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Beware: Lots of French text here.


Major Perrault: Sir! Monsieur, j'ai des nouvelles urgent! (Sir! Sir, I bring urgent news!)

Secretary of Defense Amarante: Oui, quel est-il majeur? (Yes, what is it Major?)

Major Perrault: L'armée a pris Wielvakian de base Le combat Liberté! (The Wielvakian army has taken Le Liberte combat base!)

SecDef Amarante: Oh. Ce n'est pas bon. Combien avons-nous perdu? (Oh, that's not good. How many did we lose?)

Major Perrault: Quatre-vingt-sept ans. Le reste se préparent au Mont. Courage, c'est notre ligne de défense. Nous avons douze divisions blindées et dix-sept entreprises là-bas. (Eighty-seven. The rest are gearing up at Mt. Courage, that's our line of defense. We've got twelve tank divisions and seventeen companies there.)

SecDef Amarante: Uhh. Comment puis-je dire au président? (Uhh. How do I tell the president?)

Major Perrault: Avec tout le respect dû monsieur, dites-lui je dois y retourner au front. (With all due respect sir, just tell him; I must be going back to the front lines.)

SecDef Amarante: Oh, oui. (Oh, yes.)

02 FEB. 2011 WEST TUCSON 1732 HRS.[]

General Parkinson (telegraph): Victory at Le Liberte stop One hundred thirty-two dead stop Enemy retreat Westward fullstop

Secretary of Defense Rodgers: Whoa. We're closer to Farbanti, Neeleman.

President Neeleman: Yeah. Well, Parkinson said enemy retreat. Do we know where?

SecDef Rodgers: No. The base was just taken nine hours ago.

Pres. Neeleman: Hmm. How closer to Farbanti are we?

SecDef Rodgers: 240 miles.

Pres. Neeleman: Right. ...Rodgers, the war has drawn on six months. We've lost near a thousand men in the fighting. If we don't fight, we don't lose men. Hmm?

SecDef Rodgers: * snickers * Sorry, that was funnily delivered. Do you mean peace talks?

Pres. Neeleman: Yeah. We should get an ambassador over there to say something.

SecDef Rodgers: With all due respect, what makes you think they'll listen ?

Pres. Neeleman: I was hoping you wouldn't ask that...


Pres. Marcus Danial: Entrez, M. Amarante. (Come on in, Mr. Amarante.)

SecDef Amarante: Monsieur le Président, il ya deux jours, l'armée Wielvakian pris pied et captura Le Liberte. (Mr. President, two days ago, the Wielvakian Army gained a foothold and captured Le Liberte.)

Pres. Danial: Quelles ont été les pertes? (What were the losses?)

SecDef Amarante: Quatre-vingt-sept ans. Le reste vide et le reste de l'armée tient une dernière ligne de défense, près du mont. Courage. (Eighty-seven. The rest evacuated and the remainder of the Army is holding a final line of defense near Mt. Courage.)

Pres. Danial: Regarde par la fenêtre s'il vous plaît. Il ya une bonne ville en dehors de cette fenêtre. Il est tombé sur un astéroïde une fois, et à la ISAF en 2005. Nous l'avons transformé en une ville glorieuse encore. Image de l'armée Wielvakian le détruire. Pas bon. (Look outside the window please. There is a good city outside that window. It has fallen to an asteroid once, and to ISAF in 2005. We have rebuilt it into a glorious city again. Picture the Wielvakian Army destroying it. Not good.)

SecDef Amarante: Avec tout mon respect, monsieur, quel est votre pensée? (With all due respect, sir, what's your thinking?)

Pres: Danial: Il s'agit d'un ordre officiel pour toute l'armée Erusean. Cessez le feu et attendre termes de la reddition Wielvakian. (This is an official order for the entire Erusean Army. Cease fire and await Wielvakian surrender terms.)

SecDef Amarante: Tu ne veux pas remise, ne vous monsieur! (You don't mean surrender, do you sir?!)

Pres: Danial: Surprenant, mais vrai. Je vais rédiger un traité de paix demain, signer moi-même, et avoir l'armoire de le signer, y compris vous. Je ne veux pas plus de soldats tués Erusean, et je ne veux que notre capitale se faire piétiner à nouveau. Nous rendre. (Surprising, but true. I will draft a peace treaty tomorrow, sign it myself, and have the cabinet sign it, including you. I do not want more Erusean soldiers killed, nor do I want our Capital being trampled again. We are surrendering.)

