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Ace Combat: The Broken Skies


Modified Assault Horizon Engine


Project Aces, Bandai Namco


Bandai Namco, Nintendo, The Pokémon Company

Release Date(s)

Australia: 25th September 2016

Americas & Asia: 29th September 2016

Rest of The World: 1st October 2016



Ace Combat: The Broken Skies (otherwise known as Ace Combat: Fallen Skies in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China) was a spin-off game exclusively for the Nintendo's Wii-U. It was revealed at E3 2016 and was released in 25th September 2016 for Australia, later for North America, South America, and Japan on the 29th. The rest of the world have the game on the 1st October 2016.


The gameplay mechanics were similar to the previous Ace Combat entries. Even better, Bandai Namco and Project Aces decided to bring more mechanics from previous Ace Combat entries (excluding the Assault Horizon's Close Quarter Combat). One Notable Feature returning is wingman interaction from Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, Zero: The Belkan War, and 6: Fires of Liberation.

Nintendo, Bandai Namco, and Project Aces also added in a newer feature that displays the minimap from the TV over to the Wii-U's Gamepad (which optional).

The game features more aircraft then Ace Combat Infinity, adding in a total of 71 playable aircraft (excluding Special Aircraft from Ace Combat Infinity), including: F-111C Pig, X-44 MANTA, F-105 Thunderchief, F-104 Starfighter, and CAC Sabre.



In 1991, the State Committee on the State of Emergency attempted a Coup that failed due to the Soviet Union being resolving. Upon the last day, around nearly all of the members evacuated the ill-fated Soviet Union, except Gennady Yanayev that he decided to committed suicide due to the Coup failed to keep the Soviet Union from dissolving.

In 1972, years before the GKChP's attempted coup, Mackay (Sugar Capital of Australia) have experience a massive tech revolution, that the city was expanded. In 1980's, with the threat of Tropical Cyclones' Storm Surges and Extended Flooding, Artificial Islands were created near the city, to stop the Cyclones' Storm Surges. Some time after the failed coup in the Soviet Union, Mackay have experience an Tourist and Business Boom that Skyscrapers were created to keep the Population stable and housing to a minimum.

In 2014, an uprising revolt have occurred in Western Australia caused by the members of the Red Men (former State Committee members, including all of KGB, 85% of Soviet Military, and 2% North Korea Military). With 2 Months of fighting, all of Western Australian State Government (including State Police, and Australian Military stationed in Western Australia) have been evacuated. After all of Western Australia have been dealt with, The Red Men formed the People's Republic Of Australia (PROA).

Australia, been shocked of the formation of PROA, formed the Demilitarized Zone, bordering the former Western Australian State border. For 2 years, little resistance have occurred at the border (including propaganda, protests, and arrests). However, in 2016, PROA declared war against Australia by invading Darwin, Northern Territory, and South Australia.

Before the uprising, the recent asteroid threat was risen after an meteorite hit Russia in 2009, causing minor damage. To combat with the threat, Australian Government & United Nations decided to create Stonehenge (located south of Mt Isa, Queensland), a railgun facility that was operational by the Australian Defense Force. When the Australian Civil War (later, The Asian War) broke out, the Railgun Facility was re-purpose as an anti-aircraft facility that was also designed as an anti-aircraft railgun.

Thanks to Stonehenge, PROA's Air Superiority was worsen that PROA's Top Generals planed a operation to capture Stonehenge and target an city. Before the war, the Australian Defense Force planed to make Australia safer due to the 9/11 attacks that shocked the world. They decided to build an new military base in Mackay. With little to no protests, the construction proceeded smoothly. Due to delays by flooding, Tropical Cyclones threats, and expansion of the Mackay City project, the military base was complete in June 2011 (nearly 10 years since 9/11).

In 2017, PROA decided to attack and capture Mackay and it's surroundings, and capture Stonehenge at the same time. With both operations succeeded, the Australian Government were shocked by both attacks, that they needed to evacuate from all fronts. The fullback began as the Australian Military were force to evacuate to Macquarie Island. The withdraw was a major success, not only Australia loses a massive amount of territory, but also have a lot of resources to survive.

However, in 26th January 2018, PROA attempts to bomb Macquarie island to end the war once and for all. As the attack getting close, Australian Defense Force attempts their last ditch effort to stop the bombers and defend the island. They send out 2 squadrons to take out the PROA Bomber Squadron. Included with 2 squadrons from RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force), Codename Mew (Pokémon 1) was among with the task force to take out the Squadron.



