economy just down of the FCU, Osea in the desesperatiom attacked Ustio, but Ustio was defended by The FCU, the FCU and Ustio declared war on Osea, meanwhile the Fascist republics Embassy's suffered a Capitalist-Terrorist attack in the old Yuktobanian Territory, chaos began to expand over Verusa triggering another wordl war, Emmeria rapidly defended the Old Yuktobanian Nations from the Osean army, Estovakia Declared war on Emmeria. Belka and Erusea see this as an opportunity and began invading Wellow to take over their natural resources. Estovakia bombed Gracemmeria, Ustio and the FCU allied with Emmeria to Fight Osea,and Together performed an Attack in the Osean Novermber City, Leasath annexed more of Aurelia's territory because of the Hurricane , meanwhile Emmeria bomb Naval forces at Bana City, the FCU cut relations with Osea. The Belkan and Erusan Armies began advancing to Wellow's northern territories, however they presented Osean rescistance, the Osean army was defeated and forced to retreat to Southern Wellow, in Centrum, Ratio's capital, the Eastern countries leaders reunite and signed the alliance with Ustio, The FCU and Emmeria, Romny and the other independent nations refused the Osean intervention and allied with Emmeria. Ustio attacked the St.Hewlett port in Osea and achive in sunking 4 Osean stealth destroyers. The Northern Leasath Neighboors countries form an alliance knowm as the "Southern Union" to prevent that the conflict arrive to their territories. Meanwhile Osea began the construction of a giant SDBM railgun in Antarctia, on December 11th 2037, the Railgun was finished and was used to attack Directus, Belka in mid attack,attack various Osean Bases, including Heirelak AFB, after that, Belka began an strategic bombing mission. "operation Clockwise" on Basset Space Center. Leasath sent the 501 and 212 Soldier legion's known as the "Blue Division" to fight on Belka's favor, Aurelia tried to recover the land it Lost with Leasath, but their ground forces were bombed by Belkan Squadron "Romnel". The Aurelian Atmos Ring was taken down by Leasathian Artillery, letting the New Town Defendless, Leasath used a new strategy which conscisted in Sourrounding the Aureliam Peninsula with their naval force and began an invasion from both sides, at least 2 Kinnear Class Carrier were used in the invasion, When Aurelia was almost finished, it surrender peacefully, however Leasath did not invade all of their land. Emmeria hired mercenaries to bolster there forces and counterattack Estovakia and Osea. Between those mercenaries was Auran 1, an extreme pilot who was born in Romny in 2005 , leader of the Auran team which demostrated to be the best squadron in the alliance, His Wingmans were from North Point and Belka. Auran gain fame for shooting down the Fani and Warbird Osean Squadrons and the Estovakian Norft team. The Southern union began expanding their military power because they were surrounded by Osea and Leasath, as Osea see pretty good industries in the Union, Osea sent troops to their Southern Border to began the invation on the Southern Union, the Union signed a non-agression pact with Leasath for a possible Osean invation. Meanwhile Emmeria began testing its new SuperWeapom in Space, because if they test it on the ground they'll kill people, they also did it to eliminate spy satellites, Emmeria alsl began the construction of the TK-5 SkyHeart aerial fortress, it didnt pass much before Osea began the construction of the DR-2000 BlackBird and Estovakia od the N-064 Storm, meanwhile in December 25th, a great Communist Coup formed by The Yuktobanian old Leaders in Romny. The Southern Union Bought weaponry to the FCU to defend from the Osean invasion, in the moment Osea received the notice and Decided to declare war on the Southern Union, Osea destroyed 7 C-17's of the FCU that were heading towards the Southern Union, inteligence noticed that the 7 C-17's were shot down by the Osean SDBM railgun stationed in Antarctia, operation Demonical Fire was carried out, the operation was carried out by the Leasath, The Southern Union and the Allies, they sent multiple squadrons to destroy the Railgun, betweem them the Auran team, Auran 1 flew in his F-14D, it destroyed the AA artillery and the suppot Jammers, Auran 1 also destroyed the Estovakian Norft Team, and after a long battle and nonstopping SDBM firing, Auran 1 destroyed the Railgun, it exploded causing the destruction of the island the railgun was located. The railgun was succesfully destroyed on December 31 of 2037. Osea in retaliation decided it was time to invade the Southern Union, but they dont even advanced 2km due to the unstoppable firing of the BM-21 Katyushas.


