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"The fires of vengeance scorch the skies, and the Razgriz is slain, the Knight sheathes his sword"

Ace Combat: The Belkan Knights is a story that takes place in the Strangereal universe. Written by user Goredon The Destroyer on, it concerns the pilots of the Belkan Air Force, 7th Air Division, 22nd Tactical Fighter Squadron "Knight" as they combat an Osean invasion against Ustio, Belka and Sapin.

The story serves as a "What If" scenario, taking the place of the real-world Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. Along with this, it serves as a sequel of sorts to Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, with the main characters being accused of treason, and eventually redeeming themselves.

In it, three Belkan pilots, Lt. Commander Eugene "Gene" Weaver, Captain Carlos Ortega and Major Keenan Lotheric quickly rise to fame in the first months of the resident conflict, the Osean Continental War. During this war, which spans five years between 2024 and 2029, the trio quickly become famous aces, even outclassing pilots such as Mobius 1. Along the way, they are constantly stalked by a rouge Leasathian squadron known only as Vigilante Squadron.


The story begins with a flashback to an airshow in an unspecified part of Aurelia. The protagonist, Keenan Lotheric, reflects on standing before an Su-37 Terminator painted in the color scheme of the Erusian ace Yellow 13. It then transitions to Keenan witnessing the awesome might of Leasath's Gleipnir Airborne Fortress. The scene is then set, with Keenan witnessing two Aurelian F-16's being obliterated by the flying Goliath. Once more, it transitions, this time to a later stage in Keenan's life, after witnessing the stabbing of his younger brother Mitchell by a Belkan Ultranationalist. He assures his mother that he will be safe after joining the Belkan Air Force, despite his mother's warnings.

The story begins proper with a brief introduction to Valais Air Base. We are introduced to the second main character, Eugene Weaver. The optimistic, if easily aggravated flight lead of the 7th Air Division, 22nd Reserve Fighter Squadron, Eugene serves as a foil of sorts to Keenan, who is largely melancholic about his service. One of the traditions amongst the Knights is to give the aircraft they have been assigned (MiG-21s for the "nuggets", F-4E Phantom II's for the more experienced pilots) unique nose art.