  • William C. "Mewtwo" Hamilton: (Formally Mew, Pokémon 1) He was the Main Protagonist, and leader of the Pokemon Squadron. He was born in Mackay, Queensland, Australia on March 4th 1993. He flown a F-4E (Mission 1), F-5 (Mission 2), F-16 (Mission 3), F/A-18F (Mission 4), F-15C (Mission 5 -> 6), Mirage 2000 (Mission 7), SU-30M (Mission 8), SU-33 (Mission 9 -> 10), F-22A (Mission 11 -> 13), ADF-01 (Mission 14 -> 17), ADA-01A (Mission 18).
  • Kei "Braixen" Nagase: (Formally Eon 2 (Latias), Flame 2, Pokémon 2) She was Pokémon's 1 Wingman and former member of the Eon Squadron (Explained in Ace Combat: The Eon Skies). She was born in Matsuura, Nagasaki, Japan on April 25th 1993. She and her family migrated to Australia in 1995, due to struggling Economic strength in Japan. She flown a F/A-18F (Mission 1 -> 7), F-15C (Mission 8 -> 10), F-35A (Mission 11), ATD-0 (Mission 12 -> 17), ADFX-01 (Mission 18).
  • Marcus J. "Lucario" Snowy: (Formally Flame 4, Pokémon 3) He was one of the members of the Pokémon Squadron, and the only Affrican-American Fighter Pilot in Australia. He born in Detroit, United States of America in 19th November 1992. His family move to Australia shortly after birth due to his father being hunted down by an Gang that was trying to execute his father due to his roles in the Police Force. He Flown a F/A-18F (Mission 1 -> 7), F-15C (Mission 8 -> 10), Typhoon (Mission 11 -> 17), ADFX-01 (Mission 18).
  • Hans "Charizard" Grim: (Formally Dingo 4, Pokémon 4) He was the RAF (Royal Air Force) pilot from the UK. Born in June 3rd 1993 at London, UK. He flown a F/A-18 (Mission 1)(Mission 4 -> 8), F-16 (Mission 2 & 3), A-10 (Mission 9 -> 17), X-02 (Mission 18).
  • Jack "Blaziken" Bartlett: (Formally Dingo 1, Pokémon 5) He was the RAAF Pilot During the Iraq War. He was born in August 3rd 1983 at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He flown a F/A-18 (Mission 1)(Mission 4 -> 8), F-16 (Mission 2 & 3), F-14A (Mission 8 -> 17), X-02 (Mission 18).
  • Packrick "Pikachu" Foulke: (Formaly Dingo 5, Pokémon 6) He was the RNZAF Pilot form New Zealand. He was born in February 6th 1993 at Auckland, New Zealand. He flown a F-16 (Mission 1 -> 4) (Mission 7 -> 11), F/A-18F (Mission 5 & 6), F-2A (Mission 12 -> 17), ASF-X (Mission 18).
  • AWACS Red: (Known as AWACS Wedgetail from Ace Combat: The Eon Skies & Mission 1 of The Broken Skies) He was the commander of the Pokémon Squadron for the Asian War. He always operates an E-7 Wedgetail for every mission (including Ace Combat: The Eon Skies).


  • (X,Y,Z): He was a friend of William C. Hamilton and he haves a view of the world into the future. He piloted a CFA-44 (X), ADFX-02 (Y), and SU-57 (Z).


On 26th January 2018, 3 bomber squadrons from People's Air Force of Australia was sent to Macquarie Island to get Australia to surrender and have PROA rule Southern Asia. As a result, RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) reacted by sending 11 fighters to intercept the bombers. Among the interceptors, William C. Hamilton (Callsign Mew for Mission 1-7) from the Pokémon Squadron, as well with Flame and Dingo Squadrons. After all of the Bombers destroyed, the interceptors are preparing to return to the Island Air Base, when Stonehenge was testing it's long range attack turret, attacking the group. Only 6 pilots (Pokémon 1, Flame 2, Flame 4, Dingo 4, Dingo 1, and Dingo 5) survived the attacks from Stonehenge.