Emmeria bombed Estovakia's Southern Cost with Destroyers, for the first time, facsist republics allied with democratic republics, the Belkan air force performed an operation which conscisted in bombing the OMDF in the Oured Bay, Groud Forces in Oured, Suddenly Fani Squadron appeared flying F-22's, however it was shoot down by the Belkan Romnel Squadron with help of Auran Team. Osea form an alliance with the Verusan Communist- Terrorists to destroy the King's castle in Gracemmeria to lower the Emmerian Morale, but they failed because Auran 1 destroyed their Vehicle in January 8th, 2038. 1 week later the Terrorist's tried to stole the Emmerian Superweapon Bluprints and use the weapon against the FCU, however this time the mission ended in Success, they stole the weapon against the FCU, they killed thousands of people but they didnt accomplished their Objective : Taking the FCU out of Battle. In Estovakia's Southern coast, Emmeria used it as a distraction to land over Estovakia's northern lands and take them from behind, however several solider units died in the landing due to the Cruel Winter. Meanwhile, Osea's eastern lands were constantly bombed by Belkan B-2's and Belkam artillery, Leasath wanted to give cover to the Southern Union units with bombers of their fleet, however Osean spy satellites could prevent the Osean Army and did sunk: 23 destroyers, 2 fregates, 3 cruisers and 1 Kinnear- Class AieCraft Carrier of the Leasathian Navy. On January 21th of 2038, the Verusan terrorists planned to use another Emmerian weapon, but known in Belka, however the operation failed, Auran 1 destroyed the missile Silo located in the Pobeda Peninsula. On February the 1st of 2038, the Estovakian and Osean airforces sent the N-064 Storm AerialFortress to an estrategic bombing mission in Dinsmark, Auran intercepted the Aerial Fortress over the Crescend Islands in North Belka, Auran strike the Storm from its AA artillery and from its TLS defense systems, when the Storm's engines were dowm, Auram fire to the cockpit and make the Storm Crash into the Ocean, just after it, Osea used a military Laser Satellite to kill Auran, Auran doged the laser attacks and Arrive inti Belka were they landed in an airfield in Anfang. One day later the Belkan Romnel Squadron was dispatched to intercept the Satellite which was falling over the Schayne Plains, an AWACS was also sent to battle, in the battle, the Satellite fire the Laser killing the AWACS, Romnel fire at the outer Core of the Satellite and destroyed the laser port, after it Romnel fire their Machine Gun and destroyed the core, The Satellite Exploded in mid-air with an Electromagnetic Explosion which caused that all of the Allied- Fascist military forces get out of service in a 500km radius, provocating the Osean counterattack. Osea launched the Warbird team to destroy the Airbase were Auran 1 was stationed in anfang, afortunately Auran take-off and engaged Warbird over Anfang, the Warbird Member were flying CFA-44's, but Auran 1 managed to shoot them down, most of Warbird members were killed in action. On March 12, An Estovakian submarine fleet began launching SLBM's to the allies, the same day North Point enter an alliance with Osea and Estovakia. Estovakia and North Point performed a bombing mission on Delarus, Ugellas and Amber. The FCU launched on May 15 various C-17's with soldier to perform a parachute jump over the Southern Mountains of North Point, Erusea began launching ICBM's to Estovakian faciliies to reduce their military power. Leasath and the Southern Union began a landing at the outskirts of November City in Osea to began a sorrounding, November Surrendered peacefully, one day later ur was destroyed by the Leasathian army. The Nordlands enter a Non-agression pact with Osea, The Eastern countries were in red alert because of a possible Osean invation, the eastern countries enter an alliance eith The Allies and the fascist republics. Belka and Erusea could not advance more in Wellow, they began a retreat with all pf their Natural Resources, Wellow allied with Osea the next day. On March 25, Emmeria was finishing its new weapon and decided to test it in the Sea, Osea heared the test via sonar, Meanwhile in Estovakia, weaponry was going out , they were running out of weapons to figjt the allied coallition, Estovakia losed communications with Osea due to the Emmerian invasion and the Erusean ICBM attack. Osea began constructing vessels for their fleet and new Spy Sattelites. An Emmerian formation of 17 C-130's was destroyed by an SLBM from the Razgriz Straits, Rhe allies quickly launched an operation to destroy the fleet, they sent 3 B-1B's, 3 B-2's, 7 A-10's, 5 Su-30's and Auran 1 along with 12 AH-64's with both 212 and 501 Leasathian legions , The Helicopters strike the Subs from its main weaponry, the bombers of surfacing them, the A-10's to destroy them and the Su-30's with Auran 1 to provide air support. When the fleet was destroyed and the forces retreated, Auran 1 patrolled the area and air-refueled when suddenly the KC-135 was destroyed by a missile, it was the Norft team. Auran 1 engaged Norft with their F-22's, After a long battle, one by one, Auran 1 managed to shoot all of them down. On March 27, the allies began an invasion on South Osea,bon their way they captured the Osean Prime Minister of defense and wamted to interrogate it, Osean helicopters wanted to rescue the Prime Minister but they were destroyed by Auran 1. On April 3, the FCU installed radars over the Usean northern sea, the radars discovered a formation of 7 Osean C-17's heading for North Point, and dispatched Romnel to destroy them, when all of the transports were destroyed, the DR-2000 Blackbird appeared and launched an SWBM, forcing Romnel to retreat, 2 days later, over the Spring Ocean, The allies sent Auran 1 , some F-18 Fighters and 2 C-130's to sabotage the Blackbird, Auran 1 and the fighters destroyed its AA artillery and let it defendless, the C-130's deployed soldiers into the aereal fortess, the soldiers killed the crew and destroyed its core, they discovered a Prototype of the Emmerian weapon onboard it and soonly escpaped the Fortress, the Soldiers performed a parachute jump to the FCU's carrier below them, the C-130's,Auran 1 and the rest of fighters escaped the zone, the Blackbird exploded into masive explosion.