SecDef Amarante: Oui, monsieur. (Yes, sir.)

Pres. Danial: Les pourparlers de paix commence à la septième place. (Peace talks will begin on the seventh.)

05 FEB 2011 MT. COURAGE 0330 HRS.[]

Captain Jaques: Major, un message du secrétaire à la Défense. (Major, a message from the Secretary of Defense.)

Message: Un ordre du Président de Erusea arrêter Cessez le feu et attendre termes de la reddition Wielvakian en vigueur immédiatement fullstop (An order from the President of Erusea stop Cease fire and await Wielvakian surrender terms effective immediately fullstop)

Major Perrault: Le capitaine, d'annuler tous les plans de contre-attaque. Nous rendre. Arborer le drapeau blanc. (Captain, cancel all counterattack plans. We're surrendering. Fly the white flag.)

Capt. Jaques: Sir?

Major Perrault: Immédiatement! (Immediately!)

Capt. Jaques: Oui, monsieur. (Yes sir.)

06 FEB 2011 WEST TUCSON 1547 HRS.[]

SecDef Rodgers: Sir! Sir, you'll never believe this.

Pres. Neeleman: What? What is it?

SecDef Rodgers: A message from the Erusian Cabinet. It reads: A surrender request issued this Sixth day of February. All Erusean troops have ceased fire, we request the same of you. Please come to Farbanti tomorrow so as to discuss surrender terms.

Pres. Neeleman: Good God. It's finally over.


SecDef Amarante: Le Wielvakians ont accepté. Ils nous rencontrer demain pour les pourparlers de paix. (The Wielvakians have accepted. They're meeting us here tomorrow for peace talks.)

Pres. Danial: Whoo!

SecDef Amarante: Hehheh.

Pres. Danial: Faisons en sorte que les préparatifs nécessaires. (Let's make the necessary preperations.)

SecDef Amarante: Si ils arrivent ici, ils ne se méfier que nous allons faire quelque chose pour eux? (If they're coming here, won't they be suspicious that we'll do something to them?)

Pres. Danial: N'avait pas pensé à cela. Eh bien, ils vont simplement nous faire confiance. (Hadn't thought of that. Well, they'll just have to trust us.)


Pres. Danial: Thank you for coming, President Neeleman.

Pres. Neeleman: Pleasure to be here.

Pres. Danial: Well, let's get started. First of all, what are your surrender trems for us?

Pres. Neeleman: That you lay down all arms, that you recall all of your troops back home, and that you will no longer take acts of agression against the Republic of Wielvakia and her people.

Pres. Danial: Ok. I speak on the behalf of the Federal Republic of Erusea here as I list our terms. You will withdraw all of your military force from our country, and that you do not claim the land you have captured as being under Wielvakian rule. 

Pres. Neeleman: That was never our intent, to claim new land.

Pres. Danial: Do you feel my terms are agreeable?

Pres. Neeleman: Yes, President Danial. Are my terms agreeable?

Pres. Danial: Yes. However, I must also ask for the release of all captured prisioners.

Pres. Neeleman: It shall be done. I'll be honest with you. With all due respect, we've screwed up each other's countries. We should work together, to rebuild each other, and return each other to our former glories.

Pres. Danial: That is a luxury that is not available at this time. However, it has now become one of my goals.

Pres. Neeleman: It has become one of mine as well. 

Pres. Danial: I'm very happy. The prospect of not having to see this capital city overrun once more makes me joyful.

Pres. Neeleman: Yes, it would be a shame to see this city being infiltrated. I agree fully to your terms, sir, and will work to grant each one of them.

Pres. Danial: The feeling is mutual. Thank you.

Pres. Neeleman: Thank YOU.

(shakes each other's hands)


The peace talks took place on the seventh of February, 2011. All Wielvakian troops were out of the country by the twentieth. Territory was returned to the Federal Republic of Erusea as promised. The Wielvakians lost 65,000.  

All Erusean troops returned home happy, with the fighting over. The Eruseans had lost around 72,000 in the conflict.

By 2014, a trade route was opened up betueen the two countries as well as a partnership in many areas.

In 2015, Erusea's economy became stable, and the country had formed a new, democratic and non-military government.

In 2017, Wielvakia's cities had been repaired from the Erusean occupation, and the economy stablized.