With the survivors survived the attacks, the ADF (Australian Defense Force) decided to regroup the survivors into the Pokémon Squadron. The Australian Navy initelligence ship, HMS Dispute, discovers a PROA Air Base in Flinders Island, Tasmania. The newly formed squadron raided the base and shoot down a bomber squadron that was attempting to activate a thermonuclear bomb over the island. Later, a Naval Base at Norfolk Island (under PROA control) was attempting to invade the island and New Zealand by force. The Pokémon Squadron destroys the fleet, including the Fleet's Battleship. Before launch, the announcer tell the squadron that Macquarie was over-populated that the Squadron was forced to relocate to HMS Kestrel, Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier.

After destruction of the PROA fleet at Norfolk Island, the ADF decided to invade Perth (PROA's Capital). On 3rd February 2018, The Pokémon Squadron as well as ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corp) battle group, and ((X,Y,Z.) Depends on the storyline chosen by the player). After the landing of the ANZAC battle group, the PROA decided to retreat and uses Z0 (nuclear like explosion with no radiation) north of the city. Amidst the chaos, (X,Y,Z), driven by his choose, decided to attack Mew, but was blocked by Braixen. After the missed shot, he deflects Australia and joins the PROA. After the City was liberated, the battle group was shocked to see that PROA just switched the Capital over to Mackay because of the Tech Revolution.

With the war still continues, the Pokémon Squadron participates the Landing of Port Hedland in February 5th 2018. During the mission, the PROA attempting to use the Z0, to effectively slow down the ANZACS Advance. Mew, among with some members, shot down the Bombers. After the ANZACS landing, the squadron participate the liberation of Kalgoorlie, with some PROA forces attempting to evacuate to the east coast. After the PROA Ground Forces surrendered, the Squadron was returning home, only to interrupted by 4 PROA Fighter Squadrons attempting to attack the Pokémon Squadron. After all of the PROA squadrons downed (one after another squadron), the Pokémon Squadron was attempting to return to Perth, only to interrupter by (X,Y,Z), this time, attacked mew, and separates Mew's Left wing of hit F-15C. He manage to eject and land, as the RAAF Rescue helicopter was heading. By the time the Helicopter was near him, (X,Y,Z) destroys the Heli, only felted by PROA Ground Forces captures him.

Some months went by, and ADF was losing support, due to Mew being captured by the PROA. One night on the 30th August 2018, he and other prisoners, assisted by a Qantas Pilot, was in a Hanger that the PROA just ordered a Mirage 2000, and using a C-17. With some luck, Mew decided to escort the prisoners, only to be shot at by the PROA. They managed to quickly take off and attacked by the PROA. The next morning, the Defence Force spotted a C-17 and it's escort, but thought that they will tested their new weapon, the Z-1.

ANZAC forces wanted the Pokémon Squadron (now leaded by Braixen), to intercept the C-17 and it's escort. At first, the AWACS notice that the C-17 was communicating through a hacked transmission box found on the C-17. Braixen ordered Pikachu to fire a missile to the escort, but only to be missed because the escort dodges the missile. The squadron notice that the C-17 was carrying no missile but prisoners that they have escaped, and Mew in the Escort. Some seconds later, some PROA fighters was targeting the C-17, only to be shot down by Mew and his Squadron. After landing in Perth, the briefer talked to Mew that his nickname will be changed because the PROA knows him (due to the Australia Day bombing attempt) for his actions. In order to protect, his nickname was changed to Mewtwo.

On 1st September 2018, ANZAC forces and Pokémon Squadron, was beginning to liberate Darwin, only to interrupted at times by Stonehenge. After the beach head was cleared, the forces managed to retake the city. After the liberation, 5 B-2s entered the airspace, and was trying to launch a Z-1 warhead, only to be shot down by the Pokémon Squadron. 28 days later, Pokémon Squadron and the Australian Defense Force decided to destroy Stonehenge by permission from the United Nations. They first destroyed the radars that jam the lock-on systems. Then, they began attack the facility one by one. After most turrets destroyed, the final turret appeared in the middle of the facility. The Squadron was forced to tunnel flight their way to the target and destroyed the core. The entire facility was destroyed and the skies was regained.

October 22nd, a PROA fleet was preparing to invade New Zealand and force the country to surrender. In a response, ANZAC wanted the Pokémon Squadron to destroy the invading force. Most of the ships were destroyed, but PROA decided to detonate Z-1 from the Aircraft Carrier. The destruction of the fleet causes PROA to withdraw the invasion plans to strike New Zealand. Their last ditch effort, is to strike the United States directly, first, hitting Pearl Harbor at Hawaii. The PROA decided to launch their Areal fleet to attack the state. Before the Squadron began the defense of Pearl Harbor, the US congress decided to let Australia uses the F-22 fighters.

