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The Belkan Confrontation was a major conflict fought between the Principality of Belka (North Belka) and the newly-formed Republic of South Belka.

Prelude to war

On October 12 2011, the Osean Federation held a referendum regarding the status of South Belka. Voting was held in all major cities in South Belka, with 70 percent supporting independence, 20 percent supporting union with Osea, and 10 percent supporting union with North Belka. As a result, on October 20, North Osea was granted independence and became the Republic of South Belka.

However, the peace was short-lived. In 2013, the Crescence Dispute began between North Belka and South Belka. From then onwards, relations took a turn for the worse, until conflict was inevitable. On January 24, North Belka officially declared war on South Belka, and the Belkan Confrontation began.


Erich Hillenberand

Erich: “I remembered the day of the declaration of war, the television news, the newspapers and the radios talk about it all the time.”

Genette: “And why did you return to the battlefield?”

Erich: “There's a reason I'm called the 'Man who Lived for Battle'. I used to work as a pilot instructor at Jackson Hill Airport, which was then converted to an air force base.”

Genette: “How did it all began?”

Erich: “The South Belkan Air Force were searching for veteran pilots, so... I joined the nuggets and my old friends. It's been quite a while since I last flew my F-14...”

Genette: “And when did you take off again as Schnee 1?”

Erich: “It all started on the 26th January, a cold and snowy day in winter...”

Mission 1 (The Opening Game)

(A man enters the briefing room, he is the base commander.)

Listen up, we have a critical situation in our hands!

(Proceeds to turn on the projector, showing some satellite images.)

Our radar network has detected a large bomber flight heading for Sudentor. Apparently, they intend to attack the city to cripple our military and economic strength, as well as paving the way for an invasion of our capital, Lumen. We must not let them through. Your mission is to destroy these bombers, their invasion must be stopped. Dismissed.

*at Jackson Hill AFB*

Tower: <<Schnee Team, you are cleared for take off!>>

*Two F-14D's take off from the runway, heading towards the Waldreich Mountains*

Roald: <<Hey Erich, good to be flying with you again, it's been a while since we've flown as 'Schnee Squadron'!>>

Erich: <<Yeah, too bad Harwig now works for the Osean Ministry of Technology, I missed having a jammer in our squadron.>>

AWACS: <<This is AWACS Maelstrom, I'll be assisting you throughout your operations. From now on, I'll refer to you as Schnee 1 and Schnee 2. By the way, good to have 'Schnee Squadron' flying again!>>

AWACS: <<Sorry, I'll have to cut introductions short. Bearing 030, North Belkan bombers approaching. Schnee Team, you are cleared to engage!>>

Erich (Schnee 1): <<Let's take 'em down, Schnee 2!>>

Roald (Schnee 2): <<Roger!>>