Osea and Estovakia were running out of weaponry to fight, they decided to perform the 227 order which conscisted in: "everyone bigger than 15 years old may enter the army OBLIGATPRY" and not retreating to the enemy and keep up fightning. Meanwhile a FCU's naval fleet was heading North Point to began an invasion on their Southern coasts, North Point established a Relationship with the Verusan terrorists, which succesfully intercepted the fleet's location and sold the information to North Point, soonly they began planning a way to counterattack the fleet and destroying it. The Terrorists and North Point tried to sink the FCU's fleet, they launched 10 B-52's and The Fani Team as escorts, Auran take-off and engaged Fani, When Fani was down several B-52's units arrived, they were to much and if Auran engaged them, he's plane was going to be heavily damaged, so The FCU's last hope was to lauch the Emmerian weapon prototype to the sky and destroy the B-52's the mission ended in succes and the attack was denied, the FCU began advancing to North Point's southern coast and began the invation, the Hostage Belka captured on Osea revealed the names of the Terrorist leaders, between them: the developer of the Emmerian Superweapon.

final stages[]

The Emmerian an Erusean armies take all over Estovakia's land including its capital, the Estovakian mandatary was presummed to be executed by Erusean forces. On June 3, Estovakia was entirely captured by Emmeria and North Point by the FCU forcing them to surrender, the Verusan terrorist Organization was disbanded, the allied advance on Osea was unstoppable, Osea was 70% captured, Osea in an attempt of desesperation launched the Emmerian weapon codename "AD-214" to November to stop the coalition. The Allies launched one final offensive, they sent 3 carriers with multiple vessels to the Oured bay and the Auran and Romnel squadron's with some C-5's to drop ABN tanks over Oured, the Fani, Norft and Warbird squadrons appeared, Romnel and Auran engaged them and shoot them down, the ABN tank were alredy on the city, Osea launched another AD-214 over Oured, the missile was intercepted by Auran and safely exploded in th Atmosphere, Oured was captured and the war end.


Osea was divided into 3 sides, the Popular Democratic Republic of Osea (Fascist occupation) , Osean Federation (non-occupied zone) and the Republic of Osea (Allied territory). Also, Belka's ascend to be the First Superpower in all ways was done. Belka could finnaly revenge, Also Belka take over the Great Lakes region and over North Osea and the Northern islands.