In response to the attack, the Squadron was able to destroyed 4 more elite PROA Squadrons and prevented the invasion. However, the Areal fleet arrived and threaten the United States by attempting to use a new warhead, the Z-2. However, the Pokémon Squadron managed to destroy the fleet and prevented the detonation of the warhead. (X,Y,Z) appeared and notice that Mewtwo was actually Mew. He decided to engage him to a dogfight, only to be damaged. In attempt to escape, Mewtwo finally shot down (X,Y,Z).

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States decided to declare war against the PROA, among with Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Turkey, India, and Russia. China decided to let Taiwan to rule the country as a unified country. After the unification, Republic of China declared war against the PROA. The UN forces began liberating Sydney with help from the Pokémon Squadron. The PROA was taking heavy casualties that they were forced to retreat or deflect to the UN forces. A majority of the remaining PROA forces decided to deflect and begins attacking the Opposing PROA forces.

Afterwords, the deflected PROA forces among with the UN forces have successfully liberated Sydney. On the 29th November, the Squadron was on a top secret mission in Emerald, Queensland. They were tasked with destroying the Military Radio Mast at the PROA Military base. After the Mast was destroyed, another fighter from the USAF was going into the tunnel to destroy the core components of the Z-2. With both the Squadron and the USAF fighter, they managed to destroy all of the Components and escape the Tunnel. After escaping into UN territory, (X,Y,Z) shows up and attacking the Pokémon Squadron with his new fighter (CFA-44 (X), ADFX-02 (Y), and SU-57 (Z)). After the attack, they managed to hit his fighter and he decided to retreats from the area. With some information from the fighter, the Australian Defense Force decided to give Mewtwo the ADF-01 Falken, the advanced fighter that carried a Tactical Laser System, Multi-Purpose Missiles, and Electronic Countermeasure Devices (included normal Sidewinder Missiles), and carry it as it pleased (reference to ADFX-02).

On 16th December 2018, the UN Security Council commanded the Pokémon Squadron for a rescue mission in hopes to rescue the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, US Ambassador to Australia John Berry, and President of the European Commission Jon-Beverly Baker. After dealt with the escape, the Squadron was dealing with the 4 elite PROA Squadrons that was sent over to prevent the escape. After all of the Squadrons destroyed, the rescue was a success. On the 25th December 2018, Christmas Day was normal until the PROA decided to attacked the HMS Kestrel Battle Fleet (includes HMS Kestrel Aircraft Carrier, ROKS Sejong the Great, ROKS Lee Sunsin, USS George H.W Bush, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, INS Vikramaditya, PLAN Liaoning) in order to defend Mackay to the bitter end. The Pokémon Squadron engaged with the PROA fleet and find out that some ships decided to deflect PROA and decided to join the Battle Fleet. After all of the PROA ships destroyed, the battle fleet reformed, adding some deflected PROA ships to the fleet.

On New Years Eve, the squadron was preparing to liberate Mackay, as well as ending the war, and causing the PROA government to surrender. Before launch, the Kestrel was hit by an PROA sub that only cause damage but no flooding was found in the ship. After the sub was destroyed, the Kestrel was able to float, and the squadron was able to launch. During the liberation, the PROA was attempting to launch Z-2 throughout the world, wanting to have revenge on those who support the Anti-Coup groups in Russia. With 45% of the PROA forces deflected, the PROA was attempting to defend the city by any means necessary. AWACS Red notice that the Z-2s were held in a large bunker, which was accessible by tunnel flight. With 2 hours to launch, the controls to the launch was shut down by deflected PROA forces. After the locks of the warheads were destroyed, the launch was now at 15 minutes due to the attack. The Pokémon Squadron quickly destroyed the warheads.

After the destruction of the warheads, PROA silently activates, The Tree of Life (SOLG), as a final attempt to destroy the city. The Pokémon Squadron was informed by this and tunnel flight it's way towards the control units. All of the units were destroyed, but PROA decided to let the tree smash into the city. Before wards, (X,Y,Z) shows up and battles the Squadron one more time. The battle is long and (X,Y,Z) was loosing. A attempt to end it all, he activated a secret Z-2 warhead and launched it. 5 minutes they have to down (X,Y,Z)'s aircraft. After Mewtwo managed to hit his aircraft by a missile, the fighter exploded and the warhead was harmlessly exploded in midair.

