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This is a fan fiction story about a world war that takes place in Strangreal known as the "Global War." A strangreal equivalent to WW2, This takes place nearly 15 years after the Aurelian-Leasath War (2035) and eventually leads up to AC3 Electrosphere. If you have any, and I mean any ideas, please feel free to message me. I'd love to have more people work on this, maybe turn this into one big collabrative project!

 Events Leading Up to the War[]

The Aurelian Expansion (2021-2026)[]

After the Aurelian-Leasath War, Aurelia became a sort of super power in strangreal with a very strong economy and almost unrivavled military.During this time period the country was on an Imperial streak and made several territories throughout Strangreal their own and several alliances as well.

Aurelian Take over of Leasath After the defeat of Leasath in the Aurelian-Leasath war, the countries economy was reduced to shambles and was not able to recover. Seeing this as a chance to expand their own territory, Aurelia took it upon itself to sweep in and take complete control of Leasath. However, fearing Osean Intervention, the operation was put under the guise of relief effort for the broken country. On Feb.7 2021 Leasath was under complete control of Aurelia.

Aurelian-Belkan Border pact

Aurelia's imperialist streak did not end there however. In May 15, Aurelia signed a border agreement with the Principality of Belka that enabled them to place military bases in the land of Belka giving Aurelia strong influence in the country. By this time Osea was starting grow wary of their sudden imperialism.

Other Aurelian Military Alliances

Aurelia had also similar agreements with other countries, including Clavis, Wielvakia, Gebet, and Estovakia. The alliances including adding in Military influences to the country, and to help each other in times of war. By this time, Aurelia was a military superpower in Strangreal, only being rivaled by Osea.

Osean policy of containment and Alliances (2027-2030)[]

By the year 2027 Osea was fully aware of Aurelia's strong Military influences in many countries, and its sudden spike in global power. Fearing of potential invasion, Osea quickly devised a set of policies to contain Aurelian Imperialism. Their plan was to set up a series of alliances that would prevent any Aurelian influence in specific countries. They had hoped to contain Aurelia as quickly as possible before they became too powerful.

Osean/ Usean Military Alliance

Osean/ Emmerian Military Alliance

The Yuktobanian War (2031)[]

After Yuktobania turned down a military alliance from Osea, Aurelia saw this as a chance to have potential military influence in Yuktobania. However They turned Aurelian down, claiming to be neutral in this sudden cold war between the two countries. However, Aurelia refused to to take no for an answer and decided to use means of force to aquire Yuketobanian territory.

The formation of The Strangreal Armed Forces (SAF) (2031)[]

The Osean Counter to SAF: The UN (2032)[]

The spark: Attack On Northern Osean Territory[]

The Global War (2034-2039)[]

End of the War and Corporate Reform (2040)[]