PROA surrenders but tells the world that The Tree of Life was activated and was attempting to destroy Mackay, no matter what. A last ditch effort was made, giving The Pokémon Squadron some of the most advanced aircraft to survived and destroy the tree. On January 1st 2019, The Pokémon Squadron was beginning it's final flight. Midway through the interception point, the Champion Squadron shows up and challenged the Squadron to battle before the tree hits the ground. After the battle, the Champion Squadron was destroyed and the Pokémon Squadron managed to get to the area in time. After the solar panels destroyed, some lasers shows up and attempting to destroy the squadron by any cost to destroy the city. The arms of the satellite were destroyed but the core components shows up and the squadron needed to destroy the components. After they destroyed, they notice that the satellite was still going. They notice that they needed to go inside the thing to destroy it completely. Mewtwo decided to sacrificed himself to save his squadron. After the warhead was destroyed (including the satellite), the warhead was exploded and the remains of the satellite was fallen apart. Mewtwo appears fine that he survived the explosion and saves the city and including the world.

After the war, the Squadron was still operational, and trains young pilots the basic and advanced Air Superiority, and flies as a true Squadron. In the ending cutscene, the commander of ROKAF talks to the squadron that North Korea declared war and most of South Korea was captured. They accept the backup, and they flies one more time throughout the Australian skies. "When the world witness the change, Mewtwo appears. First as Mew. As Mew, he uses it's power to determine every fate. But then it's dies. However, after the period of terror, Mewtwo appears. And this time as a true hero." - Ending Text.


After Project Aces finish the development of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, the development team decided to create another spin-off for the Nintendo's Upcoming Console, Nintendo Wii-U. Development started in Early 2012, and Nintendo decided to help Bandai Namco to create the game after Bandai Namco help out with development with Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii-U, and Pokken Tournament.

Discussions of the game story was hard during the early development, these are include: Germany Nazi Rich Returns from Antarctica, Canada Gone Rogue and Invades the United States, and A Squeal to Ace Combat 3. They decided to go with the Australian Civil War because they didn't have Australia playable in the Ace Combat Franchise.

Project Aces decided to add in more Aircraft including F-111C Pig, X-44 MANTA, and F-105 Thunderchief. Product Art was leaked online, purposely by the Bandai Namco's CEO to let everyone know that a new Ace Combat Game is in the works.

Bandai Namco and Nintendo decided not to show the game at E3 2014 and E3 2015 due to some problems. But they just announce the game at Nintendo Direct as "Ace Combat for Wii-U".

More product art was released, as well as an Australian and People's Republic of Australian's (PROA's) flag, hinting that the game will be set in the real world, and set in the Australian soil. In preparation to E3 2016, Bandai Namco and Nintendo decided to jointly do a Press Conference at E3 2016 in Los Angles.

At E3 2016, the game was reviled as the final title "Ace Combat: The Broken Skies" was unveiled. A official trailer alongside a gameplay trailer were released from Bandai Namco, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company (owns the trademarks of the Pokemon Nicknames).

Marketing & Reviews[]

On 11th September 2016, Bandai Namco, Project Aces, and Nintendo confirmed that the game is now polished and double checked that was ready for retailers to get the game.

Within 24 hours of the release, around 8 million copies have been sold. As of 26th January 2017, the game sold around a staggering, 28.6 million copies. the game also helped the Wii-U's console sales. Combined with The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (sold 18.4 million copies), the console sales were exploded from 12.8 million units to around 35.6 to 39.4 million units sold.






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The game was released to Widespread Acclaim that it was one of the greatest Wii-U games that a Massive Third Party Game Developer pulled off from this attempt. Gamespot give it a 10/10, impress for the development's time and perfect publishing. IGN gave it 10/10, stating that its one of the best simulators ever created. Nintendo Life gave it 10/10 as well. Famitsu, gave it a rare 40/40, one of the highest ranking of a simulator ever achieved. Game Informer gave it a 10/10, stating that it was better then any of it's previous games and return some things they have. GamesRadar gave it 5 stars, stating it was better then any Wii-U game that never pull it off.


An prequel was announced at Nintendo Direct in December 2016. It called "Ace Combat: The Eon Skies" (Known as "Ace Combat: Eon Squad Takes Flight" in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China) and sets before the events in Broken Skies. As of 26th Jaunary 2017, No release date was announced yet.